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Gaelic Hymnal

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This is new composition by Donald John MacDonald, Peninerine, a local bard. The melody is an original melody composed by Ishbel T. MacDonald. Both words and melody can be found in the hymn book SEINNIBH DHAN TIGHEARNA.




This is a loose translation of the
hymn. It's purpose is simply to give
the English sense of the words.

Do làmh, a Chriosda, bi leinn an comhnaidh
Ar sìol gu fàs thu ar gàrradh ròsan;
Ar foghar buair Thu, ar cruach dhan eòrna
Nad shaibhlean biodhmaid aig crìch ar beò-bhith.

Your hand, O Lord, be with us always
You are our growth seed, our rose garden;
Our plentiful harvest, our barley mound
May we be in your barns at our life's end.

Ar n-oiteag chùbhraidh, ar driùchd na Màigh Thu,
Ar cala dìdein an tìmean gàbhaidh,
Ar grunndan iasgaich, ar biadh, ar sàth Thu,
Nad lìontaibh biodhmaid aig ire bàis dhuinn.

You are our fragrant breeze, our May dew,
Our safe harbour in stormy times,
Our fishing grounds, our food, our satisfaction,
May we be in your nets at the moment of our death.

Nar làithean leanabais biodh t' ainm-sa beò dhuinn,
Nar làithean aosda do ghaol biodh còmh rinn,
Tro neòil ar dubhrachd ar cùrsa treòraich,
Tro shiantan dùr, gu reul-iùil ar dòchais.

In our childhood days, may your name be alive to us
In our declining days, may your love be with us,
Through our dark clouds, direct our course,
Through dark storms, to the guiding star of our hope.

Cha chrìoch am bàs dhuinn ach fàs às ùr dhuinn -
O lìon led ghràs sinn, gu bràth bi dlùth dhuinn;
S nuair thig an t-àm oirnn aig ceann ar n-ùine,
S e òg-mhìos Mhàigh bhios an aite Dùdlachd.

Death is not the end for us, but a new growth -
O fill us with your grace, be close to us forever;
And when the moment comes at the end of our time,
Youthful May will replace dark winter.

Na faclan: Dòmhnall Iain MacDhòmhnaill
Am fonn: Iseabail T. Dhòmhnallach

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