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saved 1
saviour 7
saw 2
say 36
saying 3
sayings 1
says 31
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39 or
38 unto
38 wife
36 say
35 only
33 will
32 at
The Perpetual Virginity of Blessed Mary

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1 3 | betrothed, not intrusted as you say, and of course the only 2 4 | not intrusted, that is to say, not yet a wife, not yet 3 4 | if, supposing a person to say, “Before dining in harbour 4 4 | harbour. If I choose to say, “the apostle Paul before 5 4 | not a virgin, that is to say, the word is Almah, not 6 8 | because he heard the angel say4189 “that which is conceived 7 8 | had certainly heard him say4190Joseph, thou son 8 8 | the angels; Helvidius, I say, would have us believe that 9 8 | heart.” You cannot for shame say Joseph did not know of them, 10 9 | Helvidius will answer, “What you say, is in my opinion mere trifling. 11 9 | Why could not Scripture say, as it said of Thamar and 12 10| intercourse. You must not say4197 “If a woman conceive 13 12| priest. I might reply and say, Why do you tie me down 14 15| its own destruction! You say that the mother of the Lord 15 15| present at the cross, you say that she was entrusted to 16 15| alone displease you. You say in passing that she was 17 16| I know you would like to say you have been overcome not 18 17| general relationship. I say spiritual because all of 19 17| Go unto my brethren and say to them.” I say also general, 20 17| brethren and say to them.” I say also general, because we 21 17| brethren by nature, you say. But Scripture does not 22 17| But Scripture does not say so; it calls them neither 23 17| nor of Joseph. Shall we say they are brethren by race? 24 17| the mother’s,” that is to say, she was the daughter of 25 17| Otherwise, what are we to say of Abraham, a just man, 26 18| chorus of the Jews, you say4239 “Is not this the carpenter’ 27 18| every book you write. I say not a word about your absurd 28 18| you will not venture to say that. Was he His reputed 29 19| Petavium. Of Tertullian I say no more than that he did 30 19| have explained, that is to say, brethren in point of kinship 31 21| do not read it. Nor do we say this to condemn marriage, 32 21| audacity not from piety. You say that Mary did not continue 33 22| those of the New, that is to say, those who had wives and 34 23| the face of nature, and to say in other words, I want you 35 23| agree with you, when you say, that some virgins are nothing 36 23| nothing but tavern women; I say still more, that even adulteresses

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