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Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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abidi-talki | tear-zipha

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501 Text| stealthily to the place, and tear them in pieces alive, and 502 Text| of the house, and being terror-struck, went forth from the palace, 503 Text| Text~About that time Matthew, 504 Text| having given praise and thanks, communicating the holy 505 Text| and having partaken for thanksgiving of the undefiled and life-giving 506 Text| for wherever a footstep of theirs has come, thence, pursued, 507 | thence 508 | thereafter 509 Text| But I shall ask thee one thing, O child: that impious Herod, 510 Text| monstrous in height, the king, thinking that Matthew was burnt up, 511 Text| rose from the dead on the third day.~And the bishop having 512 Text| branches shall extend to thirty cubits, and of each single 513 Text| a presbyter, and he was thirty-seven years old; and the king' 514 Text| palace, and ran hither and thither round the king, not letting 515 Text| no one knowing of it, and threw it into the deep part of 516 Text| Matthew, shall receive the throne of thy bishopric, and after 517 Text| as thou mayst wish, or go thyself, and with thy sword kill 518 Text| Behold, O king, I have told thee all the truth. The 519 Text| beautiful boy, holding a torch of fire, ran to meet them, 520 Text| asphalt and pitch, and put tow and brushwood above. Thus 521 Text| for the food, and for the transformation of the man-eaters: for I 522 Text| will deliver us from every trial, and all who have believed 523 Text| and if any of the same tribe with him rise up against 524 Text| and confession, saying: Truly I believe in the true God, 525 Text| allowed to go into his palace, turned back to where Matthew was, 526 Text| tree, and near it a vine twined round it, and honey coming 527 Text| and there shall be a vine twining round it, full of clusters; 528 Text| for thanksgiving of the undefiled and life-giving mysteries 529 | under 530 Text| punishment which he is to undergo, you shall endure. And the 531 Text| exhorted the brethren to remain undismayed, and that they should rejoice, 532 Text| been prepared for him fire unquenchable, Gehenna without end, bubbling 533 Text| and his robe and his tunic unstained by the fire; and sometimes 534 | until 535 Text| now knowing Him who has upheld and made the universe; until 536 Text| seen these things from the upper part of the house, and being 537 Text| And when the fire had thus utterly destroyed their gods, and 538 Text| by every contrivance of vengeance, have kindled the fire; 539 Text| its fruit beautiful to the view and good to the sight; and 540 Text| themselves, I the crown of the virgins, I the self-control of the 541 Text| one, but only heard the voices of persons talking. And 542 Text| play with the fire, and walking in it with naked feet, laugh 543 Text| tyrant, and having been warned also by the vision of the 544 Text| the king accompanied them, watching lest any of the Christians 545 Text| proceeded from its root watering all the land of the city 546 Text| of Matthew, of which the weight was a thousand talents of 547 Text| he having confessed and wept over what he had done, having 548 | wherein 549 | wherever 550 | whether 551 | while 552 Text| difficulty.~Therefore the wicked and unclean devil who had 553 Text| entertaining evil counsels in the wickedness of thine heart in regard 554 Text| married, I the boast of the widowed, I the defence of the infants, 555 Text| executioners, like most evil wild beasts, pinned down to the 556 Text| Really, unless he shall be willing to be taken by thee of his 557 Text| having given up his kingdom willingly to another, whence there 558 Text| the vine, just as any one wished.~And when what had come 559 Text| three thousand infants, wishing to slay the child Jesus, 560 Text| believed, began to say: Men and women who appear in our sight, 561 Text| the sight was strange and wonderful. For the rod having straightway 562 Text| execution of malefactors was wont to take place, saying to 563 Text| the fire along with the wood went away froth Matthew, 564 Text| dost thou not fulfil the works of thy father the devil? 565 Text| without end, bubbling mire, worm that sleeps not, because 566 Text| art thou thus put to the worse by this stranger and sorcerer? 567 Text| down their gods which they worship; and let the fire also pursue 568 Text| the universe; until now worshipping the Satyr, and mocked by 569 Text| because they were deemed worthy to have the relics of the 570 | would 571 Text| to those in his kingdom, writing thus: King Matthew, to all 572 Text| names of yours shall be written in the heavens, and there 573 Text| lightning, like a beautiful young man, and said to me, Since 574 | yours 575 Text| but Matthew also; and thou Ziphagia, the wife of the king, shall

abidi-talki | tear-zipha

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