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Code of Canon Law

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CHAPTER II. Catechetical Instruction

Can.773 It is a proper and grave duty especially of pastors of souls to take care of the catechesis of the Christian

people so that the living faith of the faithful becomes manifest and active through doctrinal instruction and the

experience of Christian life.

Can.774 §1. Under the direction of legitimate ecclesiastical authority, solicitude for catechesis belongs to all

members of the Church according to each one’s role.

§2. Parents above others are obliged to form their children by word and example in faith and in the

practice of Christian life; sponsors and those who take the place of parents are bound by an equal obligation.

Can.775 §1. Having observed the prescripts issued by the Apostolic See, it is for the diocesan bishop to issue

norms for catechetics, to make provision that suitable instruments of catechesis are available, even by preparing

a catechism if it seems opportune, and to foster and coordinate catechetical endeavors.

§2. If it seems useful, it is for the conference of bishops to take care that catechisms are issued for its

territory, with the previous approval of the Apostolic See.

§3. The conference of bishops can establish a catechetical office whose primary function is to assist

individual dioceses in catechetical matters.

Can.776 By virtue of his function, a pastor is bound to take care of the catechetical formation of adults, youth,

and children, to which purpose he is to use the help of the clerics attached to the parish, of members of institutes

of consecrated life and of societies of apostolic life, taking into account the character of each institute, and of

lay members of the Christian faithful, especially of catechists. None of these are to refuse to offer their help

willingly unless they are legitimately impeded. The pastor is to promote and foster the function of parents in the

family catechesis mentioned in can. 774, §2.

Can.777 Attentive to the norms established by the diocesan bishop, a pastor is to take care in a special way:

1/ that suitable catechesis is imparted for the celebration of the sacraments;

2/ that through catechetical instruction imparted for an appropriate period of time children are prepared

properly for the first reception of the sacraments of penance and the Most Holy Eucharist and for the sacrament

of confirmation;

3/ that having received first communion, these children are enriched more fully and deeply through

catechetical formation;

4/ that catechetical instruction is given also to those who are physically or mentally impeded, insofar as

their condition permits;

5/ that the faith of youth and adults is strengthened, enlightened, and developed through various means

and endeavors.

Can.778 Religious superiors and superiors of societies of apostolic life are to take care that catechetical

instruction is imparted diligently in their churches, schools, and other works entrusted to them in any way.

Can.779 Catechetical instruction is to be given by using all helps, teaching aids, and instruments of social

communication which seem more effective so that the faithful, in a manner adapted to their character,

capabilities and age, and conditions of life, are able to learn Catholic doctrine more fully and put it into practice

more suitably.

Can.780 Local ordinaries are to take care that catechists are duly prepared to fulfill their function properly,

namely, that continuing formation is made available to them, that they understand the doctrine of the Church

appropriately, and that they learn in theory and in practice the methods proper to the teaching disciplines.


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