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1  [descriptor in Number]
2  [descriptor in Number]
- 2 combined approaches  [lexical variant of two combined approaches in Number]
20mm  [descriptor in Number]
24 hours'' period  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
3  [descriptor in Number]
3 combined approaches  [descriptor in Number]
30mm  [descriptor in Number]
4  [descriptor in Number]
5  [descriptor in Number]
6  [descriptor in Number]

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abberant pathway  [descriptor in Lesion]
- abcess  [lexical variant of abscess in Lesion]
abdomen  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- abdomen route  [lexical variant of abdominal approach in Approach]
abdominal  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- abdominal access  [lexical variant of transabdominal route in Approach]
abdominal aorta  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
abdominal aorta aneurysm  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
- abdominal aorta structure  [lexical variant of abdominal aorta in AbdominalBloodVessel]
abdominal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
abdominal artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
abdominal cavity  [descriptor in BodySpace]
abdominal incision  [descriptor in Approach]
abdominal lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
abdominal lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
- abdominal lymph node structure  [lexical variant of abdominal lymph node in LymphNode]
- abdominal lymphnode  [lexical variant of abdominal lymph node in LymphNode]
abdominal pain  [descriptor in Pathology]
abdominal pregnancy  [descriptor in ReproductivePathology]
abdominal region  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- abdominal route approach  [lexical variant of abdominal approach in Approach]
abdominal skin  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
abdominal structure  [descriptor in Anatomy]
abdominal visceral artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
abdominal wall  [descriptor in Anatomy]
abdominal wall of inguinal canal  [descriptor in Anatomy]
  AbdominalBloodVessel  [category]
- abdominalcavity  [lexical variant of abdominal cavity in BodySpace]
- abdominal_approach  [lexical variant of abdominal approach in Approach]
- abdominal_approach route  [lexical variant of abdominal approach in Approach]
abdominoperineal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
abducting  [descriptor in Deed]
abductor pollicis longus muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
aberrant adrenal gland  [descriptor in Lesion]
aberrant adrenal tissue  [descriptor in Pathology]
aberrant focus  [descriptor in Lesion]
aberrant parathyroid gland  [descriptor in Lesion]
aberrant renal artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
aberrant subclavian artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
aberrant thyroid gland  [descriptor in Lesion]
aberrant thyroid tissue  [descriptor in Pathology]
ablating  [descriptor in Deed]
- ablation  [lexical variant of ablating in Deed]
abnormal  [descriptor in Feature]
abnormal bone consolidation  [descriptor in Pathology]
abnormal cardiac rhytm  [descriptor in Pathology]
abnormal growth  [descriptor in Lesion]
abnormal ventriculoarterial connection  [descriptor in Lesion]
abortifacient  [descriptor in Substance]
abortion  [descriptor in Deed]
above knee popliteal artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
abrading  [descriptor in Deed]
abscess  [descriptor in Lesion]
- absciding  [lexical variant of debriding in Deed]
absence  [descriptor in Lesion]
absorbace  [descriptor in Deed]
absorbance  [descriptor in Feature]
absorption  [descriptor in Deed]
  AbstractStructure  [category]
accelerated AV Conduction  [descriptor in Untyped]
accessing  [descriptor in Deed]
accessory pathway  [descriptor in Lesion]
accessory salivary glands  [descriptor in Gland]
accessory spleen  [descriptor in LymphoreticularSystemAnatomy]
acetabulum  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
achilles tendon  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
acid  [descriptor in Chemical]
acne  [descriptor in Pathology]
acne vulgaris  [descriptor in Pathology]
acoustic neuroma  [descriptor in SensorySystemPathology]
acquired  [descriptor in Feature]
acquired arteriovenous fistula  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
- acromioclavicle joint  [lexical variant of acromioclavicular joint in Joint]
acromioclavicular joint  [descriptor in Joint]
acromion  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
actinomyces  [descriptor in Organism]
actinomyces pyogenes  [descriptor in Organism]
activating  [descriptor in Deed]
active  [descriptor in Feature]
active TB  [descriptor in Untyped]
activity  [descriptor in Feature]
  ACTS_ON  [link]
  ACTS_ON_1  [link]
  ACTS_ON_2  [link]
acute  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
acute renal failure  [descriptor in RenalPathology]
acute sub dural hematoma  [descriptor in NeurologicalPathology]
adaptation  [descriptor in Deed]
adductor muscle hip  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
adenocyte  [descriptor in Anatomy]
adenoid  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
adenoids  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
adenoma  [descriptor in Lesion]
adenovirus  [descriptor in Organism]
adequate  [descriptor in Feature]
adequate controlling  [descriptor in HealthCareAct]
adhesion  [descriptor in Lesion]
- adhesions  [lexical variant of adhesion in Lesion]
adhesive  [descriptor in Material]
adipofascial graft  [descriptor in Graft]
adjustable  [descriptor in Feature]
adjustable gastric banding device  [descriptor in Device]
adjusting  [descriptor in Deed]
- adjustment action  [lexical variant of adjustment action in Deed]
- adjustment - action  [lexical variant of adjustment action in Deed]
adjustment action  [descriptor in Deed]
administering  [descriptor in Deed]
- administration  [lexical variant of administering in Deed]
adnexa  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
adnexa uteri  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
adrenal artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
adrenal cortex  [descriptor in EndocrineSystemAnatomy]
adrenal gland  [descriptor in Gland]
- adrenal glands  [lexical variant of adrenal gland in Gland]
- adrenal structure  [lexical variant of adrenal gland in Gland]
adrenaline  [descriptor in Chemical]
adult  [descriptor in Person]
- advancement - action  [lexical variant of advancing in Deed]
advancing  [descriptor in Deed]
affected  [descriptor in Feature]
affected ear  [descriptor in Lesion]
after  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
after birth  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
aganglionosis  [descriptor in Pathology]
agenesis  [descriptor in Pathology]
agent  [descriptor in Things]
aggravating  [descriptor in Deed]
aid  [descriptor in Device]
air  [descriptor in Substance]
air pressure monitoring device  [descriptor in Device]
airway  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
alcohol  [descriptor in Chemical]
alcoholism  [descriptor in Pathology]
alignment  [descriptor in Deed]
all  [descriptor in Extent]
allergy  [descriptor in Pathology]
allergy process  [descriptor in Pathology]
allograft  [descriptor in Graft]
allograft heart  [descriptor in Graft]
allograft lung  [descriptor in Graft]
allograft vein  [descriptor in Graft]
allologous material  [descriptor in Graft]
altemeier method  [descriptor in Method]
- alveoli of teeth  [lexical variant of processus alveolaris in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
alveolomandibularcleftlip  [descriptor in Lesion]
alveolus  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
amblyopia  [descriptor in Pathology]
amiloride  [descriptor in Chemical]
amniotic cavity  [descriptor in BodySpace]
amniotic fluid  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
amplitude of impulse  [descriptor in Feature]
ampulla of Fallopian tube  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
amputating  [descriptor in Deed]
- amputation  [lexical variant of amputating in Deed]
- amputation - action  [lexical variant of amputating in Deed]
anaemia  [descriptor in Pathology]
anaerobic bacterium  [descriptor in Organism]
anaesthesia  [descriptor in Feature]
anal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
anal canal  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
anal continence1  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
anal cript  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
anal fibroma  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemPathology]
anal fissure  [descriptor in Pathology]
anal margin  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
anal mucosa  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
anal orifice  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
anal prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
anal region  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
anal sac  [descriptor in Lesion]
anal sphincter  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
anal structure  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
analgesic agent  [descriptor in Chemical]
analyzing  [descriptor in Deed]
anaphylaxis  [descriptor in Pathology]
anastomosing  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- anastomosis  [lexical variant of anastomosis structure in AnatomicalConnection]
- anastomosis - action  [lexical variant of anastomosing in SPETBanned]
- anastomosis action  [lexical variant of anastomosing in SPETBanned]
anastomosis structure  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
- anastomotic structure  [lexical variant of fistula in AnatomicalConnection]
anatomic body  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
  AnatomicalConnection  [category]
  AnatomicalPart  [category]
- anatomy  [lexical variant of body part in Anatomy]
  Anatomy  [category]
anesthesia procedure  [descriptor in Deed]
- anesthesia_procedure  [lexical variant of anesthesia procedure in Deed]
aneurysm  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
angelcyck prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
angina  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
angina pectoris  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
angioma  [descriptor in Lesion]
angioplasty catheter  [descriptor in Device]
angioscope  [descriptor in Device]
- angioscopic  [lexical variant of angioscope in Device]
angioscoping  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
angiotensin converting enzyme  [descriptor in Chemical]
angle  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
angle of the anterior chamber of the eye  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
angular plate  [descriptor in Device]
ankle  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- ankle area  [lexical variant of ankle in Anatomy]
- ankle joint  [lexical variant of joint of ankle in Joint]
ankle joint structure  [descriptor in Joint]
ankyloglossia  [descriptor in Pathology]
ankylosed tooth  [descriptor in Pathology]
ankylosis  [descriptor in Lesion]
annexa of testis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- annexa_of_testis  [lexical variant of annexa of testis in MaleGenitalSystem]
annulus  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
anomalous blood vessel  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
anomalous origin  [descriptor in Lesion]
anomalous pulmonary collateral artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
anomalous pulmonary vein  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
anomalous pulmonary venous drainage  [descriptor in Pathology]
anorexia  [descriptor in Pathology]
anoscope  [descriptor in Device]
antagonising  [descriptor in Deed]
antecubital fossa  [descriptor in Anatomy]
antecubital fossa vein  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
anterior  [descriptor in Position]
anterior approach  [descriptor in Approach]
anterior carpal branch  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
anterior cerebral artery  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
- anterior chamber  [lexical variant of anterior chamber of eye in SensorySystemAnatomy]
anterior chamber of eye  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
anterior descending coronary artery  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
anterior division of internal iliac artery  [descriptor in PelvicBloodVessel]
anterior fascia of sacrum  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- anterior part  [lexical variant of anterior portion in Anatomy]
anterior penis  [descriptor in GenitoUrinarySystemAnatomy]
anterior portion  [descriptor in Anatomy]
anterior root of spinal nerve  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
anterior semicircular canal  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
anterior tibial artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
anterior triangle cervical lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
anterior vagus nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
anterior wall  [descriptor in Anatomy]
anterior wall of vagina  [descriptor in Lesion]
anterior wrap 180 degrees  [descriptor in Feature]
anterior wrap 360 degrees  [descriptor in Feature]
- antero-lateral approach  [lexical variant of anterolateral approach in Approach]
anterograde  [descriptor in Approach]
anterolateral approach  [descriptor in Approach]
antrum  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
anuria  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
anus  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
anxiety  [descriptor in Pathology]
any route  [descriptor in Approach]
aorta  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
- Aorta  [lexical variant of aorta in CentralBloodVessel]
aortic aneurysm  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
aortic annulus  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
aortic arch  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
aortic bifurcation  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
aortic coarctation  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
aortic counter pulsation balloon catheter  [descriptor in Device]
aortic leaflet  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
- aortic lymph node  [lexical variant of aortic_lymph_node in LymphNode]
aortic pulsation balloon  [descriptor in Device]
aortic root  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
- aortic route  [lexical variant of transaortal in Approach]
aortic sinus  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
aortic stenosis  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
- aortic structure  [lexical variant of aorta in CentralBloodVessel]
aortic tunnel  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
aortic valve  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
aortic valve cusp  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
aortic valve structure  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
aortic_lymph_node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
aorto-septal  [descriptor in Approach]
aortoplasty  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
aortopulmonary window  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
apex  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
apex radicis dentis  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
aplasia  [descriptor in Lesion]
apocrine cell  [descriptor in Structure]
aponeurosis  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
aponeurosis graft  [descriptor in Graft]
appendicitis  [descriptor in Lesion]
appendix  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
appendix of testis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
appendix vermiformis  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
application of substance  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
applying  [descriptor in Deed]
apportioning  [descriptor in Deed]
approach  [descriptor in Approach]
  Approach  [category]
aqueous humor  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
arch device  [descriptor in Device]
arch of long saphenous vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
arch of short saphenous vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
arcus aorta  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
areola  [descriptor in Anatomy]
areola nipple plate  [descriptor in Anatomy]
arginine vasopressin  [descriptor in Chemical]
argon laser  [descriptor in Device]
arm  [descriptor in Anatomy]
around fallopian tube region  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- around uterus region  [lexical variant of adnexa uteri in FemaleGenitalSystem]
arranging  [descriptor in Deed]
arrhythmia  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
arrhythmogenic tissue  [descriptor in Lesion]
arteria axillaris  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
arteria basilaris  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
- arteria brachialis  [lexical variant of brachial artery in PeripheralBloodVessel]
arteria carotis communis  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
arteria carotis externa  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
arteria carotis interna  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
arteria cerebri anterior  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
arteria cerebri media  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
arteria cerebri posterior  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
arteria femoralis  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
arteria fibularis  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
arteria gastrica sinistra  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
arteria hepatica communis  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
arteria iliaca communis  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
arteria iliaca externa  [descriptor in PelvicBloodVessel]
arteria iliaca interna  [descriptor in PelvicBloodVessel]
arteria lumbalis  [descriptor in PelvicBloodVessel]
arteria mesenterica inferior  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
arteria mesenterica superior  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
arteria poplitea  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
arteria profunda femoris  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
arteria pulmonalis dextra  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
arteria pulmonalis sinistra  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
arteria radialis  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
arteria renalis  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
arteria splenica  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
arteria subclavia  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
arteria tibialis anterior  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
arteria tibialis posterior  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
arteria ulnaris  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
arteria vertebralis  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
arterial autograft  [descriptor in Graft]
arterial branches  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
arterial dissection lession  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
arterial duct  [descriptor in Graft]
arterial graft  [descriptor in Graft]
arterial structure  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
arterialization  [descriptor in Deed]
arterio-veinous malformation  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
- arterioveinous communication  [lexical variant of arteriovenous fistula in AnatomicalConnection]
arteriovenous approach  [descriptor in Approach]
arteriovenous fistula  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
arteriovenous graft  [descriptor in Graft]
arteriovenous shunt  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
artery of circle of Willis  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
artery of head and neck  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
artery of internal nose  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
artery of limb  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
artery of lower limb  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
artery of the hand  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
artery of upper limb  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
- artery trunk  [lexical variant of pulmonary trunk in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
arthroscope  [descriptor in Device]
arthroscoping  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
articulatio atlanto-occipitalis  [descriptor in Joint]
articulatio sacro-iliaca  [descriptor in Joint]
articulatio zygapophysiale  [descriptor in Joint]
artificial  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
artificial anal sphincter  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
artificial cornea  [descriptor in Device]
artificial dens  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
artificial heart  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
- artificial stoma route  [lexical variant of through stoma in Approach]
aryepiglottic fold  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
arytenoid cartilage  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
ascending aorta  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
ascending colon  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
- ASD  [lexical variant of atrial septal defect in CardiovascularPathology]
- aspect of pericardium  [lexical variant of pericardium in PartOfHeart]
aspirating  [descriptor in Deed]
- aspiration - action  [lexical variant of aspirating in Deed]
- aspiration action  [lexical variant of aspirating in Deed]
aspirin  [descriptor in Chemical]
assessing  [descriptor in Deed]
assisting  [descriptor in Deed]
asthma attack  [descriptor in Pathology]
asynchronous  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
asystole  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
at least 1  [descriptor in Range]
at least 2  [descriptor in Range]
at least 6  [descriptor in Range]
atherosclerosis  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
atherosclerotic lesion  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
atherosclerotic lesion of coronary artery  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
atherosclerotic lesion of pulmonary artery  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
atlanto-occipital joint  [descriptor in Joint]
atlanto-occipital membrane  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
atlas  [descriptor in Bone]
atresia  [descriptor in Lesion]
atrial fibrillation  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
atrial flutter  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
atrial muscle  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
atrial myxoma  [descriptor in Lesion]
atrial septal defect  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
atrial septal defect through coronary sinus orifice  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
atrial septum  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
atrial structure  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
atrial tachycardia  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
atrial wall  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
atriotomy  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
atrioventricular conduction  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
atrioventricular conduction pathway  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
atrioventricular heart block  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
atrioventricular junction  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
atrioventricular node  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
atrioventricular septal defect  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
atrioventricular septal defect - isolated atrial component  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
atrioventricular septal defect - isolated ventricular component  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
- atrioventricular septum  [lexical variant of cardiac septum in PartOfHeart]
atrioventricular valve annulus  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
atrioventricular valve chordae tendinae  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
atrioventricular valve leaflet  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
atrioventricular valve papillary muscle  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
atrioventricular valve structure  [descriptor in Lesion]
- atrium  [lexical variant of heart atrium in PartOfHeart]
- atrium cordis  [lexical variant of heart atrium in PartOfHeart]
atrium dextrum  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
atrophic rhinitis  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemPathology]
attention - action  [descriptor in Deed]
attic of mastoid  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
atticomastoid approach  [descriptor in Approach]
atypical mycobacteria  [descriptor in Organism]
- at_least_6  [lexical variant of at least 6 in Range]
audiometer  [descriptor in Device]
audioprothesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
auditoria tuba  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
auditory ossicles  [descriptor in Bone]
auditory threshold  [descriptor in Characteristic]
- augmentation action  [lexical variant of augmenting in Deed]
augmenting  [descriptor in Deed]
auricle  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
autograft  [descriptor in Graft]
autograft cardiac valve  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
autografting  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
autoimmune  [descriptor in Pathology]
autoimmune process  [descriptor in Pathology]
- autoimmunity  [lexical variant of autoimmune in Pathology]
autologous artery  [descriptor in Graft]
autologous material  [descriptor in Graft]
autologous material (spongiosa)  [descriptor in Graft]
autologous vein  [descriptor in Graft]
autologous vein patch  [descriptor in Graft]
automatic cardiac defibrillator  [descriptor in Device]
automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator  [descriptor in Device]
autonomic  [descriptor in Feature]
autonomic nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
autosomal dominant inheritence  [descriptor in Feature]
autosomal recessive  [descriptor in Feature]
autosomal recessive inheritance  [descriptor in Feature]
autotransplant  [descriptor in Graft]
autotransplanting  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- AV node  [lexical variant of atrioventricular node in PartOfHeart]
avulsing  [descriptor in Deed]
- avulsion - action  [lexical variant of avulsing in Deed]
- avulsion action  [lexical variant of avulsing in Deed]
- axiallary artery  [lexical variant of axillary artery in PeripheralBloodVessel]
axilla  [descriptor in Anatomy]
axillary approach  [descriptor in Approach]
axillary artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
axillary lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
axillary lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
axillary vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
axis  [descriptor in Bone]
azygos vein  [descriptor in BloodVessel]

