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thief 3
thieves 3
thing 37
things 76
think 31
thinking 7
thinks 3
Frequency    [«  »]
76 himself
76 same
76 these
76 things
75 go
75 superior
74 about
Meng Tzu

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1 1 | also find pleasure in these things?'~2. Mencius replied, 'Being 2 1 | they have pleasure in these things. If they are not wise and 3 1 | though they have these things, they do not find pleasure.~ 4 2 | By weighing, we know what things are light, and what heavy. 5 2 | measuring, we know what things are long, and what short. 6 2 | short. The relations of all things may be thus determined, 7 2 | other princes; -- do these things cause you pleasnre in your 8 2 | derive pleasure from these things? My object in them is to 9 2 | to supply you with those things. How can your Majesty be 10 3 | likewise find pleasure in these things?' Mencius replied, 'They 11 3 | same: -- in such a state of things, it cannot be but that the 12 3 | 6. '"Now, the state of things is different. -- A host 13 3 | are utterly lost: -- these things proceed to the grief of 14 5 | In consequence of these things, it took a long time for 15 5 | innocent person. In those things they agreed with him.'~25. 16 6 | truly practise these five things, then the people in the 17 7 | kingdom there are three things universally acknowledged 18 7 | replied, 'That is a state of things in which it does not belong 19 9 | that they received those things from a proper source to 20 9 | Wan. Do you practise those things with vigour, and you also 21 10| replied, 'It is the nature of things to be of unequal quality. 22 12| I am alarmed by these things, and address myself to the 23 12| robber like Chih? These are things which cannot be known.'~ 24 13| level, and the line, to make things square, round, level, and 25 13| He who does not do these things, saying to himself, -- My 26 13| they have pleasure in the things by which they perish. If 27 14| flesh provided. But when the things were being removed, he did 28 14| Mencius said, 'There are three things which are unfilial, and 29 14| the knowing those two things, and not departing from 30 14| ordering and adorning those two things. The richest fruit of music 31 14| the rejoicing in those two things. When they are rejoiced 32 15| as a fountain from which things flow. It is on this account 33 15| understood the multitude of things, and closely observed the 34 15| in his practice the four things which they did. If he saw 35 16| speak about the natures of things, have in fact only their 36 16| replied, 'There are five things which are pronounced in 37 16| guilty of any one of these things?~3. 'Now between Chang and 38 18| throne." It was after these things that he went to the Middle 39 18| If he had, before these things, taken up his residence 40 18| my own person see these things for myself?~5. '"Heaven' 41 18| inventions of men fond of strange things.~2. 'When he was in Wei, 42 18| invented by men fond of strange things.~2. 'Pâi-lî Hsî was a man 43 21| also in the case of such things, and will you say likewise 44 21| replied, 'In winter we drink things hot, in summer we drink 45 21| hot, in summer we drink things cold; and so, on your principle, 46 21| reference to it.~3. 'Thus all things which are the same in kind 47 21| browsed upon them. To these things is owing the bare and stripped 48 22| danger.~3. 'If among the things which man likes there were 49 22| preserve it? If among the things which man dislikes there 50 22| employ it; when by certain things they might avoid danger, 51 22| the relative importance of things."'~Mencius said, 'Anybody 52 22| are obscured by external things. When one thing comes into 53 22| it gets the right view of things; by neglecting to think, 54 23| importance, and compare the things together, why stop with 55 23| demonstrations are not equal to the things offeredred, we say there 56 23| 5. 'This is because the things so offered do not constitute 57 24| how can such a state of things be thought of?~6. 'With 58 24| shall he take a firm hold of things?'~1. The prince of wanting 59 24| vigorous reformation. When things have been evidenced in men' 60 24| to ruin.~5. 'From these things we see how life springs 61 25| use to getting, and the things sought for are those which 62 25| use to getting, and the things sought are without ourselves.'~ 63 25| 1. Mencius said, 'All things are already complete in 64 25| The superior man has three things in which he delights, and 65 25| is the abundance of these things. A sage governs the kingdom 66 26| acquaintance. Two of those things were chargeable on Kang 67 26| with the teeth; -- such things show what I call an ignorance 68 27| him, he was as if those things belonged to him as a matter 69 28| ease and rest; -- these things are natural. But there is 70 28| Mencius said, 'The precious things of a prince are three; -- 71 28| said, 'All men have some things which they cannot bear; -- 72 28| result. All men have some things which they will not do; -- 73 28| extend that feeling to the things which they do, and righteousness 74 28| desires are few: -- in some things he may not be able to keep 75 28| desires are many: -- in some things he may be able to keep his 76 28| themselves from certain things. It is not to be thought

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