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byzantium 1
c 3
call 6
called 40
calling 1
calls 3
came 10
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42 one
42 so
41 son
40 called
39 no
39 or
38 unto
The Perpetual Virginity of Blessed Mary

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1 4 | though, inasmuch as she is called wife, she ceases to be betrothed, 2 4 | opponent, to show why Joseph is called the father of our Lord, 3 4 | our Lord, and why Mary is called Joseph’s wife. This also 4 4 | why certain persons are called his brethren.~ 5 5 | brought forth a son, and he called his name Jesus.” Here, first 6 11| brothers, just as he is called only begotten who is the 7 12| openeth the womb shall be called holy to the Lord) and to 8 12| first-born, we gather that he is called the first-born who opens 9 12| they who have brothers are called first-born, the only begotten 10 12| only begotten sons also are called first-born.~ 11 13| s son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren James, 12 14| the same persons who were called brethren by the Jews. Observe, 13 14| and of Joses. And James is called the less to distinguish 14 15| there were two apostles called by the name James, James 15 15| unknown James the less, who is called in Scripture the son of 16 15| being a third, can he be called less to distinguish him 17 15| s mother, the one who is called by John the Evangelist “ 18 15| father-in-law, is also called Jethro. Gedeon, 4220 without 19 15| Azarias. Mount Tabor is called Itabyrium. Again Hermon 20 15| Itabyrium. Again Hermon is called by the Phenicians Sanior, 21 15| in Ezekiel. Peter is also called Simon and Cephas. Judas 22 15| zealot in another Gospel is called Thaddaeus. And there are 23 16| afterwards did believe, can be called brethren of the Lord. Possibly 24 16| make out that they were called the Lord’s brethren who 25 16| As to race, all Jews are called brethren of one another, 26 16| Israelites.” Moreover they are called brethren by kindred who 27 16| whether a nephew can be called a son, let me give you an 28 16| to, by which a nephew is called a brother. And again, 4230 “ 29 17| all of us Christians are called brethren, as in the verse, 423230 17| suppose that a few Jews were called His brethren when all Jews 31 17| private instruction and were called by Him His mother and His 32 17| and understand them to be called brethren in virtue of the 33 17| nature. Just as Lot was called Abraham’s brother, and Jacob 34 18| s son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren James, 35 18| same way that Joseph was called his father4241 “I and 36 18| which Joseph and Mary are called his parents. Seeing that 37 18| applied to them when they are called brethren, that you apply 38 18| apply to Joseph when he is called father.~ 39 21| was thought worthy to be called father of the Lord, remained 40 22| The virgin is no longer called a woman4248 “She that

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