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Baby  [descriptor in Person]
bacille Calmette Guerin  [descriptor in Organism]
bacillus anthracis  [descriptor in Organism]
bacillus cereus  [descriptor in Organism]
bacillus licheniformis  [descriptor in Organism]
back  [descriptor in Anatomy]
back pain  [descriptor in Pathology]
- back structure  [lexical variant of back in Anatomy]
- back to pubis  [lexical variant of posterior part of symphysis pubis in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- backward  [lexical variant of retrograde in Approach]
- backward_direction  [lexical variant of retrograde in Approach]
- backward_direction route  [lexical variant of retrograde in Approach]
- backward_direction_route  [lexical variant of retrograde in Approach]
- back_to_pubis  [lexical variant of posterior part of symphysis pubis in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
back_urethra  [descriptor in LowerUrinaryTract]
- bacteria  [lexical variant of bacterium in Organism]
bacterial endocarditis  [descriptor in Pathology]
bacterial infection  [descriptor in Pathology]
bacteriology testing  [descriptor in Deed]
bacterium  [descriptor in Organism]
baffle  [descriptor in Structure]
Bakercyst  [descriptor in Lesion]
balancing  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
balantidium coli  [descriptor in Organism]
Ball  [descriptor in Method]
ball and cage prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
ballon tube  [descriptor in Device]
balloon  [descriptor in Device]
- balloon catheter  [lexical variant of balloon dilatation catheter in Device]
balloon dilatation catheter  [descriptor in Device]
balloon probe  [descriptor in Device]
balloon pump  [descriptor in Device]
balloon septostomy catheter  [descriptor in Device]
- band  [lexical variant of band ligature in Device]
band ligature  [descriptor in Device]
bandage  [descriptor in Device]
bandaging  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
banding  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
banding device  [descriptor in Device]
barbiturate chemical  [descriptor in Chemical]
barium  [descriptor in Chemical]
- bartholin gland  [lexical variant of bartholin’’s gland in Gland]
bartholin''s gland  [descriptor in Gland]
bartonella  [descriptor in Organism]
bartonella bacilliformis  [descriptor in Organism]
bartonella henselae  [descriptor in Organism]
bartonella quintana  [descriptor in Organism]
basal nuclei  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
base of skull  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
baseline  [descriptor in Feature]
basilic vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
beating heart  [descriptor in Method]
beclamethasone dipropionate  [descriptor in Chemical]
beginning end of distal convoluted tubule  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
behaviour  [descriptor in Deed]
- being permeable  [lexical variant of unblocking in Deed]
below knee popliteal artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
bending  [descriptor in Feature]
bendrofluazide  [descriptor in Chemical]
benign  [descriptor in Feature]
benign essential tremor  [descriptor in NeurologicalPathology]
benign tumour  [descriptor in Lesion]
benzodiazepine chemical  [descriptor in Chemical]
beta adrenoceptor  [descriptor in Chemical]
between 11 and 14  [descriptor in Range]
between 15 and 20  [descriptor in Range]
between 2 and 4  [descriptor in Range]
between 2 and 5  [descriptor in Range]
between 20 mm and 40 mm  [descriptor in Range]
between 29 days and 3 years  [descriptor in Person]
between 3 and 10 cm  [descriptor in Range]
between 3 and 5  [descriptor in Range]
between 6 and 10  [descriptor in Range]
bifurcated  [descriptor in Feature]
- bifurcated endovacular implant  [lexical variant of bifurcated endovascular implant in Prosthesis]
bifurcated endovascular implant  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
bifurcatio tracheae  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
bifurcation of pulmonary trunk  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
big  [descriptor in Feature]
- big size  [lexical variant of big in Feature]
bilateral  [descriptor in Laterality]
- bilatéral  [lexical variant of bilateral in Laterality]
bile  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
bile duct  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
biliary tract  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
billroth i i method  [descriptor in Method]
binding  [descriptor in Deed]
binocular vision  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
biologic testing  [descriptor in HealthCareAct]
biological surgical material  [descriptor in Graft]
biological valve prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
biomicroscope device  [descriptor in Device]
bioprosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
bioprothesis with armature  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
bioprothesis without armature  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
- biopsing  [lexical variant of biopsying in Deed]
- biopsy  [lexical variant of biopsying in Deed]
- biopsy - action  [lexical variant of biopsying in Deed]
- biopsy action  [lexical variant of biopsying in Deed]
biopsying  [descriptor in Deed]
biventricular assist device  [descriptor in Device]
black  [descriptor in Feature]
- bladder  [lexical variant of urinary bladder in LowerUrinaryTract]
bladder flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
bladder mucosa  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
bladder neck  [descriptor in LowerUrinaryTract]
- bladder structure  [lexical variant of urinary bladder in LowerUrinaryTract]
- bladder_flap  [lexical variant of bladder flap in AnatomicalPart]
Blalock-Hanlon  [descriptor in Method]
Blalock-Taussig shunt  [descriptor in Method]
bleeding  [descriptor in Pathology]
blepharospasm  [descriptor in Pathology]
block dissection  [descriptor in Deed]
block dissection of cervical lymph nodes  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
blocking  [descriptor in Deed]
blood  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
blood clot  [descriptor in Anatomy]
blood pressure  [descriptor in Characteristic]
blood sample  [descriptor in Structure]
blood vessel  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
- blood vessels  [lexical variant of blood vessel in BloodVessel]
bloodflow  [descriptor in Deed]
- bloodpressure  [lexical variant of blood pressure in Characteristic]
  BloodVessel  [category]
  BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck  [category]
body  [descriptor in Anatomy]
body cavity  [descriptor in BodySpace]
body cell  [descriptor in Anatomy]
body fluid  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
body orifice mucosa  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
body part  [descriptor in Anatomy]
body position  [descriptor in Feature]
body region  [descriptor in Anatomy]
body structure  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- Body structure  [lexical variant of body structure in Anatomy]
body system  [descriptor in Anatomy]
body temperature  [descriptor in Feature]
  BodyProcess  [category]
  BodySpace  [category]
- bodystructure  [lexical variant of body structure in Anatomy]
  BodySubstance  [category]
  BodySystemAnatomy  [category]
bone  [descriptor in Bone]
  Bone  [category]
bone anchored hearing aid  [descriptor in Device]
bone cortex  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
bone eminence  [descriptor in Bone]
bone graft  [descriptor in Graft]
bone layer  [descriptor in Bone]
bone marrow  [descriptor in LymphoreticularSystemAnatomy]
bone medulla  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
bone metabolism  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
bone structure  [descriptor in Bone]
bone structure of cervical vertebra  [descriptor in Bone]
bone structure of lumbar vertebra  [descriptor in Bone]
bone structure of spine  [descriptor in Bone]
bone structure of thoracic vertebra  [descriptor in Bone]
bone tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
bone vibrator  [descriptor in Device]
- Bone: cervical rib  [lexical variant of cervical rib in Bone]
- bony labyrinth  [lexical variant of bony labyrinth structure in SensorySystemAnatomy]
bony labyrinth structure  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
bony palate  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- bony tissue  [lexical variant of bone tissue in BodySubstance]
boot  [descriptor in Structure]
bordetella  [descriptor in Organism]
bordetella pertussis  [descriptor in Organism]
borrelia  [descriptor in Organism]
borrelia burgdorferi  [descriptor in Organism]
borrelia recurrentis  [descriptor in Organism]
botulinum toxin  [descriptor in Chemical]
box  [descriptor in Device]
boy  [descriptor in Person]
brachial artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
brachial plexus  [descriptor in Nerve]
brachial vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
brachiocephalic trunk  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
brachiocephalic vein  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
- bracial artery  [lexical variant of brachial artery in PeripheralBloodVessel]
bradycardia  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
brain  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
brain electric potentials  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
brain meninges structure  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
brain stem  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
- brain structure  [lexical variant of brain in NervousSystemAnatomy]
branch  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
Branch of aortic arch  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
branch of external carotid artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
branch of renal artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
branchial rests  [descriptor in Lesion]
breach  [descriptor in Lesion]
breaking  [descriptor in Deed]
breast  [descriptor in Gland]
- breast structure  [lexical variant of breast in Gland]
breathing  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
breech delivery  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
Breech Delivery  [descriptor in Person]
breech presentation  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
bridle  [descriptor in Anatomy]
bringing back  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- broad ligament  [lexical variant of broad ligament of uterus in FemaleGenitalSystem]
broad ligament of uterus  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
bronchial artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
bronchial mucosa  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
bronchial structure  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
bronchogenic cyst  [descriptor in Lesion]
bronchostomy  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
bronchus  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
brown  [descriptor in Feature]
brucella  [descriptor in Organism]
brushing  [descriptor in Deed]
buccal  [descriptor in Nerve]
buccal vestibule  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
buccal vestibule approach  [descriptor in Approach]
budesonide  [descriptor in Chemical]
bulboventricular foramen  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
bulbus oculi  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
bulbus penis urethra  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- bulbus_penis urethra  [lexical variant of bulbus penis urethra in MaleGenitalSystem]
- bulla  [lexical variant of lung bulla in Lesion]
bundle branch  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
bundle branch block  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
bundle of his  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
bundle of Kent  [descriptor in Lesion]
burkholderia mallei  [descriptor in Organism]
burkholderia pseudomallei  [descriptor in Organism]
burning  [descriptor in Pathology]
burr hole  [descriptor in Structure]
bursa  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- bursa (as container)  [lexical variant of bursa in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
bursa olecrani  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
bursa poplitea  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
bursa praepatellaris  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
burying  [descriptor in Deed]
buttock  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- by-pass  [lexical variant of bypassing in Deed]
- bypass  [lexical variant of bypass structure in AnatomicalConnection]
- bypass - action  [lexical variant of bypassing in Deed]
- bypass action  [lexical variant of bypassing in Deed]
bypass structure  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
  BYPASSES  [link]
bypassing  [descriptor in Deed]
- bypassing structure  [lexical variant of bypass structure in AnatomicalConnection]
  BY_MEANS_OF  [link]
  BY_TECHNIQUE  [link]

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caesarian delivery  [descriptor in Deed]
- calc  [lexical variant of calcification in Lesion]
calcaneal tendon  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
calcaneum  [descriptor in Bone]
- calcaneus  [lexical variant of calcaneum in Bone]
calcification  [descriptor in Lesion]
calcium  [descriptor in Chemical]
calcium channel  [descriptor in Chemical]
calculating  [descriptor in Deed]
calculus  [descriptor in Lesion]
calf  [descriptor in Anatomy]
calibrating  [descriptor in Deed]
calix  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
calvaria  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
calymmatobacterium granulomatis  [descriptor in Organism]
camera device  [descriptor in Device]
campimeter device  [descriptor in Device]
campylobacter  [descriptor in Organism]
canal  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
canal of Schlemm  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
canaliculus  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
canalis radicis dentis  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
canalising  [descriptor in Deed]
canalization  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
cancellation  [descriptor in Characteristic]
- cancer  [lexical variant of tumour in Lesion]
candidiasis  [descriptor in Pathology]
canine  [descriptor in Anatomy]
canine fossa  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
cannula  [descriptor in Device]
cannulating  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
capillary  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
capsula  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
capsule  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
capsuloplasty  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
captopril  [descriptor in Chemical]
- caput  [lexical variant of caput (of bone) in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
caput (of bone)  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
carbamazepine  [descriptor in Chemical]
carbon dioxide  [descriptor in Chemical]
carcinoma  [descriptor in Lesion]
cardia of stomach  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
cardiac arrest  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
cardiac arrhythmia  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
- cardiac arryhthmia  [lexical variant of cardiac arrhythmia in CardiovascularPathology]
- cardiac conducting system structure  [lexical variant of cardiac conduction system in PartOfHeart]
cardiac conduction system  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
cardiac conduit  [descriptor in Device]
cardiac failure  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
cardiac function  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
cardiac internal structure  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
cardiac massage  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
cardiac muscle  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
- cardiac pacemaker  [lexical variant of pacemaker in Device]
cardiac pacemaker electrode  [descriptor in Device]
cardiac pacemaker implant  [descriptor in Device]
cardiac pacemaker system  [descriptor in Device]
cardiac pump  [descriptor in Device]
cardiac septum  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
cardiac structure  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
cardiac tamponade  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
- cardiac valve bio-prosthesis  [lexical variant of cardiac valve bioprosthesis in Prosthesis]
cardiac valve bioprosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
cardiac valve prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
- cardiac valve structure  [lexical variant of heart valve in PartOfHeart]
cardiac valvules  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
cardiac ventricle  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
- cardiac ventricular structure  [lexical variant of cardiac ventricle in PartOfHeart]
cardiac work  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
cardiogenic shock  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
cardiomyopathy  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
cardiopulmonary bypass placement  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
cardiopulmonary bypassing  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
cardiovascular shock  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
cardiovascular structure  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
cardiovascular system  [descriptor in Anatomy]
  CardiovascularPathology  [category]
  CardiovascularSystemAnatomy  [category]
cardioversion  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
cardioverter-defibrillator  [descriptor in Device]
care  [descriptor in HealthCareAct]
carina tracheae  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
carotid artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
carotid bifurcation  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
carotid body  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
- carotid body of arteria carotis  [lexical variant of carotid body in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
- carpal bone  [lexical variant of os carpale in Bone]
- carpal joint  [lexical variant of intercarpal joint in Joint]
carpal tunnel  [descriptor in BodySpace]
Carpentier  [descriptor in Method]
carpometacarpal joint  [descriptor in Joint]
- carpus  [lexical variant of os carpale in Bone]
cartilage  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
cartilage autograft  [descriptor in Graft]
cartilagines alares minores  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
cartilago arytenoidea  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
cartilago cricoidea  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
cartilago thyroidea  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
cartilagoalarismajor  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
cast  [descriptor in Device]
casting  [descriptor in Deed]
catheter  [descriptor in Device]
- catheterization  [lexical variant of catheterizing in SPETBanned]
catheterizing  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
cauda equina  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
  CAUSED_BY  [link]
  CAUSES  [link]
cauterisation - action  [descriptor in Deed]
cauterizing  [descriptor in Deed]
cauterizing device  [descriptor in Device]
- cauterizing technique  [lexical variant of cauterizing in Deed]
caval lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
- caval_lymph_node  [lexical variant of caval lymph node in LymphNode]
cavernous sinus  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
- cavitas glenoidalis  [lexical variant of glenoid in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
cavitas tympanica  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
cavity  [descriptor in Structure]
- cavity of nose  [lexical variant of nasal cavity structure in Anatomy]
cavity of uterus  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
cecum  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
celiac artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
celiac ganglion  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
celiac trunk  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
cell  [descriptor in Structure]
- cell aspirating  [lexical variant of aspirating in Deed]
cell uptake  [descriptor in Deed]
cell_aspirating  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
cement  [descriptor in Material]
central line  [descriptor in Device]
central nervous system  [descriptor in Anatomy]
central venous catheter  [descriptor in Device]
central venous pressure  [descriptor in Feature]
  CentralBloodVessel  [category]
cephalic delivery  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
cephalic presentation  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
cephalic vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
- cerclage  [lexical variant of cerclage device in Device]
cerclage device  [descriptor in Device]
cerebellomedullary cistern  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
cerebellum  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
cerebellum hemispheres  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
cerebellum vermis  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
cerebral artery  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
cerebral cortex  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
cerebral hematoma  [descriptor in NeurologicalPathology]
cerebral hemisphere  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
cerebral infarction  [descriptor in NeurologicalPathology]
cerebral meninges  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
cerebro spinal fluid bypassing device  [descriptor in Device]
cerebro spinal fluid flow  [descriptor in Deed]
cerebrospinal fluid  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
cerebrospinal fluid leak  [descriptor in Pathology]
cerebrum  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
cerumen plug  [descriptor in Device]
- cervical  [lexical variant of cervical spine in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
cervical approach  [descriptor in Approach]
cervical collar device  [descriptor in Device]
cervical common carotid artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
cervical contraceptive cap  [descriptor in Device]
cervical incision  [descriptor in Approach]
cervical internal carotid artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
cervical lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
cervical lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
- cervical lymph node structure  [lexical variant of cervical lymph node in LymphNode]
cervical lymphnode lateral  [descriptor in LymphNode]
cervical part of vertebral artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
cervical rib  [descriptor in Bone]
cervical space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
cervical spine  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
cervical traction device  [descriptor in Device]
- cervical traction devices  [lexical variant of cervical traction device in Device]
cervical vertebra  [descriptor in Bone]
- cervical vertebral column  [lexical variant of cervical spine in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- cervical_lymph_node  [lexical variant of cervical lymph node in LymphNode]
- cervicothoracic portion of spine  [lexical variant of cervicothoracic spine in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
cervicothoracic spine  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
cervix  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- cervix of uterus  [lexical variant of cervix uteri in FemaleGenitalSystem]
cervix uteri  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
cervix uteri orifice  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- cervix uteri structure  [lexical variant of cervix uteri in FemaleGenitalSystem]
cesarean section  [descriptor in Deed]
chair  [descriptor in Device]
chalazion  [descriptor in Lesion]
chamber implant  [descriptor in Device]
chamber of eye  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
change  [descriptor in Deed]
- changing  [lexical variant of replacing in Deed]
  Characteristic  [category]
checking - action  [descriptor in Deed]
cheek  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- cheekbone  [lexical variant of zygoma in Bone]
chemical  [descriptor in Chemical]
  Chemical  [category]
chemical agent  [descriptor in Chemical]
chemical process device  [descriptor in Device]
chemical substance  [descriptor in Chemical]
chemocauterizing  [descriptor in Deed]
chemodectoma  [descriptor in Lesion]
chest  [descriptor in Anatomy]
chest pain  [descriptor in Pathology]
chest wall  [descriptor in Anatomy]
child  [descriptor in Person]
child of less than 20 kilos  [descriptor in Person]
chin  [descriptor in Anatomy]
chlamydia  [descriptor in Organism]
chlamydia psittaci  [descriptor in Organism]
chlamydia trachomatis  [descriptor in Organism]
chloramphenicol  [descriptor in Chemical]
chloride ion  [descriptor in Chemical]
chlorocresol  [descriptor in Chemical]
choana  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
choledochus  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
cholesteatoma  [descriptor in Lesion]
cholesteatoma tympani  [descriptor in SensorySystemPathology]
cholesterol  [descriptor in Chemical]
chondroplasty  [descriptor in Deed]
chordae tendinae  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
choreiform movement  [descriptor in Pathology]
choroid  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
choroidal artery  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
chronic  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
chronic obstruction  [descriptor in Lesion]
chronic renal failure  [descriptor in RenalPathology]
chronic subdural hematoma  [descriptor in NeurologicalPathology]
cilia  [descriptor in Structure]
ciliary body  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
ciliary muscle  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
ciliary process  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
cingulum  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
ciprofloxacin  [descriptor in Chemical]
circular  [descriptor in Feature]
- circular shape  [lexical variant of circular in Feature]
circular stapling device  [descriptor in Device]
circulating  [descriptor in Deed]
circulation  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
circulatory arrest  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
circumflex coronary artery  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
- cirulation  [lexical variant of circulation in BodyProcess]
cisapride  [descriptor in Chemical]
cisterna interpeduncularis  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
cisterna subarachnoidea  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
clamp  [descriptor in Device]
clamping  [descriptor in Deed]
clarithromycin  [descriptor in Chemical]
- clavicle  [lexical variant of clavicula in Bone]
clavicula  [descriptor in Bone]
cleansing  [descriptor in Deed]
cleaving  [descriptor in Deed]
cleft  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
cleft leaflet  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
cleft lip  [descriptor in Lesion]
clinical action  [descriptor in Deed]
clip  [descriptor in Device]
- clip device  [lexical variant of clip in Device]
- clipping - action  [lexical variant of clipping action in SPETBanned]
clipping action  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- clitoral structure  [lexical variant of clitoris in FemaleGenitalSystem]
clitoris  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
clivus  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
cloaca  [descriptor in BodySpace]
closed  [descriptor in Approach]
- closed (as in closed reduction)  [lexical variant of closed in Approach]
- closed approach  [lexical variant of closed in Approach]
closed fracture  [descriptor in Lesion]
- closed method  [lexical variant of closed in Approach]
closing  [descriptor in Deed]
clostridium  [descriptor in Organism]
clostridium difficile  [descriptor in Organism]
clostridium perfringens  [descriptor in Organism]
clostridium tetani  [descriptor in Organism]
- closure  [lexical variant of closing in Deed]
- closure - action  [lexical variant of closing in Deed]
- closure action  [lexical variant of closing in Deed]
clot  [descriptor in Lesion]
coagulating  [descriptor in Deed]
coarctation  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
coccygeal area  [descriptor in Anatomy]
coccygeal vertebra  [descriptor in Bone]
- coccyx  [lexical variant of os coxae in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- cochlea  [lexical variant of cochlear structure in SensorySystemAnatomy]
cochlear implant  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
cochlear nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
cochlear structure  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
- coeliac artery  [lexical variant of celiac artery in AbdominalBloodVessel]
- coeliac trunc  [lexical variant of celiac trunk in AbdominalBloodVessel]
cold  [descriptor in Deed]
cold coagulator  [descriptor in Device]
collagen  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
- collapse  [lexical variant of collapsing in Deed]
collapse of lung  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
collapsing  [descriptor in Deed]
collecting  [descriptor in Deed]
- collum  [lexical variant of collum (of bone) in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
collum (of bone)  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
coloboma  [descriptor in Lesion]
colon  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
colon duplication  [descriptor in Lesion]
colon structure  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
color perception test  [descriptor in HealthCareAct]
- color vision  [lexical variant of colour vision in BodyProcess]
coloscope  [descriptor in Device]
colostomy  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
colour vision  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
colposcope  [descriptor in Device]
columella cochleae  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
columella nasi  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
coma  [descriptor in Feature]
commissura  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
commissure of lips of mouth  [descriptor in Anatomy]
common  [descriptor in Feature]
common atrio ventricular canal  [descriptor in Lesion]
common carotid artery  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
common femoral artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
common hepatic artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
common iliac artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
common palmar digital arteries  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
communicating vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
comparing  [descriptor in Deed]
complete  [descriptor in Extent]
- complete extent  [lexical variant of total in Extent]
complex  [descriptor in Feature]
complex method  [descriptor in Deed]
complex transposition lesion  [descriptor in Lesion]
complication  [descriptor in Pathology]
component  [descriptor in Device]
composite vascular valvular prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
compressing  [descriptor in Deed]
computer  [descriptor in Device]
concha nasalis  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
concha of auricle  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
conducting pathways  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
conduction  [descriptor in Deed]
conductivity  [descriptor in Feature]
- condyl  [lexical variant of condyle in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
condyle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
condyloma  [descriptor in Lesion]
cone of tissue  [descriptor in Anatomy]
confusion  [descriptor in Pathology]
congenital  [descriptor in Feature]
congenital arteriovenous malformation  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
congenital defect  [descriptor in Pathology]
congenital direct diaphragmatic hernia  [descriptor in Lesion]
congenital fistula  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
congenital heart disease  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
congenital malformation  [descriptor in Pathology]
congenital septal defect  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
congenital torticollis  [descriptor in Lesion]
congestive cardiac failure  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
conjoined twin  [descriptor in Person]
conjunctiva  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
- conjunctival structure  [lexical variant of conjunctiva in SensorySystemAnatomy]
connecting  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- connecting structure  [lexical variant of connection in Anatomy]
connection  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- connection - action  [lexical variant of connecting in SPETBanned]
connective tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
  CONNECTS  [link]
  CONNECTS_1  [link]
  CONNECTS_2  [link]
  CONNECTS_3  [link]
conserving  [descriptor in Deed]
constricting  [descriptor in Deed]
constrictive pericarditis  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
constructing  [descriptor in Deed]
- constucting  [lexical variant of constructing in Deed]
contact dermatitis  [descriptor in Pathology]
contact electrode  [descriptor in Device]
contact lens  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
contact lens scleral  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
  CONTAINS  [link]
content of eyeball  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
content of orbit  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
contents of abdominal cavity  [descriptor in Structure]
- continence  [lexical variant of urinary continence in BodyProcess]
continent  [descriptor in Characteristic]
continuous infusing pump device  [descriptor in Device]
contour  [descriptor in Feature]
contouring  [descriptor in Deed]
contraception  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
contraceptive device  [descriptor in Device]
contracting  [descriptor in Deed]
- contraction process  [lexical variant of contracting in Deed]
contraindication  [descriptor in Untyped]
contralateral  [descriptor in Laterality]
contrast imaging technique  [descriptor in Device]
contrast medium  [descriptor in Material]
contrast sensibility testing  [descriptor in HealthCareAct]
- contrast_media  [lexical variant of contrast medium in Material]
control  [descriptor in Deed]
controlled  [descriptor in Feature]
controlled heart failure  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
controlling  [descriptor in HealthCareAct]
conus arteriosus  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
conventional  [descriptor in Feature]
convulsion  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
cooling  [descriptor in Deed]
coordination  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
cor pulmonale  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemPathology]
cor triatriatum  [descriptor in Number]
coral like  [descriptor in Feature]
- coral_like  [lexical variant of coral like in Feature]
cord  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
cornea  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
corneal astigmatism  [descriptor in Pathology]
corneal esthesiometer device  [descriptor in Device]
corneal microscope  [descriptor in Device]
corneal sensibility  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
- corneal structure  [lexical variant of cornea in SensorySystemAnatomy]
corneoretineal electric potentials  [descriptor in Substance]
cornu of Fallopian tube  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
coronal suture approach  [descriptor in Approach]
coronary artery  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
coronary artery fistula  [descriptor in Lesion]
coronary heart disease  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
coronary sinus  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
coronary sinus defect in left atrium  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
- coronary sinus structure  [lexical variant of coronary sinus in PartOfHeart]
coronary vein  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
- coronary vessel  [lexical variant of coronary artery in PartOfHeart]
- coronary_artery  [lexical variant of coronary artery in PartOfHeart]
coronoid process  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
coronoid process of the mandible  [descriptor in Bone]
corpus  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
- corpus alienum  [lexical variant of foreign body in Lesion]
corpus callosum  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
corpus cavernosum  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
corpus cavernosum artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
corpus liberum  [descriptor in Lesion]
corpus luteum  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- Corpus Luteum  [lexical variant of corpus luteum in FemaleGenitalSystem]
corpus spongiosum penis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
corpus uteri  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
corpus vertebrae  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- corpus_cavernosum_penis  [lexical variant of corpus cavernosum in MaleGenitalSystem]
- corpus_spongiosum_penis  [lexical variant of corpus spongiosum penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
correcting  [descriptor in Deed]
- correction  [lexical variant of correcting in Deed]
- corrective procedure  [lexical variant of correcting in Deed]
corselet  [descriptor in Structure]
cortex  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
corticography device  [descriptor in Device]
corticosteroids  [descriptor in Chemical]
corynebacterium  [descriptor in Organism]
corynebacterium diphtheriae  [descriptor in Organism]
corynebacterium minutissimum  [descriptor in Organism]
cosmetic reason  [descriptor in Deed]
costochondral junction  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- costochondreal junction  [lexical variant of costochondral junction in Anatomy]
coxiella burnetii  [descriptor in Organism]
cranial cavity  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
cranial nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
craniocervical fusion structure  [descriptor in Lesion]
craniofacial approach  [descriptor in Approach]
cranium  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
creating  [descriptor in Deed]
creation - action  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
cremaster  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
cribriform plate of ethmoidal bone  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
- cricoid  [lexical variant of cricoid cartilage in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
cricoid cartilage  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
cricopharyngeal muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
cricothroid ligament  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
crista  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
crista iliaca  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- cronic  [lexical variant of chronic in TemporalMarker]
- crown  [lexical variant of Crown of Tooth in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
Crown of Tooth  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
crural artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
crushing  [descriptor in Deed]
cryoablation action  [descriptor in Deed]
cryocauterizing  [descriptor in Deed]
cryoprobe  [descriptor in Device]
cryosurgery  [descriptor in Deed]
cryotherapy  [descriptor in Deed]
crypta  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
cryptorchism  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
ct scan device  [descriptor in Device]
cubital nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
cuneate  [descriptor in Feature]
cupula vaginae  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- curet  [lexical variant of curette in Device]
curette  [descriptor in Device]
- curetting  [lexical variant of excochleating in SPETBanned]
curing  [descriptor in Deed]
- curing1  [lexical variant of curing in Deed]
curvature  [descriptor in Feature]
cusp  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
customized  [descriptor in Feature]
cutaneous flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
cutaneous graft  [descriptor in Graft]
cutaneous layer  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
cutaneous tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
- cutting  [lexical variant of incising in Deed]
cutting instrument  [descriptor in Device]
- cutting_out  [lexical variant of excising in Deed]
CVS catheter  [descriptor in Device]
cyanoacrylate  [descriptor in Chemical]
cyclical  [descriptor in Feature]
cyclical QRS complex  [descriptor in Deed]
cyst  [descriptor in Lesion]
cystic duct  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
cystic lymphangioma  [descriptor in Lesion]
cytological testing  [descriptor in Deed]
cytology  [descriptor in Deed]
- cytology testing  [lexical variant of cytological testing in Deed]

