Multilingual hYpertextual Thesaurus for Healthcare
copyright for presentation by CNR-ITBM and Èulogos
copyright for the content by the GALEN-IN-USE Consortium, 1995-1999

Experimental IntraText pages. You are authorized to browse the following pages, but not to download the content and to use it for any purpose. We will appreciate any comment and suggestion for improvements. Please contact the MYTH Project leader A.Rossi Mori.
You will see here a simplified presentation of the material used to build the dissections in the intermediate representation of the GALEN-IN-USE project.

The content of these pages is a transformation of the reference files loaded into the acquisition software used by the domain experts to build valid dissections from an existing collection of phrases.
The content of the reference files evolves during the different cycles of modelling, because new descriptors are added, ambiguous descriptors are discovered and fixed, new templates are worked out. Therefore the knowledge contained in the present pages is not stable, but should be considered as work-in-progress.
Mapping to GRAIL is at present hidden.
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