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Alphabetical    [«  »]
abiding 2
abilities 2
ability 8
able 60
able-bodied 2
abode 1
abolishing 1
Frequency    [«  »]
61 more
61 shall
61 yâo
60 able
60 parents
60 why
58 see
Meng Tzu

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1 2 | your Majesty's not being able to bear the sight, which 2 2 | The minds of others, I am able by reflection to measure;" -- 3 2 | not because you are not able to do it.'~11. The king 4 2 | thing, and the not being able to do it, be represented? 5 2 | say to people -- "I am not able to do it," that is a real 6 2 | a real case of not being able. In such a matter as breaking 7 2 | say to people -- "I am not able to do it," that is a case 8 2 | not a case of not being able to do it. Therefore your 9 2 | carry it out, he will not be able to protect his wife and 10 2 | are so bent, who will be able to keep them back?'~19. 11 2 | said, 'I am stupid, and not able to advance to this. I wish 12 2 | certain livelihood, are able to maintain a fixed heart. 13 3 | perfectly virtuous prince to be able, with a great country, to 14 3 | requires a wise prince to be able, with a small country, to 15 3 | people generally are not able to enjoy themselves, they 16 3 | beauty, let the people be able to gratify the same feeling, 17 4 | this way you may still be able to stop the threatened attack.'~ 18 5 | government, no power will be able to prevent his becoming 19 5 | minister of Ch'î, so as to be able to carry your principles 20 6 | places of dignity, and the able offices of trust. When throughout 21 6 | governing?" If a prince is able rightly to govern his kingdom, 22 6 | and virtue and employ the able, so that offices shall all 23 7 | attack it, but they are not able to take it. Now, to surround 24 7 | Unfortunately, I am unwell, and not able to go to the court.'~2. 25 7 | level. Not one of them is able to exceed the others. This 26 8 | he would not have been able to make them feel at home 27 9 | I am afraid I may not be able to discharge my duty in 28 9 | year's toil, yet not to be able to nourish their parents, 29 10| antiquity. Now, wise and able princes should cultivate 30 10| Mencius said, 'To-day I am able to see him. But if I do 31 11| who has bent himself been able to make others straight.'~ 32 12| said to Mencius, 'I am not able at present and immediately 33 12| perverse speakers may not be able to show themselves. Their 34 12| to do it.~14. 'Whoever is able to oppose Yang and Mo is 35 13| grandsons, they will not be able in a hundred generations 36 13| of Ch'î said, "Not to be able to command others, and at 37 13| self. To say -- "I am not able to dwell in benevolence 38 14| had not sincerity who was able to move others.'~1. Mencius 39 14| fail to keep themselves are able to serve their parents is 40 14| to keep themselves, were able notwithstanding to serve 41 15| NOT do, and then they are able to act with vigour in what 42 17| he would not have been able to marry. That male and 43 17| business, so as not to be able to nourish one's parents, 44 18| different; that Ch'î was able, as a man of talents and 45 22| to cold, it will not be able to grow. It is but seldom 46 22| inferior part will not be able to take it from him. It 47 23| not do so, you will not be able to get a wife, will you 48 24| into practice, neither am I able to follow his words, but 49 24| err, and are afterwards able to reform. They are distressed 50 25| them?'~Mencius said, 'The able and virtuous monarchs of 51 25| exception be made of the able and virtuous scholars of 52 25| silkworms, and thus the old were able to have silk to wear. Each 53 25| seasons, and thus the old were able to have flesh to eat. The 54 26| the path. Those who are able, follow him.'~1. Mencius 55 26| virtuous.~2. 'Not to be able to keep the three years' 56 27| lest they should not be able to secure the victory, urged 57 27| right way, he will not be able to get the obedience of 58 27| man who loves fame may be able to decline a State of a 59 28| some things he may not be able to keep his heart, but they 60 28| in some things he may be able to keep his heart, but they

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