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damage  [descriptor in Deed]
Damus Stansel Kaye Method  [descriptor in Method]
dark vision adaptation  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
- de vega method  [lexical variant of DeVega in Method]
dead donor  [descriptor in OrganDonor]
deafness  [descriptor in Pathology]
- débridement  [lexical variant of debriding in Deed]
debriding  [descriptor in Deed]
debulking  [descriptor in Deed]
deciduous tooth  [descriptor in Anatomy]
decompressing  [descriptor in Deed]
- decompression  [lexical variant of decompressing in Deed]
- decompression - action  [lexical variant of decompressing in Deed]
- decompression action  [lexical variant of decompressing in Deed]
- decompression1  [lexical variant of decompressing in Deed]
decorticating  [descriptor in Deed]
decortication  [descriptor in Deed]
- decrease  [lexical variant of decreased in Feature]
decreased  [descriptor in Feature]
decreased activity  [descriptor in Feature]
decreased level  [descriptor in Characteristic]
decreasing  [descriptor in Deed]
deed  [descriptor in Deed]
  Deed  [category]
deep  [descriptor in Position]
deep femoral artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
deep femoral vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
deep palmar arch  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
deep vein  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
defect  [descriptor in Lesion]
defibrillation  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
defibrillator  [descriptor in Device]
deficiency  [descriptor in Feature]
deficiency of structure  [descriptor in Feature]
deficiency of substance  [descriptor in Feature]
deformation  [descriptor in Lesion]
deformity  [descriptor in Lesion]
deformity of erection  [descriptor in ReproductivePathology]
deglutition false passage  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
dehydration  [descriptor in Feature]
delayed  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
delaying  [descriptor in Deed]
delivery  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
delivery of placenta  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
Delorme  [descriptor in Method]
- delorme method  [lexical variant of Delorme in Method]
dens  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
dens axis  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
dental alveoli  [descriptor in Anatomy]
dental alveolus  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
dental arch  [descriptor in Anatomy]
dental crown  [descriptor in Anatomy]
dental filling material  [descriptor in Substance]
dental root  [descriptor in Anatomy]
depressed fracture of the skull  [descriptor in Lesion]
dermal fat graft  [descriptor in Graft]
dermal sinus  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
dermatographism device  [descriptor in Device]
dermo-subcutaneous flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
dermoid cyst  [descriptor in SkinPathology]
  DermoidSystemAnatomy  [category]
derotating  [descriptor in Deed]
descending aorta  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
descending colon  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
descending thoracic aorta  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
desiccating  [descriptor in Deed]
destroying  [descriptor in Deed]
destructing  [descriptor in Deed]
- destructing  [lexical variant of destroying in Deed]
- destruction  [lexical variant of destructing in Deed]
- destruction - action  [lexical variant of destructing in Deed]
- destruction action  [lexical variant of destructing in Deed]
destructive substance  [descriptor in Substance]
detaching  [descriptor in Deed]
detachment  [descriptor in Deed]
detachment of ear  [descriptor in SensorySystemPathology]
detorsion  [descriptor in Deed]
DeVega  [descriptor in Method]
device  [descriptor in Device]
  Device  [category]
- device against backward flow regurgitation  [lexical variant of valve in AnatomicalPart]
- Device against backward flow regurgitation  [lexical variant of valve in AnatomicalPart]
- device_against_backward_flow_regurgitation  [lexical variant of valve in AnatomicalPart]
diabetes  [descriptor in Pathology]
diabetes insipidous  [descriptor in Pathology]
diabetes mellitus  [descriptor in Pathology]
diagnosis  [descriptor in Deed]
diagnostic  [descriptor in Deed]
dialysing  [descriptor in Deed]
- dialysis  [lexical variant of dialysing in Deed]
diameter  [descriptor in Feature]
diameter less than or equal to 20mm  [descriptor in Feature]
diameter less than or equal to 30 mm  [descriptor in Feature]
diameter more than 20mm  [descriptor in Feature]
diameter more than 30 mm  [descriptor in Feature]
diaphanometer device  [descriptor in Device]
diaphanoscope device  [descriptor in Device]
diaphragm  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
diaphragm insertion  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
diaphragm muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
diaphragm within vagin  [descriptor in Lesion]
diaphysis  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
diarrhoea  [descriptor in Pathology]
diastematomyelia  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
diathermy  [descriptor in Deed]
diathermy device  [descriptor in Device]
diclofenac  [descriptor in Chemical]
dietary alcohol  [descriptor in Chemical]
differentiation direction towards  [descriptor in Untyped]
dig up  [descriptor in Deed]
digestive system  [descriptor in Anatomy]
digestive tract  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
- digestive tract arteries  [lexical variant of abdominal visceral artery in BloodVessel]
  DigestiveSystemAnatomy  [category]
  DigestiveSystemPathology  [category]
- digestive_tract  [lexical variant of digestive tract in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
digit  [descriptor in Anatomy]
digital  [descriptor in HealthCareAct]
digital artery of hand  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
digital artery of toe  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
digital ray  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
digitoxin  [descriptor in Chemical]
digoxin  [descriptor in Chemical]
dilatating  [descriptor in Deed]
dilatation  [descriptor in Lesion]
- dilatation - action  [lexical variant of dilatating in Deed]
dilatation action  [descriptor in Pathology]
- dilating  [lexical variant of dilatating in Deed]
dilation  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- dilation lesion  [lexical variant of dilatation in Lesion]
diplopia  [descriptor in Pathology]
direct  [descriptor in Feature]
direct anastomosis structure  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
direct inspecting  [descriptor in Deed]
disarticulating  [descriptor in Deed]
disc  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
disc shaped  [descriptor in Quantity]
discoid lupus erythematosus  [descriptor in Pathology]
disease  [descriptor in Feature]
disease control  [descriptor in HealthCareAct]
dislocation  [descriptor in Lesion]
- dislocation1  [lexical variant of dislocation in Lesion]
disorder  [descriptor in Lesion]
disorder of adrenal gland  [descriptor in EndocrinePathology]
disorder of ganglion  [descriptor in NeurologicalPathology]
disorder of heart rhythm  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
disorder of nerve  [descriptor in NeurologicalPathology]
disorder of pituitary gland and its hypothalamic control  [descriptor in EndocrinePathology]
disorder of testis  [descriptor in Pathology]
disorder of thymus gland  [descriptor in HaematologicalPathology]
disorder of thyroid gland  [descriptor in EndocrinePathology]
disordered conduction  [descriptor in Deed]
disordered electrical rhythm  [descriptor in Pathology]
disordered rhythm  [descriptor in Pathology]
displacement  [descriptor in Structure]
disruption of abdominal wall  [descriptor in Lesion]
dissecting  [descriptor in Deed]
distal  [descriptor in Position]
distal colon  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
distal lower limb artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
- distal part  [lexical variant of distal in Position]
distal part of aorta  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
distal part of pulmonary artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
distal portion  [descriptor in Anatomy]
distal vertebral artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
distant flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
distant vision  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
distending  [descriptor in Deed]
- disturbance  [lexical variant of disturbing in Deed]
disturbed impulse propagation  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
disturbing  [descriptor in Deed]
diuresis  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
diverticulum  [descriptor in Lesion]
diverticulum ilei verum  [descriptor in Pathology]
divided right atrium  [descriptor in Lesion]
dividing  [descriptor in Deed]
division  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- division action  [lexical variant of dividing in Deed]
donor  [descriptor in OrganDonor]
dopamine receptor  [descriptor in Chemical]
- dopamine receptors  [lexical variant of dopamine receptor in Chemical]
doppler ultrasound machine  [descriptor in Device]
dor method  [descriptor in Method]
dorsal  [descriptor in Position]
dorsal artery of foot  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
dorsal artery of penis  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
dorsal extensor muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
dorsal flexor muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
dorsal vein of foot  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
dorsal vein of hand  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
dorsal vein of penis  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
dorsalis pedis artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
dorso-lumbar vertebral column  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
dorsum of hand  [descriptor in Anatomy]
dose  [descriptor in Characteristic]
double  [descriptor in Number]
double aortic arch  [descriptor in Number]
double curvature support  [descriptor in Device]
Double outlet heart ventricle  [descriptor in Lesion]
double outlet left ventricle  [descriptor in Lesion]
double outlet right ventricle  [descriptor in Lesion]
- Double outlet right ventricle  [lexical variant of double outlet right ventricle in Lesion]
- double outlet ventricle  [lexical variant of Double outlet heart ventricle in Lesion]
double stapling technique  [descriptor in Number]
double_curvature  [descriptor in Feature]
- double_curvature_support  [lexical variant of double curvature support in Device]
drain  [descriptor in Device]
- drainage  [lexical variant of draining in Deed]
- drainage - action  [lexical variant of draining in Deed]
- drainage action  [lexical variant of draining in Deed]
draining  [descriptor in Deed]
dressing - item  [descriptor in Device]
dressing device  [descriptor in Device]
drill  [descriptor in Device]
drilling  [descriptor in Deed]
drowsiness  [descriptor in Pathology]
drug  [descriptor in Chemical]
drug administration  [descriptor in Deed]
drug form  [descriptor in Untyped]
drug induced photosensitivity  [descriptor in Untyped]
dry nose  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemPathology]
dry throat  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemPathology]
dryness  [descriptor in Feature]
duct  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
ductus arteriosus  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
ductus nasofrontalis  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
ductus parotideus  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
ductus submandibularis  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
- Duhamel  [lexical variant of duhamel method in Method]
duhamel method  [descriptor in Method]
- duodenal structure  [lexical variant of duodenum in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
duodenojejunal flexure  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
duodenoscope  [descriptor in Device]
duodenum  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
duplication  [descriptor in Untyped]
dura mater  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
during 24 hours  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
during delivery  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
during duction test  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
during labour  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
during multi-organ harvesting  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
during pregnancy  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
- during_operating_room_procedureMarker  [lexical variant of intraoperative in TemporalMarker]
dye  [descriptor in Chemical]
Dye  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
dynamic  [descriptor in Feature]
dynamic compression srew  [descriptor in Device]
dysplasia  [descriptor in Pathology]
dyspnoea  [descriptor in Pathology]

