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  • TITLE 12 Monks and Other Religious as well as Members of Other Institutes of Consecrated Life
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Canon 500

1. For the dismissal of a perpetually professed member, with

due regard for can. 497, the president of the monastic confederation or the superior of a no-confederated monastery sui iuris is

competent to issue a decree of dismissal, either of them with the

consent of the council, which in this instance must be composed

for validity of at least five members, including the presiding

superior, in such a way that if the number of ordinary councilors

is insufficient or they are absent, others are to be called in

accordance with the typicon or the statutes of the confederation;

the voting, however, must be done secretly. 2. In order to decide on dismissal, in addition to other conditions possibly stipulated in the typicon, it is required for validity: (1) that

there is a lack of reform and the reasons for dismissal are

grave, culpable and juridically proven; (2) that the dismissal

was preceded, unless the nature of the reason for dismissal precludes it, by two warnings with the formal threat of dismissal,

which were to no avail; )3) that the reasons for dismissal were

presented in writing to the member, granting the member, after

each warning, full opportunity of defence; (4) that the available time established by the typicon has elapsed since the last

warning. 3. The written responses of the member, shall be attached to the acts which are to be submitted to those mentioned

in 1. 4. The decree of dismissal cannot be executed unless

it is approved by the authority to whom the monastery is immediately subject.

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