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Multilingual HYpertextual Thesaurus for Healthcare
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Archetypes of situations - Copyright for the content by CEN members and Project Team PT27 "Domain Termlist" of CEN/TC251, 1999
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| acts on (7) | co-exists with (1) | employs (2) | gives rise to (1) | has acquisition site (3) | has circumstance (1) | has consequence (1) | has context facet (3) | has feature (1) | has goal (1) | has information qualifier (1) | has information source (1) | has location (1) | has means (1) | has motivation (1) | has phase (1) | has place (1) | has primary status (4) | has qualifier (11) | has quantification (1) | has role (2) | has spatial qualifier (1) | has target (2) | has temporal marker (2) | has topic (1) | involves (3) | is acquired under (1) | is cause of (4) | is directed to (1) | is feature of (4) | is interpretation of (1) | is manifested as (1) | is observed according to (1) | is performed according to (1) | is performed by (1) | is related to (1) | is stated by (8) | is triggered by (1) | pertains to (3) | precedes (1) | prevents (1) | produces (1) | refers to (1) | uses (1) |
drug-related hc activityacts onmedicinal product
eventacts onactor
therapeutic activityacts onbody component
therapeutic activityacts onbody process
therapeutic activityacts ondevice
therapeutic activityacts onlesion
[descriptor in abnormal condition]
triggeracts onsubstance
physiopathological condition or stateco-exists withcondition
[descriptor in role for activities]
employschemical substance
[descriptor in role for activities]
employsphysical phenomenon
physiopathological condition or stategives rise toadministrative activity
[descriptor in associate topic]
has acquisition sitebody component
[descriptor in associate topic]
has acquisition sitedevice
[descriptor in associate topic]
has acquisition sitelesion
[descriptor in abnormal condition]
propertyhas circumstancemeasure-independent circumstance
[descriptor in associate topic]
healthcare activityhas consequenceoutcome
[descriptor in role for conditions]
clinical situationhas context facetprocess status
clinical situationhas context facetrole for dates
clinical situationhas context facetsubject of information
potentialityhas featureabnormality qualifier
healthcare activityhas goalcondition
clinical situationhas information qualifierknowing mode
knowing modehas information sourceactor
body componenthas locationbody component
[descriptor in associate topic]
has meansdevice
healthcare activityhas motivationclinical situation
healthcare activityhas phasehealthcare activity
eventhas placeenvironment
eventhas primary statuspotentiality
healthcare activityhas primary statuslife cycle
lifestyle featurehas primary statuspotentiality
physiopathological condition or statehas primary statuspotentiality
actorhas qualifiercommunication modality
clinical situationhas qualifierrelevance
eventhas qualifiertiming marker
healthcare activityhas qualifierobsolescence
healthcare activityhas qualifiersuccessfulness
healthcare activityhas qualifierurgency
knowing modehas qualifiercommunication modality
[descriptor in associate topic]
has qualifierapproach
[descriptor in role for secondary categories]
[descriptor in associate topic]
has qualifierroute
[descriptor in role for secondary categories]
potentialityhas qualifiercertainty
potentialityhas qualifiernegation
habithas quantificationintensity value
clinical situationhas rolerole for clinical situations
physiopathological condition or statehas rolerole for conditions
[descriptor in associate topic]
has spatial qualifierposition of patient
acquiring informationhas targetclinical situation
acquiring informationhas targetproperty
drug-related hc activityhas temporal markertiming marker
role for clinical situationshas temporal markertiming marker
information activityhas topicclinical situation
administrative activityinvolveshealthcare organisation
administrative activityinvolveshealthcare professional
administrative activityinvolvespatient
[descriptor in associate topic]
is acquired underchallenge
[descriptor in role for activities]
drug-related hc activityis cause ofadverse reaction
[descriptor in role for conditions]
drug-related hc activityis cause ofcomplication
[descriptor in role for conditions]
drug-related hc activityis cause ofside effect
[descriptor in role for conditions]
healthcare activityis cause ofcomplication
[descriptor in role for conditions]
information activityis directed toperson
[descriptor in healthcare party]
propertyis feature ofbody component
propertyis feature ofbody process
propertyis feature oflesion
[descriptor in abnormal condition]
propertyis feature ofregion of interest
[descriptor in role for secondary categories]
decision-making activityis interpretation ofclinical situation
allergy state
[descriptor in abnormal condition]
is manifested asadverse reaction
[descriptor in role for conditions]
propertyis observed according tomethod
[descriptor in associate topic]
therapeutic activityis performed according tomethod
[descriptor in associate topic]
healthcare activityis performed byactor
[descriptor in associate topic]
is related toevent
clinical situationis stated byhealthcare professional
clinical situationis stated bypatient
conditionis stated byhealthcare professional
conditionis stated bypatient
role for clinical situationsis stated byactor
role for clinical situationsis stated byhealthcare organisation
role for conditionsis stated byhealthcare professional
role for conditionsis stated bypatient
adverse reaction
[descriptor in role for conditions]
is triggered bytrigger
clinical situationpertains tobody component
clinical situationpertains toenvironment
clinical situationpertains toproduct
healthcare activityprecedeshealthcare activity
[descriptor in medicinal product]
preventspathologic condition
healthcare activityproducesresult
[descriptor in role for clinical situations]
potentialityrefers toexistence qualifier
immunization activity
[descriptor in preventive activity]
[descriptor in medicinal product]

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