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ear  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
ear airway device  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
ear lobe  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
ear ossicle structure  [descriptor in Bone]
- ear structure  [lexical variant of ear in SensorySystemAnatomy]
earing device  [descriptor in Device]
earlierMarker  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
earphone  [descriptor in Device]
earwax  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
eating  [descriptor in Deed]
- Ebstein''s anomaly  [lexical variant of ebstein’’s anomaly of tricuspid valve in Lesion]
ebstein''s anomaly of common atrioventricular valve  [descriptor in Lesion]
ebstein''s anomaly of tricuspid valve  [descriptor in Lesion]
ectopia testis  [descriptor in Lesion]
ectopia vesicae  [descriptor in Lesion]
- ectopia_testis  [lexical variant of ectopia testis in Lesion]
ectopic  [descriptor in Feature]
ectopic mammary tissue  [descriptor in Pathology]
ectopic pregnancy  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
- ectopic testis  [lexical variant of ectopia testis in Lesion]
ectopic tooth  [descriptor in Pathology]
ectopy  [descriptor in Pathology]
ectropion  [descriptor in Lesion]
edema  [descriptor in Lesion]
edge  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
EEG device  [descriptor in Device]
ehrlichia  [descriptor in Organism]
ejaculation  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
ejaculatory duct  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- ejaculatory_duct  [lexical variant of ejaculatory duct in MaleGenitalSystem]
elbow  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- elbow joint  [lexical variant of joint of elbow in Joint]
elbow joint structure  [descriptor in Joint]
elderly  [descriptor in Person]
electric potentials  [descriptor in Substance]
- electric stimulator  [lexical variant of electrical stimulator in Device]
electrical catheter  [descriptor in Device]
electrical current  [descriptor in Substance]
- electrical discharge - action  [lexical variant of electrical discharge action in Deed]
electrical discharge action  [descriptor in Deed]
electrical stimulator  [descriptor in Device]
electricity  [descriptor in Substance]
electrocardiogram  [descriptor in AbstractStructure]
electrocauterizing  [descriptor in Deed]
electrocautery  [descriptor in Deed]
electrocoagulating  [descriptor in Deed]
electrocoagulation equipment  [descriptor in Device]
electrocochleographic device  [descriptor in Device]
electrode  [descriptor in Device]
electrogustometry device  [descriptor in Device]
electrolytic device  [descriptor in Device]
electromagnetic device  [descriptor in Device]
electromyograph device  [descriptor in Device]
electronic control  [descriptor in Untyped]
electronic device  [descriptor in Device]
electronystagmograph device  [descriptor in Device]
electrooculogram device  [descriptor in Device]
electroretinograph device  [descriptor in Device]
electrovaporization device  [descriptor in Device]
elephantiasis  [descriptor in Pathology]
elevated  [descriptor in Feature]
eliminating  [descriptor in Deed]
- elimination  [lexical variant of eliminating in Deed]
- elongating  [lexical variant of lengthening in Deed]
- elongation  [lexical variant of lengthening in Deed]
- emboli  [lexical variant of embolus in Pathology]
- embolisation - action  [lexical variant of embolising in Deed]
- embolisation action  [lexical variant of embolising in Deed]
embolising  [descriptor in Deed]
embolism  [descriptor in Pathology]
embolizing  [descriptor in Pathology]
embolus  [descriptor in Pathology]
embryo  [descriptor in Person]
embryoma  [descriptor in Lesion]
embryonic rest  [descriptor in Lesion]
emergency  [descriptor in Things]
emphysema  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemPathology]
emphysematous bleb  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemPathology]
- emptying  [lexical variant of draining in Deed]
empyema  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
en bloc  [descriptor in Extent]
encephalomeningocele  [descriptor in NeurologicalPathology]
end to end  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- end to end anastomosis  [lexical variant of end-to-side anastomosis structure in AnatomicalConnection]
end-to-end anastomosis  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
- end-to-side anastomosis  [lexical variant of end-to-side anastomosis structure in AnatomicalConnection]
end-to-side anastomosis structure  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
endarterium  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
endaural approach  [descriptor in Approach]
- endocardial  [lexical variant of endocardium in BodySubstance]
endocardial cushion  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
endocardial pacemaker electrode  [descriptor in Device]
endocarditis  [descriptor in Pathology]
endocardium  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
endocervical canal  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
endocrine function  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
- endocrine gland  [lexical variant of endocrine organ in EndocrineSystemAnatomy]
endocrine organ  [descriptor in EndocrineSystemAnatomy]
endocrine structure  [descriptor in Anatomy]
endocrine system  [descriptor in Anatomy]
  EndocrinePathology  [category]
  EndocrineSystemAnatomy  [category]
endolymphatic sac  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
endometrial tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
- endometriosis  [lexical variant of endometriosis lesion in Lesion]
endometriosis lesion  [descriptor in Lesion]
endometrium  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
endonasal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
endoneurium  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
- endoprosthesis  [lexical variant of prosthetic implant in Prosthesis]
- endorectal route  [lexical variant of transrectal route in Approach]
endoscope  [descriptor in Device]
- endoscopic  [lexical variant of endoscope in Device]
- endoscopic approach  [lexical variant of endoscope in Device]
- endoscopical  [lexical variant of endoscope in Device]
- Endoscopic_approach  [lexical variant of endoscope in Device]
endothelium  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
endovascular graft  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
endovascular implant  [descriptor in Device]
endovascular route  [descriptor in Approach]
endovenous route  [descriptor in Approach]
enlargement - action  [descriptor in Deed]
enlargement action  [descriptor in Deed]
enlarging  [descriptor in Deed]
enophthalmos  [descriptor in Lesion]
enterobacter aerogenes  [descriptor in Organism]
enterocele  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemPathology]
entropion  [descriptor in Lesion]
enucleating  [descriptor in Deed]
epicanthus  [descriptor in Lesion]
- epicardial  [lexical variant of epicardium in BodySubstance]
epicardial pacemaker  [descriptor in Device]
epicardial pacemaker electrode  [descriptor in Device]
epicardium  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
- epicondyl  [lexical variant of epicondylus in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
epicondylus  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
epicranium  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
epidermic plug  [descriptor in Device]
- epididymal duct structure  [lexical variant of epididymis in MaleGenitalSystem]
epididymis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- epididymis structure  [lexical variant of epididymis in MaleGenitalSystem]
epidural hematoma  [descriptor in NeurologicalPathology]
epidural space  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
epigastrium  [descriptor in Anatomy]
epiglottic cartilage  [descriptor in Anatomy]
epiglottis  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
epilating  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- epilation  [lexical variant of epilating in SPETBanned]
epilepsy  [descriptor in Pathology]
epiphyseal plate  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- epiphysis  [lexical variant of epiphyseal plate in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
epiphysis cerebri area  [descriptor in Anatomy]
episcleral space  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
episiotomy  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
episodic  [descriptor in Feature]
epispadias  [descriptor in ReproductivePathology]
epistaxis  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemPathology]
epithelium  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
epitrochlear lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
equipment  [descriptor in Device]
erectile structure of penis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae  [descriptor in Organism]
erythrocytes  [descriptor in Structure]
erythromycin  [descriptor in Chemical]
escherichia coli  [descriptor in Organism]
escherichia coli enterotoxigenic  [descriptor in Organism]
escherichia coli verotoxigenic  [descriptor in Organism]
- esophagus  [lexical variant of oesophagus in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
ethanol  [descriptor in Chemical]
- ethmoid artery  [lexical variant of ethmoidal artery in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
ethmoid cells  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
ethmoid sinus  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
ethmoidal artery  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
ethmoidal artery anterior  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
ethmoidal artery posterior  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
ethmoidal bone  [descriptor in Bone]
- ethmoidal sinus  [lexical variant of ethmoid sinus in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
eustachian canal structure  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
evacuating  [descriptor in Deed]
evacuation - action  [descriptor in Deed]
- eversion - action  [lexical variant of everting in Deed]
everting  [descriptor in Deed]
evisceration  [descriptor in Pathology]
exacerbating  [descriptor in Deed]
examinating  [descriptor in Deed]
- examination - action  [lexical variant of examining in Deed]
- examination action  [lexical variant of examining in Deed]
examining  [descriptor in Deed]
- excavation recto uterina  [lexical variant of rectouterine pouch in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- excavation_recto_uterina  [lexical variant of rectouterine pouch in FemaleGenitalSystem]
excess  [descriptor in Feature]
excess of structure  [descriptor in Feature]
excess of substance  [descriptor in Feature]
excimer laser  [descriptor in Device]
excising  [descriptor in Deed]
- excision  [lexical variant of excising in Deed]
- excision action  [lexical variant of excising in Deed]
excision biopsy  [descriptor in Deed]
excision of lesion  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
excochleating  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
excreting  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
- excretion  [lexical variant of excreting in BodyProcess]
exenterating  [descriptor in Deed]
- exenteration  [lexical variant of exenterating in Deed]
- exenteration - action  [lexical variant of exenterating in Deed]
exfoliating  [descriptor in Deed]
existing  [descriptor in Feature]
exocervix uteri  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
exomphalos  [descriptor in Pathology]
exophthalmos  [descriptor in Lesion]
exostosis  [descriptor in Lesion]
expanding  [descriptor in Deed]
expiration  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
- explorating  [lexical variant of exploring in Deed]
- exploration - action  [lexical variant of exploring in Deed]
- exploration action  [lexical variant of exploring in Deed]
exploring  [descriptor in Deed]
exposing  [descriptor in Deed]
- expressing  [lexical variant of expression - action in Deed]
expression - action  [descriptor in Deed]
extended  [descriptor in Extent]
extended radical  [descriptor in Extent]
extending  [descriptor in Deed]
- extension  [lexical variant of extending in Deed]
- extensive extent  [lexical variant of radical in Extent]
  Extent  [category]
exterior of body  [descriptor in Structure]
exteriorization  [descriptor in Deed]
- exteriorized  [lexical variant of exteriorizing in Deed]
exteriorized segment  [descriptor in Anatomy]
exteriorizing  [descriptor in Deed]
external  [descriptor in Approach]
external acoustic meatus  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
external anal sphincter  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
external auditory canal  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
external auditory canal exostosis  [descriptor in SensorySystemPathology]
external auditory canal osteoma  [descriptor in SensorySystemPathology]
- external auditory canal structure  [lexical variant of external auditory canal in SensorySystemAnatomy]
external carotid artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
- external carotid artery branch  [lexical variant of branch of external carotid artery in BloodVessel]
external contact  [descriptor in Structure]
external ear  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
- external ear structure  [lexical variant of external ear in SensorySystemAnatomy]
external fixation device  [descriptor in Device]
external genitalia  [descriptor in GenitoUrinarySystemAnatomy]
external iliac artery  [descriptor in PelvicBloodVessel]
external iliac lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
external jugular vein  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
external manipulation  [descriptor in Deed]
external part  [descriptor in Anatomy]
external pollicis brevis muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
external prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
external version  [descriptor in Deed]
external_body_surface  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
- external_genitalia  [lexical variant of external genitalia in GenitoUrinarySystemAnatomy]
extirpating  [descriptor in Deed]
- extirpation  [lexical variant of extirpating in Deed]
extra corporeal lithotrypsy device  [descriptor in Device]
extra-amniotic  [descriptor in Approach]
extra-anatomic  [descriptor in Position]
- extra-anatomic bypassing structure  [lexical variant of shunting structure in AnatomicalConnection]
extra-oral  [descriptor in Approach]
extracochlear prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
extracorporal device  [descriptor in Device]
- extracorporal_device  [lexical variant of extracorporal device in Device]
- extracorporal_lithotrypsy_device  [lexical variant of extra corporeal lithotrypsy device in Device]
extracorporeal blood pump  [descriptor in Device]
extracorporeal heart lung machine  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
extracorporeal membrane oxygenation circuit  [descriptor in Device]
extracorporeal oxygenation device  [descriptor in Device]
extracting  [descriptor in Deed]
extraction - action  [descriptor in Deed]
- extraction action  [lexical variant of extracting in Deed]
extraocular muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
extraperitoneal  [descriptor in Approach]
- extra_corporeal_lithotrypsy_device  [lexical variant of extra corporeal lithotrypsy device in Device]
extremity  [descriptor in Anatomy]
extremity body part  [descriptor in Anatomy]
exudate  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
eye  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
eye chamber  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
eye lash  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
eye oscillation  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
- eye structure  [lexical variant of eye in SensorySystemAnatomy]
eyeball  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
eyebrow  [descriptor in Anatomy]
eyelash follicle  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
eyelid  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]

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face  [descriptor in Anatomy]
facial approach  [descriptor in Approach]
facial bone  [descriptor in Bone]
- facial bones  [lexical variant of facial bone in Bone]
facial expression process  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
facial joint  [descriptor in Joint]
facial nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
facial paralysis  [descriptor in Pathology]
faeces  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
- falanx  [lexical variant of phalanx in Bone]
fallopian tube  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- Fallopian tube  [lexical variant of fallopian tube in FemaleGenitalSystem]
fallopian tube clip  [descriptor in Device]
fallopian tube prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
fallopian tube ring  [descriptor in Structure]
- fallopian tube structure  [lexical variant of fallopian tube in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- Fallopian tubes  [lexical variant of fallopian tube in FemaleGenitalSystem]
falloscopic  [descriptor in Device]
false aneurysm  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
falx cerebri  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
familial  [descriptor in Feature]
fascia  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- fascia1  [lexical variant of fascia in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
fasciculus  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
fasciculus atrioventricularis  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
fasciocutaneous graft  [descriptor in Graft]
fashioning  [descriptor in Deed]
fat  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
fat tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
  Feature  [category]
fecaloma  [descriptor in Lesion]
feeding  [descriptor in Deed]
female  [descriptor in Sex]
female genital organ  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- female genital organs  [lexical variant of female genital organ in FemaleGenitalSystem]
female genital structure  [descriptor in Anatomy]
female perineal structure  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- female perineal structures  [lexical variant of female perineal structure in FemaleGenitalSystem]
female perineum  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
female periurethral tissue  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
female urethral structure  [descriptor in LowerUrinaryTract]
  FemaleGenitalSystem  [category]
feminizing  [descriptor in Deed]
femoral approach  [descriptor in Approach]
- femoral artery  [lexical variant of deep femoral artery in PeripheralBloodVessel]
femoral bifurcation  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
femoral branch  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
femoral canal  [descriptor in Anatomy]
femoral lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
femoral lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
- femoral vein  [lexical variant of superficial femoral vein in PeripheralBloodVessel]
femur  [descriptor in Bone]
fenestra cochleae  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
fenestrated  [descriptor in Lesion]
fenestrated patch  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
fenestrating  [descriptor in Deed]
- fenestration  [lexical variant of fenestrating in Deed]
- fenestration action  [lexical variant of fenestrating in Deed]
FentonsMethod  [descriptor in Method]
ferguson method  [descriptor in Method]
fertilisation  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
- fertilized  [lexical variant of fertilisation in BodyProcess]
fertilized oocyte  [descriptor in Structure]
fetal blood  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
fetal skull  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- fetus  [lexical variant of foetus in Person]
- fiberscope  [lexical variant of endoscope in Device]
fibro muscular hyperplasia  [descriptor in Lesion]
fibroadenoma  [descriptor in Lesion]
fibromuscular tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
fibroscope  [descriptor in Device]
fibrosis  [descriptor in Lesion]
fibrosis process  [descriptor in Pathology]
fibrous ring  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
fibrous structure of penis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
fibula  [descriptor in Bone]
fifth  [descriptor in OrdinalPosition]
fifth lumbar artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
filling  [descriptor in Deed]
filter umbrella  [descriptor in Device]
filtering  [descriptor in Deed]
- fimbria of Fallopian tube  [lexical variant of fimbriae of fallopian tube in FemaleGenitalSystem]
fimbriae of fallopian tube  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- fimbrie  [lexical variant of fimbriae of fallopian tube in FemaleGenitalSystem]
fine needle  [descriptor in Device]
finger  [descriptor in Anatomy]
first  [descriptor in OrdinalPosition]
first branchial cleft  [descriptor in Anatomy]
first degree heart block  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
first stage of multistage procedure  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
first trimester of pregnancy  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
fissura orbitalis superior  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
fissure  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
fistula  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
- fistular structure  [lexical variant of fistula in AnatomicalConnection]
fistulizing  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
fitting  [descriptor in Deed]
- five  [lexical variant of fifth in OrdinalPosition]
- fixating  [lexical variant of fixing in Deed]
fixation - action  [descriptor in Deed]
- fixation action  [lexical variant of fixing in Deed]
fixation device  [descriptor in Device]
- fixation divice  [lexical variant of fixation device in Device]
fixation material  [descriptor in Material]
- fixed device  [lexical variant of permanent in TemporalMarker]
fixing  [descriptor in Deed]
flail skull  [descriptor in Lesion]
flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
flap of the ear  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
flap vessel  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
flexible  [descriptor in Feature]
flexible endoscope  [descriptor in Device]
flexible fiberoptic coloscope  [descriptor in Device]
flexing  [descriptor in Deed]
- flexion  [lexical variant of flexing in Deed]
floor  [descriptor in Anatomy]
floor of the anterior cranial fossa  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
floor of the middle cranial fossa  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
floor of the mouth  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
floor of the orbit  [descriptor in Anatomy]
flow  [descriptor in Deed]
flow rate  [descriptor in Quantity]
flow_rate  [descriptor in Feature]
fluconazole  [descriptor in Chemical]
fluid  [descriptor in Substance]
fluorescein  [descriptor in Chemical]
fluorometry device  [descriptor in Device]
fluoroscope  [descriptor in Device]
- fluoroscopy_machine  [lexical variant of fluoroscope in Device]
fluoxetine  [descriptor in Chemical]
fluticasone  [descriptor in Chemical]
- fluticosone  [lexical variant of fluticasone in Chemical]
focal  [descriptor in Extent]
focal point  [descriptor in Untyped]
foetal cardiac rhythm  [descriptor in Feature]
foetus  [descriptor in Person]
foil  [descriptor in Structure]
- folding  [lexical variant of plicating in Deed]
  FOLLOWED_BY  [link]
  FOLLOWS  [link]
Fontan  [descriptor in Method]
- fontan method  [lexical variant of Fontan in Method]
fontanelles of skull  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
foot  [descriptor in Anatomy]
foot artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
- foot structure  [lexical variant of foot in Anatomy]
footplate of stapes  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
foramen occipitale magnum  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
force  [descriptor in Deed]
force of myocardial contraction  [descriptor in Untyped]
forced approach  [descriptor in Approach]
forceplate  [descriptor in Device]
forceps  [descriptor in Device]
- fore-arm  [lexical variant of forearm in Anatomy]
forearm  [descriptor in Anatomy]
forefoot  [descriptor in Anatomy]
forehead  [descriptor in Anatomy]
foreign body  [descriptor in Lesion]
- foreign material  [lexical variant of foreign body in Lesion]
- foreign_body  [lexical variant of foreign body in Lesion]
- forelimb  [lexical variant of upper extremity in Anatomy]
formaldehyde  [descriptor in Chemical]
fornix  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
- forward_direction  [lexical variant of anterograde in Approach]
fosinopril  [descriptor in Chemical]
fossa canina  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
fossa cranii posterior  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- four  [lexical variant of 4 in Number]
fourth branchial cleft  [descriptor in Anatomy]
fourth ventricle  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
FowlerMethod  [descriptor in Method]
fracture  [descriptor in Lesion]
fracturing  [descriptor in Pathology]
- fragmentating  [lexical variant of fragmenting in Deed]
- fragmentation - action  [lexical variant of fragmenting in Deed]
- fragmentation action  [lexical variant of fragmenting in Deed]
fragmenting  [descriptor in Deed]
francisella tularensis  [descriptor in Organism]
free arterial graft  [descriptor in Graft]
free cutaneous graft  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
free gastroepiploic arterial graft  [descriptor in Graft]
free intestinal graft  [descriptor in Graft]
free mammary artery graft  [descriptor in Graft]
freeing  [descriptor in Deed]
- freeing action  [lexical variant of freeing in Deed]
freeing process  [descriptor in Deed]
freezing  [descriptor in Deed]
- freezing technique  [lexical variant of freezing in Deed]
frenulum  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
- frenulum of penis  [lexical variant of frenulum of prepuce of penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
frenulum of prepuce of penis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
frenulum of superior lip  [descriptor in Anatomy]
frenulum of tongue  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
- frenulum_of_prepuce_of_penis  [lexical variant of frenulum of prepuce of penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
frenzel''s glass  [descriptor in Device]
frequency  [descriptor in Feature]
frequent  [descriptor in Feature]
Frickman  [descriptor in Method]
- frickman method  [lexical variant of Frickman in Method]
from animal  [descriptor in Organism]
- from human  [lexical variant of human donor in OrganDonor]
- from patient  [lexical variant of patient donor in OrganDonor]
- from_12_months  [lexical variant of child in Person]
- front  [lexical variant of anterior in Position]
- frontal approach  [lexical variant of anterior approach in Approach]
frontal bone  [descriptor in Bone]
frontal lobe  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
frontal muscle  [descriptor in Anatomy]
frontal sinus  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
frozen embryo  [descriptor in Person]
frusemide  [descriptor in Chemical]
fulgurating  [descriptor in Deed]
full blood count  [descriptor in Characteristic]
full thickness  [descriptor in Extent]
full thickness graft  [descriptor in Graft]
Function of pituitary gland  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
- fundoplicating technique  [lexical variant of plicating in Deed]
fundus of stomach  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
fundus uteri  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
fusing  [descriptor in Deed]
fusion  [descriptor in Lesion]
fusobacterium  [descriptor in Organism]

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gait  [descriptor in Feature]
- galactophorous duct  [lexical variant of lactiferous duct in Anatomy]
galea aponeurotica  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
gallbladder  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
- gallbladder structure  [lexical variant of gallbladder in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
gallows  [descriptor in Device]
gallstone  [descriptor in Lesion]
gamete  [descriptor in Structure]
ganglion  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
ganglion (as cystic tumor)  [descriptor in Lesion]
ganglion cervicothoracicum  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
gangrene  [descriptor in Lesion]
- garçon  [lexical variant of boy in Person]
gardnerella  [descriptor in Organism]
gas  [descriptor in Substance]
gastric antrum  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
gastric artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
gastric continence  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
gastro duodenal artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
gastro duodenal duplication  [descriptor in Lesion]
gastro oesophageal reflux  [descriptor in Pathology]
gastroenterological area  [descriptor in Anatomy]
gastroepiploic artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
gastrointestinal tract  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
gastroschisis  [descriptor in Pathology]
gastrostomy  [descriptor in Deed]
gastrostomy catheter  [descriptor in Device]
gemellus venae  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
gemfibrozil  [descriptor in Chemical]
general anesthesia  [descriptor in Feature]
general anesthetic agent  [descriptor in Deed]
generalised inflammation  [descriptor in Pathology]
- generator  [lexical variant of generator device in Device]
generator device  [descriptor in Device]
genetic  [descriptor in Feature]
genetic relative  [descriptor in OrganDonor]
genial apophysis  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- genital labium structure  [lexical variant of labia pudendi in FemaleGenitalSystem]
genital structure  [descriptor in GenitoUrinarySystemAnatomy]
genitalia  [descriptor in GenitoUrinarySystemAnatomy]
genitourinary area  [descriptor in Anatomy]
genitourinary organ  [descriptor in GenitoUrinarySystemAnatomy]
genitourinary system  [descriptor in Anatomy]
  GenitoUrinarySystemAnatomy  [category]
Gilliam Method  [descriptor in Method]
gillies'' method  [descriptor in Method]
gingiva  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
gingivae  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
gingival structure  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
girl  [descriptor in Person]
gland  [descriptor in Gland]
  Gland  [category]
glandula parotidea  [descriptor in Gland]
glandula sublingualis  [descriptor in Gland]
glandula submandibularis  [descriptor in Gland]
- glandula suprarenalis  [lexical variant of adrenal gland in Gland]
- glandula_suprarenalis  [lexical variant of adrenal gland in Gland]
- glandula_supra_renalis  [lexical variant of adrenal gland in Gland]
glans penis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- glans penis structure  [lexical variant of glans penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
glans penis urethra  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- glans_penis  [lexical variant of glans penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
glaucoma  [descriptor in Pathology]
glenohumeral joint  [descriptor in Joint]
glenoid  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
globulin  [descriptor in Chemical]
glomerulus  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
glomus  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
glomus aorticum  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
glomus caroticum  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
glomus jugulare  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
glottis  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
glucose  [descriptor in Chemical]
glucose tolerance  [descriptor in Feature]
gluteal muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
goiter  [descriptor in Gland]
gonioscope  [descriptor in Device]
good  [descriptor in Feature]
gracilis muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
gradual  [descriptor in Feature]
graft  [descriptor in Graft]
  Graft  [category]
grafting  [descriptor in Deed]
gram-negative bacillus  [descriptor in Organism]
gram-negative bacterium  [descriptor in Organism]
gram-positive bacterium  [descriptor in Organism]
gravid uterus  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
great artery  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
great cerebral vein  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
great saphenous vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
great toe  [descriptor in Anatomy]
great vein  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
- great veins  [lexical variant of great vein in CentralBloodVessel]
great vessel  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
greater gastric curvature  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
greater occipital nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
greater omentum  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
greater trochanter  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
greater tuberosity  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
greater vestibular gland  [descriptor in Gland]
grey  [descriptor in Feature]
griseofulvin  [descriptor in Chemical]
groin  [descriptor in Anatomy]
grommet  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
growth  [descriptor in Deed]
guidance  [descriptor in Deed]
guillotine  [descriptor in Device]
gum  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
Guyon canal  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
gynecomastia  [descriptor in Lesion]

