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Code of Canon Law

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CHAPTER VI. Separation of Members from the Institute


Art. 1. Transfer to Another Institute

Can.684 §1. A member in perpetual vows cannot transfer from one religious institute to another except by a grant

of the supreme moderator of each institute and with the consent of their respective councils.

§2. After completing a probation which is to last at least three years, the member can be admitted to perpetual

profession in the new institute. If the member refuses to make this profession or is not admitted to make it by

competent superiors, however, the member is to return to the original institute unless an indult of secularization has

been obtained.

§3. For a religious to transfer from an autonomous monastery to another of the same institute or federation or

confederation, the consent of the major superior of each monastery and of the chapter of the receiving monastery

is required and is sufficient, without prejudice to other requirements established by proper law; a new profession is

not required.

§4. Proper law is to determine the time and manner of the probation which must precede the profession of a

member in the new institute.

§5. For a transfer to be made to a secular institute or a society of apostolic life or from them to a religious

institute, permission of the Holy See is required, whose mandates must be observed.

Can.685 §1. Until a person makes profession in the new institute, the rights and obligations which the member had

in the former institute are suspended although the vows remain. Nevertheless, from the beginning of probation, the

member is bound to the observance of the proper law of the new institute.

§2. Through profession in the new institute, the member is incorporated into it while the preceding vows,

rights, and obligations cease.


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