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  • TITLE 7 Eparchies and Bishops
    • 289
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Canon 289

1. In carrying out the function of teaching, the pastor is

bound by the obligation of preaching the word of God to all of

the Christian faithful so that they may grow in faith, hope and

charity rooted in Christ and that the Christian community may

render that witness of love which the Lord commanded; the pastor

is also to lead the Christian faithful to full knowledge of the

mysteries of salvation by catechetical formation accommodated to

the age of each one; for giving this formation he is to seek not

only the assistance of members of religious institutes or societies of common life in the manner of religious, but also the cooperation of the laity. 2. In carrying out the function of

sanctifying, the pastor is to take care that the celebration of

the Divine Liturgy is the center and culmination of the whole

life of the Christian community; and also to labor that the

Christian faithful are fed with spiritual food through devout and

frequent reception of the sacraments and through conscious and

active participation in the divine praises; he is also to be attentive especially to confer the sacrament of penance to foster

the Christian life; for which reason he is to make himself readily available to administer this sacrament; even with the help,

if it is appropriate, of other priests who understand various

languages. 3. In fulfilling the function of governing, the

pastor is first of all to know his flock; since he is the minister of all the sheep, he is to foster growth in the Christian

life both in individual members of the Christian faithful and in

associations, especially those directed to the apostolate, and in

the entire parish community; therefore he is to visit the homes

and schools insofar as the pastoral function requires it; to look

out zealously for adolescents and children; to exercise paternal

love for the poor and sick. Finally he is to have a special care

for laborers and strive that the Christian faithful offer assistance in the works of the apostolate.

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