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haematological system  [descriptor in Anatomy]
  HaematologicalPathology  [category]
haematoma  [descriptor in Lesion]
haemoglobin  [descriptor in Chemical]
haemophilus  [descriptor in Organism]
haemophilus aegyptius  [descriptor in Organism]
haemophilus ducreyi  [descriptor in Organism]
haemophilus influenzae  [descriptor in Organism]
haemopoesis  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
haemopoietic stem cell  [descriptor in Structure]
haemorrhage  [descriptor in Lesion]
haemorrhage process  [descriptor in Pathology]
haemostasis  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
hair  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
hair follicle  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
half  [descriptor in Extent]
hallux valgus  [descriptor in Lesion]
halo traction  [descriptor in Device]
Hampton method  [descriptor in Method]
hand  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- hand structure  [lexical variant of hand in Anatomy]
hanging  [descriptor in Deed]
hard contact lens  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
- hardware  [lexical variant of device in Device]
Hardy  [descriptor in Method]
- harrington rod  [lexical variant of Harrington rod in Device]
Harrington rod  [descriptor in Device]
- Hartmann  [lexical variant of Hartmann method in Method]
Hartmann method  [descriptor in Method]
harvesting  [descriptor in Deed]
- harvesting action  [lexical variant of harvesting in Deed]
  HAS_APPROACH  [link]
  HAS_DONOR  [link]
  HAS_EXTENT  [link]
  HAS_FEATURE  [link]
  HAS_FUNCTION  [link]
  HAS_LOCATION  [link]
  HAS_LOCATION_1  [link]
  HAS_LOCATION_2  [link]
  HAS_LOCATION_3  [link]
  HAS_METHOD  [link]
  HAS_NUMBER  [link]
  HAS_PART  [link]
  HAS_PATIENT  [link]
  HAS_POSITION  [link]
  HAS_QUANTITY  [link]
  HAS_ROUTE  [link]
  HAS_SEX  [link]
  HAS_SHAPE  [link]
  HAS_SIZE  [link]
hazardous  [descriptor in Feature]
head  [descriptor in Anatomy]
head and neck structure  [descriptor in Anatomy]
head of a bone  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- head structure  [lexical variant of head in Anatomy]
healing  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
  HealthCareAct  [category]
- heamorrhage  [lexical variant of haemorrhage in Lesion]
hearing  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
hearing adaptation  [descriptor in Deed]
hearing aid bone anchor  [descriptor in Device]
hearing device  [descriptor in Device]
heart  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
heart atrium  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
heart block  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
heart component  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
heart failure  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
heart lung machine  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
heart rate  [descriptor in Feature]
- heart septum  [lexical variant of cardiac septum in PartOfHeart]
heart valve  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
heart valve fibrous ring  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
heart ventricle  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
- heat  [lexical variant of heating in Deed]
heating  [descriptor in Deed]
helical rim advancement flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
helicobacter  [descriptor in Organism]
hemangioma  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
- hematoma  [lexical variant of haematoma in Lesion]
hematomyela  [descriptor in NeurologicalPathology]
hemi  [descriptor in Extent]
hemi-vulva  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
hemic system  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- hemorrhage  [lexical variant of haemorrhage in Lesion]
hemorrhoid  [descriptor in Lesion]
- hemorrhoids  [lexical variant of hemorrhoid in Lesion]
- hemostasis  [lexical variant of haemostasis in BodyProcess]
hemothorax  [descriptor in Pathology]
heparin  [descriptor in Chemical]
hepatic artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
hepatic artery proper  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
hepatic duct  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
hepatic duct common  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
hepatic pedicle  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
hepatic vein  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
hepatitis B virus  [descriptor in Organism]
hepatitis D virus  [descriptor in Organism]
  HepatoBilaryPathology  [category]
hepatocyte  [descriptor in Anatomy]
hepatopancreatic ampulla  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
hernia  [descriptor in Lesion]
herniation  [descriptor in Pathology]
herniation of nucleus pulposus  [descriptor in Lesion]
heterologous material  [descriptor in Graft]
heterophoria  [descriptor in Pathology]
heterotopic  [descriptor in Position]
hickman line  [descriptor in Device]
hidradenitis  [descriptor in Pathology]
high  [descriptor in Feature]
high audio frequency pure tone audiometer device  [descriptor in Device]
high frequency  [descriptor in Feature]
high level  [descriptor in Characteristic]
high speed  [descriptor in Feature]
high speed rotablator  [descriptor in Device]
hilar lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
hindfoot  [descriptor in Anatomy]
hindlimb  [descriptor in Anatomy]
hip  [descriptor in Anatomy]
hip component  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- hip joint  [lexical variant of joint of hip in Joint]
hip joint structure  [descriptor in Joint]
- hip region  [lexical variant of hip in Anatomy]
histologic testing  [descriptor in Deed]
history  [descriptor in Characteristic]
history of heart failure  [descriptor in Characteristic]
history of left ventricular failure  [descriptor in Characteristic]
hoarsness  [descriptor in Untyped]
hodge pessary  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
Hohmann  [descriptor in Method]
hole  [descriptor in Lesion]
- hollowing out  [lexical variant of excising in Deed]
homograft  [descriptor in Graft]
homograft cardiac valve  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
homologous material  [descriptor in Graft]
hooded penis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
horizontal  [descriptor in Feature]
horizontal part  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
horseshoe  [descriptor in Feature]
horseshoe kidney  [descriptor in Lesion]
- horseshoe shape  [lexical variant of horseshoe in Feature]
hot  [descriptor in Deed]
Hshape  [descriptor in Feature]
human back  [descriptor in Anatomy]
human donor  [descriptor in OrganDonor]
- human tissue  [lexical variant of tissue in BodySubstance]
humerus  [descriptor in Bone]
husband  [descriptor in OrganDonor]
hyaloid of vitreous body  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
hydatid cyst  [descriptor in Pathology]
hydatid cyst of Morgagni - female  [descriptor in Anatomy]
hydralazine  [descriptor in Chemical]
Hydralazine  [descriptor in Chemical]
hydraulic  [descriptor in Feature]
hydraulic prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
- hydrocel  [lexical variant of hydrocele in MaleGenitalSystem]
hydrocele  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
hydrochlorothiazide  [descriptor in Chemical]
hydrogen ion  [descriptor in Chemical]
- hydrostatic  [lexical variant of hydraulic in Feature]
hygroma  [descriptor in SkinPathology]
hymen  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
hyoid  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
hyoid bone  [descriptor in Bone]
hypercalcaemia  [descriptor in Feature]
hyperchloraemic acidosis  [descriptor in Pathology]
hypercholesterolaemia  [descriptor in Feature]
hyperglycaemia  [descriptor in Feature]
hyperkalaemia  [descriptor in Feature]
hyperlipidaemia  [descriptor in Feature]
hyperplasia  [descriptor in Pathology]
hypersensistivity reactions  [descriptor in Untyped]
hypersensitivity  [descriptor in Lesion]
hypersensitivity reaction  [descriptor in Pathology]
hypertension  [descriptor in Pathology]
hypertensive crisis  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
hypertriglyceridaemia  [descriptor in Feature]
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
hypertrophy  [descriptor in Pathology]
hypertrophy of labia  [descriptor in Lesion]
hyphenwebs  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
hypofunction  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
hypoglossal nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
hypoglycaemia  [descriptor in Feature]
hypoglycaemic episode  [descriptor in Feature]
hypokalaemia  [descriptor in Feature]
hyponatraemia  [descriptor in Feature]
hypopharynx  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
hypoplasia  [descriptor in Lesion]
hypoplastic left heart syndrome  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
- hypoplastic lesion  [lexical variant of hypoplasia in Lesion]
hypospadias  [descriptor in ReproductivePathology]
hypotension  [descriptor in Pathology]
hypothalamus  [descriptor in Gland]
hypothermic patient  [descriptor in Person]
hysteroscope  [descriptor in Device]
- hysteroscopical  [lexical variant of hysteroscope in Device]

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- i  [lexical variant of 1 in Number]
iatrogenic  [descriptor in Feature]
idiopathic process  [descriptor in Pathology]
- idopathic process  [lexical variant of idiopathic process in Pathology]
- ii  [lexical variant of 2 in Number]
ileum  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
- ileus  [lexical variant of ileum in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
iliac aneurysm  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
- iliac arteries  [lexical variant of iliac artery in PelvicBloodVessel]
iliac artery  [descriptor in PelvicBloodVessel]
- iliac bone  [lexical variant of os ilium in Bone]
iliac crest marrow structure  [descriptor in LymphoreticularSystemAnatomy]
iliac fossa  [descriptor in Anatomy]
iliac lymphnode  [descriptor in LymphNode]
iliac ureter  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
iliac vein  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
- iliaca arteries  [lexical variant of iliac artery in PelvicBloodVessel]
- iliaca artery  [lexical variant of iliac artery in PelvicBloodVessel]
IliacRegion  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- iliac_artery  [lexical variant of iliac artery in PelvicBloodVessel]
- iliac_fossa  [lexical variant of iliac fossa in Anatomy]
- iliac_lymph_node  [lexical variant of iliac lymphnode in LymphNode]
- iliac_ureter  [lexical variant of iliac ureter in UpperUrinaryTract]
- ilical artery  [lexical variant of iliac artery in PelvicBloodVessel]
ilioinguinal lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
iliopsoas muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- ilium  [lexical variant of os ilium in Bone]
illiterate person  [descriptor in Organism]
imaging  [descriptor in Deed]
- imaging action  [lexical variant of imaging in Deed]
immobilising  [descriptor in Deed]
immobilizing  [descriptor in Deed]
impacted  [descriptor in Feature]
- impacted fracture  [lexical variant of impacted in Feature]
- impacted material  [lexical variant of embolus in Pathology]
impedance  [descriptor in Feature]
impedance of ossicula auditoria  [descriptor in Feature]
imperfectly T-Cell depleted bone marrow  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
imperforate anus  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemPathology]
imperforate hymen  [descriptor in Lesion]
imperforate vagina  [descriptor in Lesion]
imperforation  [descriptor in Lesion]
- impermanentMarker  [lexical variant of temporary in TemporalMarker]
implant  [descriptor in Device]
implant denture substructure  [descriptor in Device]
implanting  [descriptor in Deed]
impotence  [descriptor in ReproductivePathology]
inactive  [descriptor in Feature]
inadequate  [descriptor in Feature]
incipient  [descriptor in Feature]
incipient cardiac failure  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
incising  [descriptor in Deed]
incision  [descriptor in Approach]
incision ostomy  [descriptor in Deed]
- incision action  [lexical variant of incising in Deed]
- incision atom  [lexical variant of incising in Deed]
incisional hernia  [descriptor in Lesion]
- incisional_hernia  [lexical variant of incisional hernia in Lesion]
incisor  [descriptor in Anatomy]
incisura tentorii cerebelli  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
incompetent valve  [descriptor in Lesion]
incompetent valve function  [descriptor in Pathology]
incontinence  [descriptor in Pathology]
- incontinent  [lexical variant of incontinence in Pathology]
increased  [descriptor in Feature]
increased activity  [descriptor in Feature]
Increasing  [descriptor in Feature]
incus structure  [descriptor in Bone]
indapamide  [descriptor in Chemical]
indeterminate ventricle  [descriptor in Lesion]
indication  [descriptor in Feature]
indirect  [descriptor in Feature]
indirect anastomosis structure  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
indirect ophtalmoscope  [descriptor in Device]
induced arrest of heart  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
induced cardiac arrest  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
inducing  [descriptor in Deed]
ineffective  [descriptor in Feature]
ineffective conduction  [descriptor in Deed]
ineffective function  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
infant  [descriptor in Person]
- Infant  [lexical variant of infant in Person]
infarcting  [descriptor in Pathology]
infarction  [descriptor in Pathology]
infection  [descriptor in Lesion]
inferior  [descriptor in Position]
inferior alveolar nerve  [descriptor in Anatomy]
inferior epigastric artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
inferior jugular lymphnode  [descriptor in LymphNode]
inferior meatus  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
inferior mesenteric artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
inferior mesenteric vein  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
inferior nasal concha  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
inferior strait of the pelvis  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
inferior vena cava  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
infertility  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
- infiltration - action  [lexical variant of infiltration action in Deed]
infiltration action  [descriptor in Deed]
inflammation  [descriptor in Pathology]
inflammatory disease  [descriptor in Pathology]
inflatable penile prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
inflation - action  [descriptor in Deed]
infra  [descriptor in Feature]
infra chin lymphnode  [descriptor in LymphNode]
infra frontal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
Infra hepatic inferior vena cava  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
infra mandibula lymphnode  [descriptor in LymphNode]
infra mandibula space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
infra orbital nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
infra peritoneal space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
infra renal aorta aneurysm  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
infra temporal fossa  [descriptor in BodySpace]
infra tentorium cerebelli space  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
infra xyphoid approach  [descriptor in Approach]
infracardiac  [descriptor in Approach]
infragenicular popliteal artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
infraglottis larynx  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
infrapopliteal artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
infrared device  [descriptor in Device]
infrarenal abdominal aorta  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
- infrarenal aorta  [lexical variant of infrarenal abdominal aorta in CentralBloodVessel]
infratemporal fossa  [descriptor in BodySpace]
infundibulum  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
infundibulum of heart  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
infusing  [descriptor in Deed]
- infusion action  [lexical variant of infusing in Deed]
infusion pump  [descriptor in Device]
- inguen  [lexical variant of groin in Anatomy]
inguinal  [descriptor in Anatomy]
inguinal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
inguinal canal  [descriptor in Anatomy]
inguinal hernia  [descriptor in Lesion]
inguinal lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
inguinal lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
inguinal region  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- inguinal_approach  [lexical variant of inguinal approach in Approach]
- inguinal_lymph_node  [lexical variant of inguinal lymph node in LymphNode]
- inguineal region  [lexical variant of inguinal region in Anatomy]
inguinofemoral lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
inhaled  [descriptor in Untyped]
inherited  [descriptor in Feature]
inhibiting  [descriptor in Deed]
inhibition  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- initial  [lexical variant of primary in TemporalMarker]
injecting  [descriptor in Deed]
- injection action  [lexical variant of injecting in Deed]
injection of destructive substance  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
injection port  [descriptor in Device]
injury  [descriptor in Lesion]
- injury lesion  [lexical variant of injury in Lesion]
- inlay  [lexical variant of dental filling material in Substance]
inner canthus  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
inner ear  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
- inner ear structure  [lexical variant of inner ear in SensorySystemAnatomy]
inner fiber  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
inner surface of abdominal wall  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
innominate artery  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
inserting  [descriptor in Deed]
- insertion  [lexical variant of inserting in Deed]
inside body  [descriptor in Position]
inspecting  [descriptor in Deed]
installing  [descriptor in Deed]
- Installing  [lexical variant of installing in Deed]
instillation - action  [descriptor in Deed]
instilling  [descriptor in Deed]
instrument  [descriptor in Device]
instrumental method  [descriptor in Deed]
insufficiency  [descriptor in Lesion]
insufficient aortic valve  [descriptor in Lesion]
insufficient mitral valve  [descriptor in Lesion]
insufflating  [descriptor in Deed]
insufflation - action  [descriptor in Deed]
insulin  [descriptor in Substance]
integumentary system  [descriptor in Anatomy]
interaction  [descriptor in Feature]
interatrial  [descriptor in Feature]
interatrial baffle  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
interatrial septum  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
intercarpal joint  [descriptor in Joint]
intercostal muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
intercostal nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
intercostal route  [descriptor in Approach]
intercostal space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
interdigital space  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- interfalangeal joint  [lexical variant of interphalangeal joint in Joint]
interferometer device  [descriptor in Device]
intermittent  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
intermittent claudication  [descriptor in Pathology]
internal  [descriptor in Position]
- internal acoustic meatus  [lexical variant of internal auditory meatus in SensorySystemAnatomy]
internal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
internal auditory meatus  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
internal carotid artery  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
internal fixation device  [descriptor in Device]
internal iliac artery  [descriptor in PelvicBloodVessel]
internal jugular vein  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
internal mammary artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
internal mammary lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
internal mammary lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
internal organ  [descriptor in Anatomy]
internal os of cervix  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
internal position  [descriptor in Feature]
internal wall  [descriptor in Anatomy]
internally  [descriptor in Position]
interpalpebral space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
interphalangeal joint  [descriptor in Joint]
interposing  [descriptor in Deed]
- interposition  [lexical variant of interposing in Deed]
interposition anastomosis structure  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
- interrupting  [lexical variant of dividing in Deed]
interspinous strait of the pelvis  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
interstitial irradiation  [descriptor in Deed]
interstitial space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
interstitium  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
interventricular septum  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
intervertebral disc  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- intervertebral disk  [lexical variant of intervertebral disc in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
intervertebral disk nucleus pulposus  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
intervertebral foramen  [descriptor in Anatomy]
intervertebral space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
intestinal obstruction  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemPathology]
- intestinal structure  [lexical variant of intestine in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
intestinal torsion  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- intestinal tract  [lexical variant of intestine in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
intestine  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
- intestinum_tenue_mesenteriale  [lexical variant of segmenta_intestinum_tenue_mesenteriale in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
intima  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
- intra abdominal route  [lexical variant of abdominal approach in Approach]
intra hepatic bile duct  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
intra peritonéal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
- intra uterine contraceptive device  [lexical variant of intrauterine contraceptive device in Device]
intra-amniotic  [descriptor in Approach]
- intra-oral  [lexical variant of transoral access in Approach]
intraarterial  [descriptor in Approach]
intracardiac  [descriptor in Feature]
intracerebral space  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- intracranial  [lexical variant of intracranial space in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
intracranial artery  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
intracranial fornix  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
intracranial pressure  [descriptor in Feature]
intracranial space  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
intracranial vein  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
intradural pressure  [descriptor in Feature]
intrahepatic duct  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
intrahepatic portal vein  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
intraluminal  [descriptor in BodySpace]
intraluminal vascular device  [descriptor in Device]
intramural  [descriptor in Anatomy]
intraocular lens  [descriptor in Device]
intraocular muscle  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
intraocular pressure  [descriptor in Feature]
intraoperative  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
intrapleural catheter  [descriptor in Device]
intrapulmonary arteriovenous fistula  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
intrathoracic cardiovascular structure  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
intrathoracic goiter  [descriptor in Pathology]
intrathoracic systemic artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
intrathoracic systemic vein  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
intrathoracic vascular structure  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
  IntrathoracicBloodVessel  [category]
intrauterine contraceptive device  [descriptor in Device]
intrauterine growth  [descriptor in Deed]
intravenous  [descriptor in Approach]
intraventricular  [descriptor in Approach]
intraventricular pump  [descriptor in Device]
- introducing  [lexical variant of inserting in Deed]
introduction - action  [descriptor in Deed]
introitus of vagina  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
intussusception  [descriptor in Lesion]
- inversion action  [lexical variant of inverting in Deed]
inversion of uterus  [descriptor in Lesion]
inverting  [descriptor in Deed]
investigating  [descriptor in Deed]
- investigation  [lexical variant of investigating in Deed]
- investigation action  [lexical variant of investigating in Deed]
involuntary  [descriptor in Feature]
ionising ray  [descriptor in Substance]
ipsilateral  [descriptor in Laterality]
iridocorneal angle  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
iridodialysis  [descriptor in Lesion]
iris  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
iron  [descriptor in Chemical]
irradiating  [descriptor in Deed]
irregular astigmatism  [descriptor in Lesion]
irreversible  [descriptor in Feature]
irrigating  [descriptor in Deed]
- irrigation action  [lexical variant of irrigating in Deed]
ischaemia  [descriptor in Pathology]
ischemic area  [descriptor in Lesion]
ischiorectal region  [descriptor in Anatomy]
isolated  [descriptor in Range]
isolated stenosis  [descriptor in Lesion]
isolated ventricular septal defect  [descriptor in Number]
isosorbide dinitrate  [descriptor in Chemical]
isosorbide mononitrate  [descriptor in Chemical]
isthmus  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
isthmus of aorta  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
isthmus of Fallopian tube  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
isthmus of thyroid gland  [descriptor in EndocrineSystemAnatomy]
  IS_ACTED_ON_BY  [link]
  IS_BRANCH_OF  [link]
  IS_FEATURE_OF  [link]
  IS_FUNCTION_OF  [link]
  IS_LOCATION_OF  [link]
  IS_MADE_OF  [link]
  IS_PART_OF  [link]
  IS_SERVED_BY  [link]
itchy  [descriptor in Feature]

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jaw  [descriptor in Anatomy]
jaw bone  [descriptor in Bone]
jejunal structure  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
jejunum  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
joint  [descriptor in Joint]
  Joint  [category]
joint capsule  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
joint of ankle  [descriptor in Joint]
joint of elbow  [descriptor in Joint]
joint of finger  [descriptor in Joint]
joint of foot  [descriptor in Joint]
joint of hand  [descriptor in Joint]
joint of hip  [descriptor in Joint]
joint of jaw  [descriptor in Joint]
joint of knee  [descriptor in Joint]
joint of pelvis  [descriptor in Joint]
joint of shoulder  [descriptor in Joint]
joint of spine  [descriptor in Joint]
joint of thorax  [descriptor in Joint]
joint of toe  [descriptor in Joint]
joint of wrist  [descriptor in Joint]
joint prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
- joint structure  [lexical variant of joint in Joint]
joint synovium  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- Joint: joint of finger  [lexical variant of joint of finger in Joint]
Jones Modified Strassman  [descriptor in Method]
Jshape  [descriptor in Feature]
jugular foramen  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
jugular glomus  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
jugular vein  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
junction  [descriptor in Anatomy]
juxta cranial internal carotid artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
juxtarenal abdominal aorta  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]

