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  • TITLE 23 The Temporal Goods of the Church
    • 1028
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Canon 1028

1. Each administrator of ecclesiastical goods is bound to fulfill his office with the diligence of a good householder. 2.

For this reason he especially must: (1) take care that none of

the ecclesiastical goods entrusted to his care are in any way

lost or damaged and take out insurance policies for this purpose,

insofar as it is necessary; (2) observe the prescriptions of

both canon and civil law as well as those imposed by the founder,

donor or legitimate authority; he must especially be on guard

lest the Church be harmed through the nonobservance of civil

laws; (3) accurately collect the income and produce of goods

when they are legally due, safeguard them once collected and apply them according to the intention of the founder or according

to legitimate norms; (4) see to it that the interest on loans or

on mortgages be paid when it is due and take care that the capital be repaid in due time; (5) with the consent of the hierarch,

invest the money which is surplus after expenses and which can be

profitably allocated for the goals of the Church or of the juridic person; (6) keep well ordered books of receipts and expenditures; (7) draw up a report on his administration at the end of

each year; (8) keep in order and preserve in an archive the

documents establishing the rights of the juridic person to its

ecclesiastical goods; where it can be done conveniently, deposit

authentic copies in the archives of the eparchial curia. 3. It

is strongly recommended that administrators draw up each year a

budget of receipts and expenditures; however, it is left to particular law to make this an obligation and to determine more precisely how it is to be presented.

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