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  • TITLE 16 Divine Worship and Especially the Sacraments
    • 762
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Canon 762

1. The following are impeded from receiving sacred orders: (1)

a person who labors under some form of insanity or other psychic

defect due to which, after consultation with experts, he is

judged incapable of rightly carrying out the ministry; (2) a

person who has committed the delict of apostasy, heresy or

schism; (3) a person who has attempted marriage, even only a

civil one, either while he was impeded from entering marriage due

to an existing matrimonial bond, sacred orders or a public perpetual vow of chastity, or with a woman bound by a valid marriage

or by the same type of vow; (4) a person who has committed voluntary homicide or who has procured a completed abortion and all

persons who positively cooperated in either; (5) a person who

has seriously and maliciously mutilated himself or another person

or a person who has attempted suicide; (6) a person who has performed an act of orders which has been reserved to those who are

in the order of episcopacy or presbyterate while the person

either lacked that order or had been forbidden its exercise by a

Canonical penalty. (7) a person who holds an office or position

of administration which is forbidden to clerics and for which he

must render an account until he becomes free by relinquishing the

office and position of administration and has rendered an account

of it; (8) a neophyte, unless he has been sufficiently proven in

the judgment of the hierarch. 2. The acts which are mentioned

in 1, nn. 2-6 do not produce impediments unless they were serious and external sins perpetrated after baptism.

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