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kay method  [descriptor in Method]
keratoconus  [descriptor in Lesion]
kidney  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
- Kidney  [lexical variant of kidney in UpperUrinaryTract]
kidney edge  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
- kidney structure  [lexical variant of kidney in UpperUrinaryTract]
- kidney_edge  [lexical variant of kidney edge in UpperUrinaryTract]
kinesimeter device  [descriptor in Device]
Kirschner wire  [descriptor in Device]
klebsiella  [descriptor in Organism]
klebsiella pneumoniae  [descriptor in Organism]
knee  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- knee joint  [lexical variant of joint of knee in Joint]
- knee joint structure  [lexical variant of joint of knee in Joint]
knee region  [descriptor in Anatomy]
knife  [descriptor in Device]

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- labia  [lexical variant of labia pudendi in FemaleGenitalSystem]
labia majora pudende  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
labia oris  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
labia pudendi  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- labia_majora_pudende  [lexical variant of labia majora pudende in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- labium majus pudendi  [lexical variant of labia majora pudende in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- labor  [lexical variant of labour in BodyProcess]
labour  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
labyrinth structure  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
laceration  [descriptor in Lesion]
lacrimal apparatus  [descriptor in Anatomy]
lacrimal canal  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
lacrimal canaliculus structure  [descriptor in SensorySystemPathology]
lacrimal drainage structure  [descriptor in SensorySystemPathology]
lacrimal duct  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
lacrimal gland  [descriptor in Gland]
lacrimal lake  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
lacrimal passage  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
lacrimal point  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
lacrimal punctum  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
lacrimal sac  [descriptor in Anatomy]
lacrimal system  [descriptor in Anatomy]
lactiferous duct  [descriptor in Anatomy]
lamella  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
lamina  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
lamina arcus vertebrae  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
lamina of vertebra  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
laparoscope  [descriptor in Device]
- laparoscopical  [lexical variant of laparoscope in Device]
large intestinal structure  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
large intestine  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
large size  [descriptor in Feature]
large volume  [descriptor in Feature]
laryngeal structure  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
laryngo tracheal diastema  [descriptor in Lesion]
laryngoscope  [descriptor in Device]
larynx  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
larynx diastema  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
laser  [descriptor in Device]
laser cell flare meter device  [descriptor in Device]
- laser equipment  [lexical variant of laser in Device]
laser interferometer device  [descriptor in Device]
laser ophtalmoscope  [descriptor in Device]
laser therapy  [descriptor in Deed]
lateral  [descriptor in Position]
lateral approach  [descriptor in Approach]
lateral cervical lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
lateral malleolus  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
lateral palpebral ligament  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
lateral ventricle  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
  Laterality  [category]
latero-nasal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
latissimus dorsi muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
layer  [descriptor in Anatomy]
LE cell  [descriptor in Structure]
lead  [descriptor in Device]
leaflet  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
left  [descriptor in Laterality]
left anterior descending artery  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
left atrial appendage  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
left atrial structure  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
left atrium  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
left colon  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
- left coronary artery  [lexical variant of left main coronary artery in PartOfHeart]
left Fallopian tube  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
left flexure of colon  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
left heart  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
left heart ventricle  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
left internal mammary artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
left main coronary artery  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
left ovary  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
left pulmonary artery  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
left side of heart  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
left ventricle  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
- left ventricle outflow tract  [lexical variant of left ventricular outflow tract in PartOfHeart]
left ventricular apex  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
left ventricular assist device  [descriptor in Device]
left ventricular failure  [descriptor in Pathology]
left ventricular outflow tract  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
left ventricular structure  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
left ventriculotomy  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
leg  [descriptor in Anatomy]
leg artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
legionella  [descriptor in Organism]
legionella pneumophila  [descriptor in Organism]
leiomyocyte  [descriptor in Anatomy]
length  [descriptor in Feature]
length of impulse  [descriptor in Feature]
lengthening  [descriptor in Deed]
- lengthening action  [lexical variant of lengthening in Deed]
- lens  [lexical variant of lens of eye in SensorySystemAnatomy]
lens of eye  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
- lens structure  [lexical variant of lens of eye in SensorySystemAnatomy]
leptospira  [descriptor in Organism]
- lesion  [lexical variant of lesion (as structure) in Lesion]
  Lesion  [category]
lesion (as structure)  [descriptor in Lesion]
less than 1 quadrant  [descriptor in Range]
less than 10 cm  [descriptor in Range]
less than 10 cm2  [descriptor in Range]
less than 2 years child  [descriptor in Person]
less than 20 kilos  [descriptor in Range]
less than 20mm  [descriptor in Range]
less than 28 days child  [descriptor in Person]
less than 3 months child  [descriptor in Person]
less than 3 vertebral segments  [descriptor in Bone]
less than 30mm  [descriptor in Range]
less than 40 mm  [descriptor in Range]
less than five  [descriptor in Range]
less than four  [descriptor in Range]
less than or equal to 2 quadrants  [descriptor in Range]
less than or equal to 20mm  [descriptor in Range]
less than or equal to 30 cm2  [descriptor in Range]
less than or equal to 30 mm  [descriptor in Range]
less than or equal to 50 cm2  [descriptor in Range]
less than three  [descriptor in Range]
less than two  [descriptor in Range]
- less_than_12_months  [lexical variant of Baby in Person]
lethargy  [descriptor in Deed]
leucocyte  [descriptor in Structure]
levator ani muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- levator muscle  [lexical variant of levator ani muscle in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
levator muscle of upper eyelid  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
lichen planus  [descriptor in Pathology]
lichen simplex  [descriptor in Pathology]
life support  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
ligament  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
ligamentum cricothyroideum medianum  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
ligating  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- ligation - action  [lexical variant of ligating in SPETBanned]
ligation action  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- ligation procedure  [lexical variant of ligating in SPETBanned]
ligature  [descriptor in Device]
light  [descriptor in Device]
light stimulation device  [descriptor in Device]
limb  [descriptor in Anatomy]
limb main artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
- limb structure  [lexical variant of limb in Anatomy]
limbus of cornea  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
limited extent  [descriptor in Extent]
linear  [descriptor in Feature]
linear method  [descriptor in Approach]
linear wound  [descriptor in Lesion]
lingua  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
lip  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
lip cutaneo mucosa junction  [descriptor in Anatomy]
lip retraction  [descriptor in Pathology]
- lip structure  [lexical variant of lip in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
lip vermillon  [descriptor in Anatomy]
lipid  [descriptor in Chemical]
lipoma  [descriptor in Lesion]
liquid nitrogen  [descriptor in Chemical]
liquid substance  [descriptor in Substance]
- liquid_substance  [lexical variant of liquid substance in Substance]
- liquor  [lexical variant of cerebrospinal fluid in BodySubstance]
listeria monocytogenes  [descriptor in Organism]
- lithiasis  [lexical variant of calculus in Lesion]
lithium  [descriptor in Chemical]
lithotriptor  [descriptor in Device]
lithotrypsy  [descriptor in Deed]
live donor  [descriptor in OrganDonor]
liver  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
liver disease  [descriptor in HepatoBilaryPathology]
liver structure  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
Lloyd-Davies  [descriptor in Method]
lobe  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
lobe of lung  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
lobe of thyroid gland  [descriptor in EndocrineSystemAnatomy]
lobule of auricle  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
local  [descriptor in Extent]
local anesthesic agent  [descriptor in Chemical]
- local attitude  [lexical variant of local in Extent]
local flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
local subcutaneous pedicle skin flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
localised peritonitis  [descriptor in Pathology]
locating  [descriptor in Deed]
locked pin  [descriptor in Device]
locule  [descriptor in Untyped]
long acting  [descriptor in Chemical]
long bone  [descriptor in Bone]
- long saphenous vein  [lexical variant of great saphenous vein in PeripheralBloodVessel]
long time  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
looking for  [descriptor in Deed]
- looking_for  [lexical variant of looking for in Deed]
- looking_fOR  [lexical variant of looking for in Deed]
loop  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
loop diathermy device  [descriptor in Device]
loop method  [descriptor in Deed]
Lord  [descriptor in Method]
- lord method  [lexical variant of Lord in Method]
losartan  [descriptor in Chemical]
loudness  [descriptor in Feature]
low fat diet  [descriptor in AbstractStructure]
low level  [descriptor in Characteristic]
low speed rotablator  [descriptor in Device]
lower  [descriptor in Position]
lower esophageal sphincter  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
lower extremity  [descriptor in Anatomy]
lower female genital structure  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- lower leg  [lexical variant of leg in Anatomy]
lower limb  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- lower limb structure  [lexical variant of lower limb in Anatomy]
lower lumbar spine  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
lower part  [descriptor in Position]
lower urinary tract  [descriptor in GenitoUrinarySystemAnatomy]
lowering  [descriptor in Deed]
  LowerUrinaryTract  [category]
- lumbal spine  [lexical variant of lumbar spine in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- lumbar  [lexical variant of lumbar spine in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- lumbar aorta lymph node  [lexical variant of lumbar lymph node in LymphNode]
lumbar approach  [descriptor in Approach]
lumbar lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
lumbar region  [descriptor in Anatomy]
lumbar spine  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
lumbar ureter  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
lumbar vertebra  [descriptor in Bone]
lumbar vertebral column  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- LumbarRegionOfBody  [lexical variant of lumbar region in Anatomy]
- lumbar_approach  [lexical variant of lumbar approach in Approach]
- lumbar_lymph_node  [lexical variant of lumbar lymph node in LymphNode]
- lumbar_ureter  [lexical variant of lumbar ureter in UpperUrinaryTract]
lumbo abdominal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
lumbo-aortic lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
lumbosacral region  [descriptor in Anatomy]
lumbosacral spine  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- lumbo_abdominal_approach  [lexical variant of lumbo abdominal approach in Approach]
lumbus  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- lumbus route  [lexical variant of lumbar approach in Approach]
- lumbus_ureter  [lexical variant of lumbar ureter in UpperUrinaryTract]
lumen  [descriptor in BodySpace]
lumen of vagina  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- Lumen of vagina  [lexical variant of lumen of vagina in FemaleGenitalSystem]
lung  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
lung bulla  [descriptor in Lesion]
lung structure  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
luxation  [descriptor in Lesion]
- lymph node  [lexical variant of lymphnode in LymphNode]
lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
- lymph node structure  [lexical variant of lymphnode in LymphNode]
lymphangioma  [descriptor in Lesion]
lymphatic structure of lower limb  [descriptor in LymphoreticularSystemAnatomy]
lymphatic structure of upper limb  [descriptor in LymphoreticularSystemAnatomy]
lymphatic system  [descriptor in Anatomy]
lymphatic tissue  [descriptor in LymphoreticularSystemAnatomy]
lymphatic vesicle  [descriptor in LymphoreticularSystemAnatomy]
lymphatic vessel  [descriptor in LymphoreticularSystemAnatomy]
lymphnode  [descriptor in LymphNode]
  LymphNode  [category]
lymphocel  [descriptor in Anatomy]
lymphocele  [descriptor in Lesion]
lymphoedema  [descriptor in Pathology]
lymphoid tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
lymphoreticular structure  [descriptor in LymphoreticularSystemAnatomy]
  LymphoreticularSystemAnatomy  [category]
- lymph_node  [lexical variant of lymphnode in LymphNode]
lysing  [descriptor in Deed]
- lysis  [lexical variant of lysing in Deed]
- -lysis (as in epiphysiolysis)  [lexical variant of lysis (as in epiphysiolysis) in Lesion]
lysis (as in epiphysiolysis)  [descriptor in Lesion]
lysis lesion  [descriptor in Lesion]

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- m. rectus abdominus  [lexical variant of rectus abdominis muscle in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
macrolide chemical  [descriptor in Chemical]
macula retinae  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
magnesium  [descriptor in Chemical]
magnetic resonance imaging device  [descriptor in Device]
magnetic ring  [descriptor in Device]
magnification device  [descriptor in Device]
  MAIN  [link]
- maintenance - action  [lexical variant of maintenance action in Deed]
maintenance action  [descriptor in Deed]
major  [descriptor in Feature]
major aortopulmonary collateral artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
major artery  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
major thoracic vein  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
major thoracic vessel  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
major vein  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
malaise  [descriptor in Pathology]
male  [descriptor in Sex]
male external genitalia  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
male genital organ  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
male genital structure  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
male paraurethral tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
male perineal structure  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
male person  [descriptor in Person]
  MaleGenitalSystem  [category]
malformation  [descriptor in Pathology]
malignant  [descriptor in Feature]
malleolus  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
malposition of great vessels  [descriptor in Pathology]
malrotation lesion  [descriptor in Lesion]
mamilla  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- mamma  [lexical variant of mammary gland in Gland]
mammary artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
mammary capsule  [descriptor in Anatomy]
mammary gland  [descriptor in Gland]
mammary prosthetic implant  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
- mammary_artery  [lexical variant of mammary artery in BloodVessel]
man  [descriptor in Person]
management  [descriptor in HealthCareAct]
management of aneurysm  [descriptor in HealthCareAct]
- managing  [lexical variant of treating in Deed]
- mandible  [lexical variant of mandibula in Bone]
mandibula  [descriptor in Bone]
mandibula angle  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
manducation  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
manipulating  [descriptor in Deed]
manual method  [descriptor in Method]
manubrium sterni  [descriptor in Bone]
- mapca  [lexical variant of multiple anomalous pulmonary collateral artery in CardiovascularPathology]
- mapping - action  [lexical variant of mapping action in Deed]
mapping action  [descriptor in Deed]
marker material  [descriptor in Substance]
marking device  [descriptor in Device]
- marrow  [lexical variant of bone marrow in LymphoreticularSystemAnatomy]
- marsupialisation  [lexical variant of marsupialising in Deed]
- marsupialisation - action  [lexical variant of marsupialising in Deed]
marsupialising  [descriptor in Deed]
- marsupialization  [lexical variant of marsupialising in Deed]
masking  [descriptor in Deed]
mass  [descriptor in Lesion]
massage - action  [descriptor in Deed]
- massage action  [lexical variant of massaging in Deed]
massaging  [descriptor in Deed]
- mastoid  [lexical variant of mastoid structure in SensorySystemAnatomy]
- mastoid part of temporal bone  [lexical variant of mastoid structure in SensorySystemAnatomy]
mastoid process  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
mastoid structure  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
material  [descriptor in Material]
  Material  [category]
maxilla  [descriptor in Bone]
maxillary antrum  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
maxillary artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
maxillary sinus  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
- Maze method  [lexical variant of maze procedure in Deed]
maze procedure  [descriptor in Deed]
measuring  [descriptor in Deed]
measuring eye dimensions  [descriptor in Deed]
measuring flow  [descriptor in Deed]
measuring hearing perception threshold  [descriptor in Deed]
measuring osmotic pressure  [descriptor in Deed]
measuring pressure  [descriptor in Deed]
measuring refracting power  [descriptor in Deed]
measuring rigidity  [descriptor in Deed]
measuring swelling  [descriptor in Deed]
- measuring_pressure  [lexical variant of measuring pressure in Deed]
meatus  [descriptor in BodySpace]
meatus of nose  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
mechanical cardiac valve prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
mechanical process device  [descriptor in Device]
- mechanical valve  [lexical variant of mechanical valve prosthesis in Prosthesis]
mechanical valve prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
mechanical ventilation device  [descriptor in Device]
meconium  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
medial  [descriptor in Position]
medial malleolus  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
medial palpebral ligament  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
median line  [descriptor in Anatomy]
median nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
median portion  [descriptor in Anatomy]
median sternotomy  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
mediansuperiorcleftlip  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
mediastinal lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
mediastinal lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
- mediastinal_lymph_node  [lexical variant of mediastinal lymph node in LymphNode]
mediastinoscopic approach  [descriptor in Device]
mediastinum  [descriptor in BodySpace]
mediastinum cavity  [descriptor in BodySpace]
mediastinum content  [descriptor in Structure]
medical agent  [descriptor in Substance]
medical application  [descriptor in Device]
- medical deed  [lexical variant of surgical deed in Deed]
- medication  [lexical variant of drug in Chemical]
mediotarsal (Chopart)  [descriptor in Joint]
medius  [descriptor in Position]
medulla  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
mega urethra  [descriptor in LowerUrinaryTract]
megaloureter  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
melanoma  [descriptor in Lesion]
membrane  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
membranous labyrinth structure  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
meninges  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
- meninges structure  [lexical variant of meninges in NervousSystemAnatomy]
meningocele  [descriptor in NeurologicalPathology]
meniscus  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
menstrual blood  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
mesencephalon  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
mesenteric artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
mesenteric artery lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
mesenteric vein  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
mesentery  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
mesh  [descriptor in Device]
  MetabolicPathology  [category]
metabolising  [descriptor in Deed]
- metacarpal bone  [lexical variant of os metacarpale in Bone]
- metacarpofalangeal joint  [lexical variant of metacarpophalangeal joint in Joint]
metacarpophalangeal joint  [descriptor in Joint]
- metacarpus  [lexical variant of os metacarpale in Bone]
metal  [descriptor in Chemical]
metalic material  [descriptor in Chemical]
metaphysis  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- metatarsal bone  [lexical variant of os metatarsale in Bone]
metatarsophalangeal joint  [descriptor in Joint]
- metatarsus  [lexical variant of os metatarsale in Bone]
  Method  [category]
method surgical  [descriptor in Characteristic]
methotrexate  [descriptor in Chemical]
metoclopramide  [descriptor in Chemical]
metronidazole  [descriptor in Chemical]
miconazole  [descriptor in Chemical]
microcolposcope  [descriptor in Device]
microhysteroscope  [descriptor in Device]
microlaryngoscope  [descriptor in Device]
microneedle  [descriptor in Device]
microorganism  [descriptor in Organism]
microscope  [descriptor in Device]
- microsurgery device  [lexical variant of microsurgical device in Device]
- microsurgery_device  [lexical variant of microsurgical device in Device]
microsurgical device  [descriptor in Device]
microtia  [descriptor in SensorySystemPathology]
microvascular transfer flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
micturating  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
- micturition  [lexical variant of micturating in BodyProcess]
middle  [descriptor in Position]
middle cerebral artery  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
middle ear  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
- middle ear structure  [lexical variant of middle ear in SensorySystemAnatomy]
middle meatus  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
middle nasal concha  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
middle part of face  [descriptor in Anatomy]
middle penis  [descriptor in GenitoUrinarySystemAnatomy]
midline  [descriptor in Anatomy]
midline incision  [descriptor in Approach]
mild  [descriptor in Feature]
Miles  [descriptor in Method]
milk  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
milligan-morgan method  [descriptor in Method]
minor pelvis  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- minor surgical deed  [lexical variant of surgical deed in Deed]
- minor_pelvis  [lexical variant of minor pelvis in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- minus 20 kilos  [lexical variant of less than 20 kilos in Range]
Mirena Coil  [descriptor in Device]
mitral annulus  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
mitral chordae tendinae  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
- mitral leaflet  [lexical variant of mitral valve leaflet in PartOfHeart]
- mitral ostiom  [lexical variant of mitral ostium in PartOfHeart]
mitral ostium  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
mitral papillary muscle  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
mitral valve  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
mitral valve leaflet  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
mitral valve structure  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
mobilisation  [descriptor in Deed]
mobilisation - action  [descriptor in Deed]
moderate  [descriptor in Feature]
- modification action  [lexical variant of surgical deed in Deed]
modified radical  [descriptor in Extent]
modified taylor method  [descriptor in Method]
modifying  [descriptor in Deed]
mola hydatidosa  [descriptor in Lesion]
molar  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
molar1  [descriptor in Anatomy]
molar2  [descriptor in Anatomy]
monitoring  [descriptor in Deed]
monoamine oxidase  [descriptor in Chemical]
monocusp valve  [descriptor in Number]
monocuspid  [descriptor in Number]
monocuspid prosthetic valve  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
months  [descriptor in Quantity]
moraxella  [descriptor in Organism]
moraxella catarrhalis  [descriptor in Organism]
more than 1 quadrant  [descriptor in Range]
more than 10 cm  [descriptor in Range]
more than 10 cm2  [descriptor in Range]
more than 2 quadrants  [descriptor in Range]
more than 2 vertebral segments  [descriptor in Bone]
more than 20 mm  [descriptor in Range]
- more than 20mm  [lexical variant of more than 20 mm in Range]
more than 21  [descriptor in Range]
more than 3 years child  [descriptor in Person]
more than 30 cm2  [descriptor in Range]
more than 30 mm  [descriptor in Range]
more than 40 mm  [descriptor in Range]
more than 50 cm2  [descriptor in Range]
more than four  [descriptor in Range]
more than one  [descriptor in Range]
more than three  [descriptor in Range]
more than two  [descriptor in Range]
- more_than_3  [lexical variant of more than three in Range]
- more_than_three  [lexical variant of more than three in Range]
morganella  [descriptor in Organism]
morganella morganii subsp morganii  [descriptor in Organism]
moschowitz method  [descriptor in Method]
  MOTIVATED_BY  [link]
moulding  [descriptor in Deed]
mouth  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
movable tongue  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
movement  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
moving  [descriptor in Deed]
mucocele  [descriptor in Anatomy]
mucosa  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
- mucosal membrane  [lexical variant of mucous membrane in AnatomicalPart]
mucous membrane  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
mucus  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
- multifragmentary  [lexical variant of more than one in Range]
multipara  [descriptor in Person]
multiple  [descriptor in Range]
multiple anomalous pulmonary collateral artery  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
multiple congenital ventricular septal defects  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
multiple pregnancy  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
multiple ventricle septal defects  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
- muscle  [lexical variant of muscle (striated) in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
muscle (smooth)  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
muscle (striated)  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
muscle around anus  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
muscle contraction  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
muscle force  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
muscle tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
muscle_around_anus  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
muscular layer  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
muscular tissue  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
musculoskeletal structure  [descriptor in Anatomy]
musculoskeletal system  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- MusculoSkeletalSystem  [lexical variant of musculoskeletal system in Anatomy]
  MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy  [category]
musculus constrictor pharyngis  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
musculus obliquus oculi  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
musculus plantaris  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
musculus rectus oculi  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
musculus sphincter ani internus  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
musculus stapedius  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
Mustard  [descriptor in Method]
- mustard method  [lexical variant of Mustard in Method]
Mustarde Method  [descriptor in Method]
myasthenia  [descriptor in Pathology]
mycobacterium  [descriptor in Organism]
mycobacterium avium-intracellulare  [descriptor in Organism]
mycobacterium haemophilum  [descriptor in Organism]
mycobacterium kansasii  [descriptor in Organism]
mycobacterium leprae  [descriptor in Organism]
mycobacterium marinum  [descriptor in Organism]
mycobacterium tuberculosis  [descriptor in Organism]
mycology testing  [descriptor in Deed]
mycoplasma  [descriptor in Organism]
mycoplasma pneumoniae  [descriptor in Organism]
myectomy  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
myelomeningocele  [descriptor in NeurologicalPathology]
myocardial conduction  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
myocardial infarction  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
myocardial infarction process  [descriptor in Pathology]
myocarditis  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
myocardium  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
myocutaneous flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
myocutaneous graft  [descriptor in Graft]
myography  [descriptor in Deed]
myoma  [descriptor in Lesion]
myopathy  [descriptor in Pathology]
myopia  [descriptor in Pathology]
myorraphy  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
myotomy  [descriptor in SPETBanned]

