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glorifying 4
glory 3
go 15
god 30
gods 12
going 9
gold 5
Frequency    [«  »]
33 into
33 it
31 fire
30 god
29 who
28 is
28 said

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| child Jesus, the Son of God, who is with thee. Do not 2 Text| acknowledging the one and only God, Lord, Judge; who have laid 3 Text| confessing Him Lord and God; formerly without form, 4 Text| believed in the living and true God. And having done all these 5 Text| worshipped and glorified God. And when they had been 6 Text| the night, and glorifying God. And there remained also 7 Text| whole night, glorifying God.~And when the dawn had fully 8 Text| common in prayer, glorifying God. And after they had ended 9 Text| is a church of the living God, and a holy habitation of 10 Text| shapes, I adjure thee by the God whom he whom thou callest 11 Text| Matthew, servant of the holy God, pardon me, and I will no 12 Text| blinded by the power of God. And he began to cry out: 13 Text| thee, Matthew, servant of God, forgive me as the herald 14 Text| as the herald of the good God; for assuredly the Jesus 15 Text| If therefore he is thy God, and if he wishes thy body 16 Text| hear, says he, that the God whom he proclaims delivers 17 Text| meekness, singing and praising God, because they were deemed 18 Text| rejoicing, cried out: The only God is the Christians', who 19 Text| have believed: the only God is the Christians', who 20 Text| Marmari Marmunth; that is, O God the Father, O Lord Jesus 21 Text| magician or sorcerer or god, or angel of God, whom so 22 Text| sorcerer or god, or angel of God, whom so great a pyre has 23 Text| in singing of a song to God: Precious in the sight of 24 Text| Precious in the sight of God is the death of His saints. 25 Text| Christ, they all glorified God.~And it was about the sixth 26 Text| Truly I believe in the true God, Christ Jesus. I entreat, 27 Text| Apostle Matthew, praised God.~And the king, having gone 28 Text| but one, and one only, the God in the heavens. And you, 29 Text| saying: There is one only God, He who is in the heavens, 30 Text| to him: Plato, servant of God, and our brother, be it

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