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Alphabetical    [«  »]
counters 2
country 20
course 2
court 30
courts 15
cravings 1
created 5
Frequency    [«  »]
31 magistrates
31 party
31 solon
30 court
30 himself
30 number
29 may
The Athenian Constitution

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1 1 | They were tried] by a court empanelled from among the 2 12| Should praise me and should court me as their friend.~ ~For 3 39| magistrates in Piraeus before a court of citizens rated in Piraeus, 4 39| magistrates in the city before a court of those rated in the city. 5 42| act as accusers; if the court decides that he has no right 6 45| except on the decision of a court of law. Accordingly a trial 7 47| gone into exile from the court of the Areopagus, and of 8 57| foreigner, are heard by the court of Palladium. When the homicide 9 57| prisoner is tried in the court of Delphinium. If a man 10 63| he is brought before the court; and, if he is convicted, 11 63| also the fine which the court as imposed upon him. Each 12 63| servant puts up above each court the letter which has been 13 64| the juror must go into the court assigned to him by lot, 14 64| choice into any particular court. For this purpose chests 15 65| through the barrier into the court. The attendant gives him 16 65| of the same colour as the court bearing the letter which 17 65| ensure his going into the court assigned to him by lot; 18 65| colour of his staff. Each court has a certain colour painted 19 65| bearing his staff, enters the court which has the same colour 20 65| take their seats in the court, having thus completed the 21 65| each tribe, one to each court, containing the names of 22 65| the tribe who are in that court, and hand them over to the 23 65| tickets to the jurors in each court, so that these officials 24 66| are placed in the first court, and a number of brazen 25 66| assigned for duty in the court which is first drawn, and 26 66| that no one may know which court he will have, but that each 27 66| but that each may take the court assigned to him by lot.~ 28 66| presiding magistrate in each court draws one ticket out of 29 66| respectively gather in the court for this purpose when their 30 68| other of wood, stand in the court, in distinct spots so that

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