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nail  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
nalidixic acid  [descriptor in Chemical]
naris  [descriptor in BodySpace]
narrowing  [descriptor in Deed]
nasal  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
nasal bone  [descriptor in Bone]
nasal cavity structure  [descriptor in Anatomy]
nasal infection  [descriptor in Pathology]
nasal meatus inferior  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
nasal septal perforation  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
nasal septum  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
nasal sinus  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
nasal structure  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
naso sphenoidal route  [descriptor in Approach]
nasolacrimal duct  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
nasopharyngeal structure  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
nasopharynx  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
nausea  [descriptor in Pathology]
near vision  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
neck  [descriptor in Anatomy]
neck of diverticulum  [descriptor in Lesion]
neck of long bone  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
neck of urinary bladder  [descriptor in LowerUrinaryTract]
neck structure  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- neck_of_diverticulum  [lexical variant of neck of diverticulum in Lesion]
- neck_of_urinary_bladder  [lexical variant of neck of urinary bladder in LowerUrinaryTract]
- neck_of_urinary_urinary_bladder  [lexical variant of neck of urinary bladder in LowerUrinaryTract]
necrosis  [descriptor in Lesion]
needle  [descriptor in Device]
neisseria gonorrhoeae  [descriptor in Organism]
neisseria meningitidis  [descriptor in Organism]
neoforming  [descriptor in Deed]
neomycin  [descriptor in Chemical]
neonatal  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
neoplasia  [descriptor in Pathology]
neoplasm  [descriptor in Lesion]
nephron  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
  Nerve  [category]
nerve branch  [descriptor in Nerve]
nerve graft  [descriptor in Graft]
nerve of pterygoid canal  [descriptor in Nerve]
- nerves  [lexical variant of nerve in Nerve]
nervous system  [descriptor in Anatomy]
nervous system structure  [descriptor in Anatomy]
  NervousSystemAnatomy  [category]
nervus accessorius  [descriptor in Nerve]
nervus facialis  [descriptor in Nerve]
nervus hypoglossus  [descriptor in Nerve]
nervus medianus  [descriptor in Nerve]
nervus tibialis  [descriptor in Nerve]
nervus trigeminus  [descriptor in Nerve]
- nervus tympanicus  [lexical variant of tympanic nerve in Nerve]
nervus ulnaris  [descriptor in Nerve]
net  [descriptor in Device]
neural tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
neuro-vascular pedicle flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
- neuro-vascular_pedicle_flap  [lexical variant of neuro-vascular pedicle flap in AnatomicalPart]
neuroectoderm  [descriptor in Structure]
neurologic function  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
  NeurologicalPathology  [category]
neurolytic substance  [descriptor in Substance]
neuroma  [descriptor in Lesion]
neutralisation  [descriptor in Deed]
neutropenia  [descriptor in Pathology]
neutrophil  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- neutrophils  [lexical variant of neutrophil in Anatomy]
- new penis  [lexical variant of penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
- new vagina  [lexical variant of vagina in FemaleGenitalSystem]
newborn  [descriptor in Person]
- new_ urinary_bladder  [lexical variant of new_urinary_bladder in LowerUrinaryTract]
- new_penis  [lexical variant of penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
- new_urethra  [lexical variant of urethra in LowerUrinaryTract]
new_urinary_bladder  [descriptor in LowerUrinaryTract]
- new_vagina  [lexical variant of vagina in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- new_vulva  [lexical variant of vulva in FemaleGenitalSystem]
nicotinic acid  [descriptor in Chemical]
night  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
nipple  [descriptor in Anatomy]
nipple flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
- nipple structure  [lexical variant of nipple in Anatomy]
nissen method  [descriptor in Method]
nissen rosetti method  [descriptor in Method]
nitrate  [descriptor in Chemical]
nitrate chemical  [descriptor in Chemical]
noble method  [descriptor in Method]
nocardia  [descriptor in Organism]
nodular  [descriptor in Feature]
nodule  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
noise  [descriptor in AbstractStructure]
noise generator  [descriptor in Device]
Non genetic relative  [descriptor in OrganDonor]
non-anatomic position  [descriptor in Position]
  NonHealthCareAct  [category]
nonlocal anesthesia procedure  [descriptor in Feature]
nonpatent  [descriptor in Feature]
norfloxacin  [descriptor in Chemical]
normal position  [descriptor in Position]
normalising  [descriptor in Deed]
normothermic patient  [descriptor in Person]
Norwood Method  [descriptor in Method]
nose  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
nsaid  [descriptor in Chemical]
nucleus of the lens  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
nucleus pulposus  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- null  [lexical variant of body structure in Anatomy]
  Number  [category]
nutrition  [descriptor in Deed]
nystagmus  [descriptor in BodyProcess]

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obesity  [descriptor in Pathology]
obliterating  [descriptor in Deed]
obliteration - action  [descriptor in Deed]
obstetric care  [descriptor in Deed]
obstetric laceration  [descriptor in Lesion]
obstetrical device  [descriptor in Device]
obstruction  [descriptor in Lesion]
obstruction process  [descriptor in Deed]
obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy  [descriptor in Pathology]
- obstructive process  [lexical variant of obstruction process in Deed]
obturator foramen  [descriptor in Anatomy]
obturator lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
- obturator_lymph_node  [lexical variant of obturator lymph node in LymphNode]
occipital fascia  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
occluding  [descriptor in Deed]
occluding material  [descriptor in Material]
- occluding process  [lexical variant of occluding in Deed]
occlusion  [descriptor in Lesion]
- occlusion - action  [lexical variant of occluding in Deed]
ocular capsule  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
ocular conjunctiva  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
ocular fundus  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
ocular image  [descriptor in AbstractStructure]
ocular prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
ocular reflex  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
ocular refraction  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
ocular rotatory muscle  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
odontogenic  [descriptor in Feature]
oedema  [descriptor in Lesion]
oedema process  [descriptor in Pathology]
oesophageal hiatus  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
oesophageal structure  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
oesophagus  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
oesophagus duplication  [descriptor in Lesion]
oestrogenic role  [descriptor in Characteristic]
ofloxacin  [descriptor in Chemical]
olecranon  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- olecranon process  [lexical variant of olecranon in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
olfaction  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
oliguria  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
omentum  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
omeprazole  [descriptor in Chemical]
- one  [lexical variant of 1 in Number]
- one side  [lexical variant of unilateral in Laterality]
one stage procedure  [descriptor in Number]
- one_side  [lexical variant of unilateral in Laterality]
oocyte  [descriptor in Structure]
open  [descriptor in Approach]
- open (as in open reduction)  [lexical variant of open in Approach]
- open approach  [lexical variant of open in Approach]
open chest  [descriptor in Approach]
open fracture  [descriptor in Lesion]
- open method  [lexical variant of open in Approach]
- open surgery  [lexical variant of open in Approach]
opening  [descriptor in Deed]
- opening action  [lexical variant of opening in Deed]
- open_surgery  [lexical variant of open in Approach]
- open_surgery route  [lexical variant of open in Approach]
operating microscope  [descriptor in Device]
- operation  [lexical variant of surgical deed in Deed]
ophthalmoscope  [descriptor in Device]
optic chiasma area  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
optic disk  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
optic nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
optokinetic nystagmus testing  [descriptor in Deed]
oral  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
- oral anatomy  [lexical variant of mouth in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
oral cavity  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
oral corticosteroid  [descriptor in Chemical]
oral ingestion  [descriptor in Deed]
oral mucosa  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
oral soft tissue structure  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
orbicular muscle of eye  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
orbit  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- orbit structure  [lexical variant of orbit in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
  OrdinalPosition  [category]
organ  [descriptor in Anatomy]
  OrganDonor  [category]
  Organism  [category]
organomegaly  [descriptor in Anatomy]
orientia tsutsugamushi  [descriptor in Organism]
  OrodentalSystemAnatomy  [category]
orofacialcleft  [descriptor in Lesion]
oropharyngeal structure  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
oropharynx  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
orthodontic  [descriptor in Things]
orthodontic device  [descriptor in Device]
orthodontic plate  [descriptor in Device]
orthodontogenic disorder  [descriptor in Lesion]
orthograde  [descriptor in Approach]
orthopaedic bandage  [descriptor in Device]
orthopaedic device  [descriptor in Device]
orthopedic  [descriptor in Deed]
orthosis  [descriptor in Device]
orthostatic hypotension  [descriptor in Pathology]
orthotopic  [descriptor in Position]
  OR_MAIN  [link]
  OR_WITH  [link]
os capitatum  [descriptor in Bone]
os carpale  [descriptor in Bone]
os coccygis  [descriptor in Bone]
os coxae  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
os cuboideum  [descriptor in Bone]
os cuneiforme  [descriptor in Bone]
os hamatum  [descriptor in Bone]
os ilium  [descriptor in Bone]
- os ischii  [lexical variant of os ischium in Bone]
os ischium  [descriptor in Bone]
os lunatum  [descriptor in Bone]
os metacarpale  [descriptor in Bone]
os metatarsale  [descriptor in Bone]
- os naviculare  [lexical variant of os naviculare (pedis) in Bone]
os naviculare (pedis)  [descriptor in Bone]
os occipitale  [descriptor in Bone]
- os occiptale  [lexical variant of os occipitale in Bone]
os pisiforme  [descriptor in Bone]
os pubis  [descriptor in Bone]
os scafoideum  [descriptor in Bone]
os tarsale  [descriptor in Bone]
os trapezium  [descriptor in Bone]
os trapezoideum  [descriptor in Bone]
os triquetrum  [descriptor in Bone]
- ossa tarsalia  [lexical variant of os tarsale in Bone]
osseointegrated bone anchor  [descriptor in Device]
ossicula auditoria  [descriptor in Bone]
ossicular prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
osteitis  [descriptor in Pathology]
osteo-dural breach  [descriptor in NeurologicalPathology]
osteocutaneous graft  [descriptor in Graft]
osteophyte  [descriptor in Lesion]
ostia venarum pulmonalium  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
ostium  [descriptor in BodySpace]
ostium secundum  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
- other side  [lexical variant of contralateral in Laterality]
- other_side  [lexical variant of contralateral in Laterality]
  OTHER_THAN  [link]
outer canthus  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
outlet muscular septum  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
outlet patch  [descriptor in Structure]
- outside  [lexical variant of outside body in Position]
outside body  [descriptor in Position]
outside cranium  [descriptor in Position]
oval window  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
- ovarian fimbria  [lexical variant of fimbriae of fallopian tube in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- ovarian structure  [lexical variant of ovary in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- ovaries  [lexical variant of ovary in FemaleGenitalSystem]
ovary  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
ovum  [descriptor in Structure]
oxygen  [descriptor in Chemical]
oxygen pressure  [descriptor in Feature]
oxygenating  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
oxygenator  [descriptor in Device]
- ozena  [lexical variant of rhinitis in RespiratorySystemPathology]

