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s 9
sabaoth 1
sacrifices 1
said 28
saint 1
saints 2
saith 1
Frequency    [«  »]
30 god
29 who
28 is
28 said
27 as
27 this
26 come

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| who sing in paradise, and said to him: Peace to thee, Matthew! 2 Text| and not known who He was, said: Grace to thee, and peace, 3 Text| thy feet.~And the child said: Why sayest thou, O Matthew? 4 Text| these words.~And Matthew said: The sight of thee hast 5 Text| endurance. ~And the child having said this, and given him the 6 Text| round about.~And having said this, and called upon the 7 Text| great tree, as Matthew had said. And the apostle said: Go 8 Text| had said. And the apostle said: Go into the fountain and 9 Text| prayer, the bishop Plato said: Peace to thee, Matthew, 10 Text| And the blessed Matthew said to him: Peace to you! And 11 Text| had sat down, the apostle said to the bishop Plato, and 12 Text| stood before the king, and said to him: O king, why art 13 Text| having threatened them, and said: Unless you bring Matthew 14 Text| one. And having come, they said to the king: We pray thee, 15 Text| stood before the king, and said to him: Thou seest, O king, 16 Text| two friends of Matthew, he said to them: Show to Matthew, 17 Text| is, I see not. And they said to him: Behold, he is in 18 Text| Satan! all that thou hast said to me has come upon me. 19 Text| beautiful young man, and said to me, Since thou art entertaining 20 Text| enraged at what had been said; for he perceived that he 21 Text| executioners, having gone forth, said to the king: We indeed, 22 Text| burnt up, laughed aloud, and said: Has thy magic been of any 23 Text| thee any help?~And as he said this a dreadful wonder appeared; 24 Text| and the king fled, and said: Woe's me, that my gods 25 Text| his spirit to the Lord, said: Peace to you! And having 26 Text| the apostle appeared and said: King Fulvanus, thy name 27 Text| to the bishop Plato, and said to him: Plato, servant of 28 Text| his son. And he, having said Peace to thee and all the

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