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pacemaker  [descriptor in Device]
pacemaker battery  [descriptor in Device]
- pacemaker system  [lexical variant of pacemaker in Device]
- pacing - action  [lexical variant of pacing action in Deed]
pacing action  [descriptor in Deed]
pack  [descriptor in Structure]
pain  [descriptor in Pathology]
pain threshold  [descriptor in Characteristic]
painful  [descriptor in Feature]
palate  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
palatine bone cleft  [descriptor in Lesion]
palatine uvula  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
palatoschisis  [descriptor in Lesion]
pallidum  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
palm  [descriptor in Anatomy]
palmoplantar pustulosis  [descriptor in Pathology]
palpable  [descriptor in Feature]
palpebra inferior  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
palpebra inferior retraction  [descriptor in Pathology]
palpebra superior  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
palpebra superior retraction  [descriptor in Pathology]
palpebral cartilage  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
panaritium  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
- Panas  [lexical variant of panas method in Method]
panas method  [descriptor in Method]
pancreas  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
pancreas head  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
pancreas tail  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
pancreatic duct  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
pancreatic pseudocyst  [descriptor in Lesion]
pancreatic vein  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
pancreatitis  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemPathology]
pannus  [descriptor in Pathology]
papilla  [descriptor in Lesion]
papillary muscle  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
para latero-nasal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
para-aortic lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
- para-aortic node  [lexical variant of para-aortic lymph node group in LymphNode]
paraesthesia  [descriptor in Pathology]
parailiac lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
paramesonephricus  [descriptor in Anatomy]
parametrium  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
paranasal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
paraphimosis  [descriptor in ReproductivePathology]
paraprosthetic aortic regurgitation  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
paraprosthetic mitral regurgitation  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
paraprosthetic pulmonary regurgitation  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
paraprosthetic tricuspid regurgitation  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
parasitic cyst  [descriptor in Lesion]
parathyroid adenoma  [descriptor in EndocrinePathology]
parathyroid gland  [descriptor in Gland]
parathyroid gland disorder  [descriptor in EndocrinePathology]
- parathyroid structures  [lexical variant of parathyroid gland in Gland]
parenchyma of testis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- parenchyma_of_testis  [lexical variant of parenchyma of testis in MaleGenitalSystem]
parietal pleura  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
Park  [descriptor in Method]
parks method  [descriptor in Method]
parodoxical bronchospasm  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
parotid duct  [descriptor in Anatomy]
parotid gland  [descriptor in Gland]
parotid space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
paroxysmal  [descriptor in Feature]
paroxysmal atrial fibrillation  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
paroxysmal atrial tachycardia  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
pars abdominalis aortae  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
pars abdominalis aortae infrarenalis  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
pars abdominalis aortae suprarenalis  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
pars descendens aorta  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
pars laryngea pharyngis  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
pars pigmentosa of retina  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
pars thoracica aorta  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
pars tympanica ossis temporalis  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
part  [descriptor in Anatomy]
part of skin of knee region  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
part of uterus  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
partial  [descriptor in Extent]
partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection  [descriptor in Lesion]
- partial extent  [lexical variant of partial in Extent]
  PartOfHeart  [category]
parturition  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
- passing through  [lexical variant of inserting in Deed]
past  [descriptor in Feature]
pasteurella  [descriptor in Organism]
patch  [descriptor in Structure]
patch technique  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
patching  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- patching - action  [lexical variant of patching in SPETBanned]
- patching action  [lexical variant of patching in SPETBanned]
patella  [descriptor in Bone]
patent  [descriptor in Feature]
patent ductus arteriosus  [descriptor in Lesion]
patent ductus closure prosthesis  [descriptor in Device]
patent foramen ovale  [descriptor in Lesion]
patent ostium secundum  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
patent processus vaginalis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
pathological  [descriptor in Feature]
pathological body structure  [descriptor in Lesion]
pathological connection  [descriptor in Lesion]
pathological fistula  [descriptor in Lesion]
pathological hole  [descriptor in Lesion]
pathological membrane  [descriptor in Lesion]
pathological posture  [descriptor in Pathology]
pathological sinus  [descriptor in Lesion]
pathological tissue  [descriptor in Pathology]
pathology  [descriptor in Pathology]
  Pathology  [category]
pathology process  [descriptor in Pathology]
pathology testing  [descriptor in Deed]
patient  [descriptor in Person]
- Patient  [lexical variant of patient in Person]
patient donor  [descriptor in OrganDonor]
- patientDonor  [lexical variant of patient donor in OrganDonor]
pectineal ligament  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- pectoral muscle  [lexical variant of pectoralis muscle in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
pectoralis major muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
pectoralis minor muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
pectoralis muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
pectus carinatus  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemPathology]
pectus excavatum  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemPathology]
pedicle flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
pedicle hemorrhoid  [descriptor in Lesion]
pedicle myocutaneous flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
pedicle myoma  [descriptor in Lesion]
- pedicle_flap  [lexical variant of pedicle flap in AnatomicalPart]
pediculus arcus vertebrae  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- pelvi ureteric junction  [lexical variant of pelviureteric junction in UpperUrinaryTract]
pelvic bone  [descriptor in Bone]
pelvic brim  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
pelvic cavity  [descriptor in BodySpace]
pelvic fascia  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
pelvic girdle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
pelvic lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
pelvic lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
- pelvic lymphnode  [lexical variant of pelvic lymph node in LymphNode]
pelvic organ  [descriptor in Anatomy]
pelvic peritoneum  [descriptor in Anatomy]
pelvic region  [descriptor in Anatomy]
pelvic ureter  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
pelvic vessels  [descriptor in PelvicBloodVessel]
  PelvicBloodVessel  [category]
- pelvic_ureter  [lexical variant of pelvic ureter in UpperUrinaryTract]
pelvirectal region  [descriptor in Anatomy]
pelvirectal tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
pelvis  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
pelviureteric junction  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
Pemberton  [descriptor in Method]
penile prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
- penile structure  [lexical variant of penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
penile urethra  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
penile vein  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
penis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- pénis  [lexical variant of penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
- penis fraenum  [lexical variant of frenulum of prepuce of penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
- penis_fraenum  [lexical variant of frenulum of prepuce of penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
peptic ulcer  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemPathology]
perception  [descriptor in Deed]
percussion  [descriptor in Deed]
- percutaneous  [lexical variant of percutaneous route in Approach]
- percutaneous approach  [lexical variant of percutaneous route in Approach]
percutaneous route  [descriptor in Approach]
perforating  [descriptor in Deed]
perforating vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
perforation  [descriptor in Lesion]
perfusing  [descriptor in Deed]
peri articular  [descriptor in Anatomy]
peri cranial space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
peri mandibula space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
peri maxilla space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
peri neck of urinary bladder space  [descriptor in Anatomy]
peri oesophagus space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
peri orbit space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
peri prostate space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
peri spinal cord space  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
peri temporo mandibular joint space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
peri urethra space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
perianal pathological tissue  [descriptor in Pathology]
perianal region  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
perianal skin  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
perianal skin tag  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemPathology]
perianal tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
peribulbar  [descriptor in Anatomy]
pericardial cavity  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
pericardial patch  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
pericardial structure  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
pericarditis  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
pericardium  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
pericolostomy region  [descriptor in Anatomy]
perilymphatic labyrinth  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
perimeter  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
perimeter device  [descriptor in Device]
perindopril  [descriptor in Chemical]
perineal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
perineal membrane urethra  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
perineal space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
- perineal_approach route  [lexical variant of perineal approach in Approach]
- perineal_membrane urethra  [lexical variant of perineal membrane urethra in MaleGenitalSystem]
perineo scrotum  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
perineo scrotum junction  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- perineo_scrotum  [lexical variant of perineo scrotum in MaleGenitalSystem]
- perineo_scrotum_junction  [lexical variant of perineo scrotum junction in MaleGenitalSystem]
perineum  [descriptor in GenitoUrinarySystemAnatomy]
perioral dermatitis  [descriptor in Pathology]
- periost  [lexical variant of periosteum in BodySubstance]
periosteum  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
- periostium  [lexical variant of periosteum in BodySubstance]
peripharyngeal structure  [descriptor in Anatomy]
peripheral  [descriptor in Position]
peripheral blood vessel  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
peripheral nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
  PeripheralBloodVessel  [category]
periprosthetic capsule  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
perirectal lesion  [descriptor in Lesion]
perirectal region  [descriptor in Anatomy]
perirectal tissue  [descriptor in Anatomy]
perirenal space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
peritoneal cavity  [descriptor in BodySpace]
peritoneal cavity structure  [descriptor in BodySpace]
peritoneal pseudomyxoma  [descriptor in Pathology]
- peritoneal_cavity  [lexical variant of peritoneal cavity in BodySpace]
peritoneum  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
peritoneum parietale  [descriptor in Anatomy]
peritoneum viscerale  [descriptor in Anatomy]
peritonitis  [descriptor in Pathology]
peritonsil space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
periungual skin  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
perivertebral space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
permanent  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
permanent infusing pump device  [descriptor in Device]
permanent tooth  [descriptor in Anatomy]
permanent_record  [descriptor in AbstractStructure]
permeatal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
peroneal artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
peroral  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
persistent descending vein  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
persistent left superior vena cava  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
persistent thymus  [descriptor in Pathology]
persistent thyroglossal duct  [descriptor in Lesion]
persistent truncus arteriosus  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
persistent vertical vein  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
  Person  [category]
perspiration  [descriptor in Deed]
petro clivus area  [descriptor in Anatomy]
petrosal nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
petrous apex of mastoid  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
petrous bone  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
petrous bone spike  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- petrous part of temporal bone  [lexical variant of petrous bone in SensorySystemAnatomy]
petrous part of temporal bone approach  [descriptor in Approach]
- petrous part of temporal bone spike  [lexical variant of petrous bone spike in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- peumothorax  [lexical variant of pneumothorax in Lesion]
peyronie''s disease  [descriptor in ReproductivePathology]
phaeochromocytoma  [descriptor in Lesion]
phaeomyces fungal  [descriptor in Untyped]
phalanx  [descriptor in Bone]
phalanx of foot  [descriptor in Bone]
pharmacodynamics trial  [descriptor in Deed]
pharmacological action  [descriptor in Untyped]
pharmacological effect  [descriptor in Deed]
pharyngeal structure  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
pharynx  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
phegmon  [descriptor in Lesion]
phenomenon  [descriptor in Things]
pheochromocytoma  [descriptor in EndocrinePathology]
philtrum  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
phimosis  [descriptor in ReproductivePathology]
- phlegmone  [lexical variant of phegmon in Lesion]
phonation  [descriptor in AbstractStructure]
phonatory implant  [descriptor in Device]
photosensitisation  [descriptor in Deed]
photosensitizing drug  [descriptor in Chemical]
phrenic nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
physical agents  [descriptor in Things]
physical process device  [descriptor in Device]
physiological action  [descriptor in Untyped]
pigmentation  [descriptor in Untyped]
pilonidal cyst  [descriptor in Pathology]
pin  [descriptor in Device]
pineal gland  [descriptor in Gland]
- pineal structure  [lexical variant of pineal gland in Gland]
pink  [descriptor in Feature]
pinna structure  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
pituitary adenoma  [descriptor in EndocrinePathology]
pituitary gland  [descriptor in Gland]
pituitary gland box  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
pituitary stalk  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
- pituitary structure  [lexical variant of pituitary gland in Gland]
placement of device  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
placenta  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- placing  [lexical variant of inserting in Deed]
planning  [descriptor in HealthCareAct]
plantar extensor muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
plantar flexor muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
plasma concentration  [descriptor in Feature]
plasma concentration of cholesterol  [descriptor in Feature]
plasma concentration of potassium  [descriptor in Feature]
plasma concentration of sodium  [descriptor in Feature]
plasma concentration of triglyceride  [descriptor in Feature]
plaster  [descriptor in Substance]
plaster bed  [descriptor in Device]
plaster dressing  [descriptor in Device]
plaster jacket  [descriptor in Device]
plastibell  [descriptor in Device]
plastic constructing  [descriptor in Deed]
- plastic repair  [lexical variant of plastic repairing in Deed]
plastic repair of aorta  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
plastic repairing  [descriptor in Deed]
plastic surgery  [descriptor in Deed]
- plastic surgical deed  [lexical variant of plastic constructing in Deed]
plate  [descriptor in Device]
plateau  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
platelet  [descriptor in Structure]
platelet count  [descriptor in Feature]
platysma  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
playing  [descriptor in Deed]
pleura  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
pleura parietalis  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
pleura visceralis  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
pleural cavity  [descriptor in BodySpace]
pleural space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
pleural structure  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
- pleuric cavity  [lexical variant of pleural cavity in BodySpace]
plexus  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
plexus brachialis  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
plexus coeliacus  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
plica genionasal  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
plica palpebra superior  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
plica vocalis  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
plicating  [descriptor in Deed]
- plicating (an aneurysm)  [lexical variant of plicating in Deed]
- plication action  [lexical variant of plicating in Deed]
plucking  [descriptor in Deed]
plug  [descriptor in Device]
plug device  [descriptor in Device]
pneumothorax  [descriptor in Lesion]
- pocket  [lexical variant of pouch in AnatomicalPart]
Politzer Method  [descriptor in Method]
polycystic ovary  [descriptor in Lesion]
polyotia  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
polyp  [descriptor in Lesion]
polytetrafluoroethylene graft  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
polyuria  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
- ponto cerebellar angle  [lexical variant of pontocerebellar angle in NervousSystemAnatomy]
pontocerebellar angle  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
poor  [descriptor in Feature]
poor vision  [descriptor in Pathology]
popliteal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
popliteal area  [descriptor in Anatomy]
popliteal artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
popliteal lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
popliteal vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
poppet  [descriptor in Device]
porcine cardiac valve  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
porphyrin ring  [descriptor in Untyped]
portal hypertension  [descriptor in Pathology]
portal system vein  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
portal vein  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
portal vein to superior vena cava  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
- portion  [lexical variant of solid part in Anatomy]
  Position  [category]
positioning  [descriptor in Deed]
post-mortem  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
postaural approach  [descriptor in Approach]
postauricular flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
posterior  [descriptor in Position]
posterior ampullar nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
posterior apertures of nose  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
posterior approach  [descriptor in Approach]
posterior carpal branch  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
posterior chamber  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
posterior commissure of spinal cord  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
posterior fornix  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
posterior funiculus of spinal cord  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
posterior meatal wall of external auditory canal  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
posterior part  [descriptor in Anatomy]
posterior part of symphysis pubis  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
posterior penis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- posterior portion  [lexical variant of posterior part in Anatomy]
posterior root of spinal nerve  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
posterior semicircular canal  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
posterior tibial artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
posterior tibial vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
posterior vagus nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
posterior wall  [descriptor in Anatomy]
posterior wall of vagina  [descriptor in Lesion]
posterior wrap 270 degrees  [descriptor in Feature]
posterior wrap 360 degrees  [descriptor in Feature]
- posterior_penis  [lexical variant of posterior penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
postero-lateral approach  [descriptor in Approach]
postero-lateral vertebral joint  [descriptor in Joint]
- postero-latéral vertebral joint  [lexical variant of postero-lateral vertebral joint in Joint]
posterolateral cervical lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
postoperative  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
postpartum  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
postural hypotension  [descriptor in Pathology]
posture  [descriptor in Feature]
potassium  [descriptor in Chemical]
potentiating  [descriptor in Deed]
Pott  [descriptor in Method]
pouch  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
powder  [descriptor in Substance]
pravastatin  [descriptor in Chemical]
pre chin foramen mandibula horizontal part  [descriptor in Anatomy]
pre ear approach  [descriptor in Approach]
pre lateral sinus route  [descriptor in Approach]
pre pectoralis major muscle space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
pre tragus of auricle space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
prefabricated  [descriptor in Feature]
pregnancy  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
pregnancy during the first quarter  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
pregnancy during the second quarter  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
- pregnancy equal to or more than 22 amenorrhea week  [lexical variant of pregnancy equal to or more than 22 weeks amenorrhea in TemporalMarker]
pregnancy equal to or more than 22 weeks amenorrhea  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
pregnancy less than 22 amenorrhea weeks  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
pregnant patient  [descriptor in Person]
prelaryngeal lymphnode  [descriptor in LymphNode]
- premature  [lexical variant of premature infant in Person]
premature infant  [descriptor in Person]
premolar  [descriptor in Anatomy]
preperitoneal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
- prépuce  [lexical variant of prepuce of penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
prepuce of penis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- prepuce_of penis  [lexical variant of prepuce of penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
- prepuce_of_penis  [lexical variant of prepuce of penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
- preputial structure  [lexical variant of prepuce of penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
- preputium  [lexical variant of prepuce of penis in MaleGenitalSystem]
presence  [descriptor in Characteristic]
presenting  [descriptor in Deed]
presenting part  [descriptor in Anatomy]
preserving  [descriptor in Deed]
pressure  [descriptor in Feature]
pressure captor device  [descriptor in Device]
presternal space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
pretracheal lymphnode  [descriptor in LymphNode]
preventing  [descriptor in Deed]
previous history  [descriptor in Characteristic]
priapism  [descriptor in ReproductivePathology]
- primarily  [lexical variant of primary in TemporalMarker]
primary  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
primary aetiology  [descriptor in Feature]
primary healing1  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
primary stage  [descriptor in Untyped]
primipara  [descriptor in Person]
princeps pollicis artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
probe  [descriptor in Device]
probing  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
procedure  [descriptor in Deed]
process  [descriptor in Deed]
  Process  [category]
processus alveolaris  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
processus coracoideus  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- processus styloideus  [lexical variant of styloid process in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
processus vaginalis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- processus vaginalis peritonei  [lexical variant of processus vaginalis in MaleGenitalSystem]
- proctosigmodoscope  [lexical variant of proctosigmoidoscope in Device]
proctosigmoidoscope  [descriptor in Device]
product of conception  [descriptor in Structure]
profound deficiency of structure  [descriptor in Untyped]
profunda femoris artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
progestrogenic role  [descriptor in Characteristic]
prognathism  [descriptor in Pathology]
progressive  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
progressive vaginal traction device  [descriptor in Device]
prolapse  [descriptor in Lesion]
prolapsed hemorrhoids  [descriptor in Lesion]
- prolapsed tissue  [lexical variant of prolapse in Lesion]
prolapsing  [descriptor in Pathology]
proliferative  [descriptor in Feature]
- prolonged  [lexical variant of prolonged duration in Feature]
prolonged duration  [descriptor in Feature]
prolonged QT interval  [descriptor in Feature]
prolonged use  [descriptor in Deed]
- promontorium  [lexical variant of promontory of sacrum in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
promontory of sacrum  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
prophylaxis  [descriptor in HealthCareAct]
propionibacterium propionicum  [descriptor in Organism]
proprioception  [descriptor in Deed]
prostaglandin  [descriptor in Chemical]
- prostate  [lexical variant of prostate gland in Gland]
prostate gland  [descriptor in Gland]
- prostatic structure  [lexical variant of prostate gland in Gland]
prostatic urethra  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- prostatic_urethra  [lexical variant of prostatic urethra in MaleGenitalSystem]
- prosthesis  [lexical variant of prosthetic implant in Prosthesis]
  Prosthesis  [category]
prosthesis of angelcyck  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
prosthetic cardiac annuloplasty ring  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
prosthetic cardiac paravalvular leak  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
- prosthetic chord  [lexical variant of prosthetic chorda tendinae in Prosthesis]
prosthetic chorda tendinae  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
prosthetic ear bone anchor pin  [descriptor in Device]
prosthetic graft  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
prosthetic heart  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
prosthetic heart valve  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
prosthetic implant  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
prosthetic implant box  [descriptor in Device]
prosthetic implant ring  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
prosthetic lens  [descriptor in Device]
prosthetic limb appliance  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
prosthetic patch  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
prosthetic ring  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
prosthetic shunt  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
prosthetic valve  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
protecting  [descriptor in Deed]
proteus  [descriptor in Organism]
proteus mirabilis  [descriptor in Organism]
proton pump  [descriptor in Chemical]
proximal  [descriptor in Position]
proximal colon  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
proximal end  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- proximal part  [lexical variant of proximal in Position]
proximal vein trunks  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
proximal vertebral artery  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
pruritis  [descriptor in Pathology]
pseudarthrose  [descriptor in Pathology]
pseudo hermaphrodism  [descriptor in Person]
pseudocyst  [descriptor in Lesion]
pseudomonas  [descriptor in Organism]
pseudomonas aeruginosa  [descriptor in Organism]
psoas  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
psychological depression  [descriptor in Pathology]
psychological process  [descriptor in Deed]
psychological system  [descriptor in Untyped]
pterygium  [descriptor in Lesion]
ptosis  [descriptor in Pathology]
ptosis lipomatosis  [descriptor in Lesion]
ptosis suture  [descriptor in Device]
pubic symphysis  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- pubis  [lexical variant of os pubis in Bone]
puborectalis muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
pudendal nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
Puig-Massana  [descriptor in Method]
pulmonary alveoli  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
pulmonary artery  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
pulmonary artery autograft  [descriptor in Graft]
- pulmonary artery structure  [lexical variant of pulmonary artery in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
pulmonary artresia  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
pulmonary atresia with ventricular septal defect  [descriptor in Pathology]
pulmonary blood vessel  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
pulmonary circulation  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
pulmonary hilus  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
pulmonary leaflet  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
pulmonary sequestration  [descriptor in Lesion]
pulmonary sling  [descriptor in Device]
pulmonary trunk  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
pulmonary valve  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
pulmonary valve cusp  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
pulmonary valve structure  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
pulmonary vascular structure  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
pulmonary vein  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
pulmonary venous pathway  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
pulsation balloon  [descriptor in Device]
pulse generator  [descriptor in Device]
pulsed wave doppler ultrasound machine  [descriptor in Device]
pump  [descriptor in Device]
pumping  [descriptor in Deed]
punch  [descriptor in Device]
puncturing  [descriptor in Deed]
pupil  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
- pupilla  [lexical variant of pupil in SensorySystemAnatomy]
pure tone  [descriptor in AbstractStructure]
pure tone audiometer device  [descriptor in Device]
putting into traction  [descriptor in Deed]
pylorus  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
pyonephrosis  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
pyramidal lobe of thyroid  [descriptor in EndocrineSystemAnatomy]
pyrexia  [descriptor in Feature]
- pyschological depression  [lexical variant of psychological depression in Pathology]

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QRS complex  [descriptor in AbstractStructure]
QT interval  [descriptor in Feature]
  Quantity  [category]
quarter  [descriptor in Extent]
quarter part  [descriptor in Anatomy]
quiescent TB  [descriptor in Untyped]
quintus varus  [descriptor in Lesion]

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radial  [descriptor in Feature]
radial artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
radical  [descriptor in Extent]
- radical attitude  [lexical variant of radical in Extent]
- radical extent  [lexical variant of radical in Extent]
- radio-ulnair joint  [lexical variant of radioulnar joint in Joint]
radioactive destruction  [descriptor in Deed]
radioactive process device  [descriptor in Device]
radioactive substance  [descriptor in Substance]
radiocarpal joint  [descriptor in Joint]
radiofrequency  [descriptor in Substance]
radiofrequency cautery device  [descriptor in Device]
radiofrequency controlled thermal probe  [descriptor in Device]
radiofrequency destruction  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
radiographic contrast medium  [descriptor in Material]
radiological contrast medium  [descriptor in Material]
radiotherapy  [descriptor in Deed]
radiotherapy hardware  [descriptor in Device]
radioulnar joint  [descriptor in Joint]
radius  [descriptor in Bone]
raising  [descriptor in Deed]
ramus  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
ramus of mandible  [descriptor in Bone]
randomly repeating  [descriptor in Feature]
  Range  [category]
Rankin  [descriptor in Method]
rare  [descriptor in Feature]
Rastelli  [descriptor in Method]
rate  [descriptor in Feature]
- reattaching  [lexical variant of fixing in Deed]
recanalizing  [descriptor in Deed]
recent  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
recent surgery  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
receptor binding  [descriptor in Deed]
recessing  [descriptor in Deed]
recessus epitympanicus  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
reconstructing  [descriptor in Deed]
reconstruction  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- reconstruction - action  [lexical variant of reconstructing in Deed]
recording  [descriptor in Deed]
rectal mucosa  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
rectal mucosal flap  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
- rectal pull through  [lexical variant of rectal pull through method in Method]
rectal pull through method  [descriptor in Method]
rectal wall  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
recto vaginal fistula  [descriptor in Lesion]
- recto vaginal septum  [lexical variant of rectovaginal septum in AnatomicalPart]
rectocele  [descriptor in Lesion]
rectosigmoid  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
- rectouterine fossa  [lexical variant of rectouterine pouch in FemaleGenitalSystem]
rectouterine pouch  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
rectovaginal septum  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
rectovesical pouch  [descriptor in BodySpace]
rectum  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
- rectum structure  [lexical variant of rectum in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
rectum to anus  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
rectus abdominis muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- recurrence  [lexical variant of revision in TemporalMarker]
recurrent  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
recurrent tumour  [descriptor in Lesion]
recurrentlaryngealnerve lymphnode  [descriptor in LymphNode]
- reducing  [lexical variant of reducing (a fracture) in Deed]
reducing (a dislocation)  [descriptor in Deed]
reducing (a fracture or prolapse)  [descriptor in Deed]
reducing (a fracture)  [descriptor in Deed]
reducing (a hernia)  [descriptor in Deed]
reducing (a prolapse or intussusception)  [descriptor in Deed]
- reducing (of tissue)  [lexical variant of reduction - action in Deed]
- reducing position  [lexical variant of reducing (a fracture or prolapse) in Deed]
reduction - action  [descriptor in Deed]
redundant  [descriptor in Feature]
redundant mucosa  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
reentrant pathway  [descriptor in Lesion]
reentrant tachycardia  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
refashioning  [descriptor in Deed]
reflex  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
reflux  [descriptor in Deed]
regeneration  [descriptor in Deed]
region  [descriptor in Anatomy]
region of scalp  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
region over levator ani  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- reHELPrcement  [lexical variant of reinforcing in Deed]
- reimplantation action  [lexical variant of reimplanting in Deed]
reimplanting  [descriptor in Deed]
- reinforcement  [lexical variant of reinforcing in Deed]
- reinforcement action  [lexical variant of reinforcing in Deed]
reinforcing  [descriptor in Deed]
rejection  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
relaxing  [descriptor in Deed]
- release  [lexical variant of releasing in Deed]
- release action  [lexical variant of releasing in Deed]
releasing  [descriptor in Deed]
relocating  [descriptor in Deed]
remenant  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- removable  [lexical variant of temporary in TemporalMarker]
- removal  [lexical variant of removing in Deed]
- removal action  [lexical variant of removing in Deed]
removing  [descriptor in Deed]
- Removing  [lexical variant of removing in Deed]
renal artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
renal artery stenosis  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
renal calyx  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
renal cortex  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
- renal dialysing  [lexical variant of renal dialysis in Deed]
renal dialysis  [descriptor in Deed]
renal failure  [descriptor in RenalPathology]
renal function  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
renal medulla  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
renal pelvis  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
renal pelvis route  [descriptor in Approach]
renal tubule  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
renal vein  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
  RenalPathology  [category]
- renalpelvis  [lexical variant of renal pelvis in UpperUrinaryTract]
- renal_dialysis  [lexical variant of renal dialysis in Deed]
- renal_pelvis  [lexical variant of renal pelvis in UpperUrinaryTract]
- renal_pelvis route  [lexical variant of renal pelvis route in Approach]
reoperation  [descriptor in Deed]
- reorganisation  [lexical variant of reorganizing in Deed]
reorganizing  [descriptor in Deed]
- repair - action  [lexical variant of repairing in Deed]
- repair action  [lexical variant of repairing in Deed]
repairing  [descriptor in Deed]
- repairing1  [lexical variant of repairing in Deed]
repelling  [descriptor in Deed]
  REPLACES  [link]
replacing  [descriptor in Deed]
repositioning  [descriptor in Deed]
  ReproductivePathology  [category]
resected_area  [descriptor in Anatomy]
resecting  [descriptor in Deed]
reservoir  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- reshaping  [lexical variant of plastic constructing in Deed]
residual  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
resin  [descriptor in Chemical]
resin setting device  [descriptor in Device]
respiration  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
respiratory structure  [descriptor in Anatomy]
respiratory system  [descriptor in Anatomy]
respiratory tract  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
  RespiratorySystemAnatomy  [category]
  RespiratorySystemPathology  [category]
- restoration1  [lexical variant of correcting in Deed]
restoring  [descriptor in Deed]
restrictive ventricular septal defect  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
retaining  [descriptor in Deed]
retardation  [descriptor in Deed]
retina  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
retracted tympanic membrane  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
retro auricular sulcus  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
retro chin foramen mandibula horizontal part  [descriptor in Anatomy]
retro lateral sinus route  [descriptor in Approach]
retro pectoralis major muscle space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
retro retina space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
retro spina spix part  [descriptor in Bone]
retro urinary bladder space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
retrobulbar  [descriptor in Approach]
retrocaval ureter  [descriptor in UpperUrinaryTract]
- retrocaval_ureter  [lexical variant of retrocaval ureter in UpperUrinaryTract]
retrocostoxiphoid space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
retroflexio  [descriptor in Position]
retrograde  [descriptor in Approach]
retrolabyrinthine appoach  [descriptor in Approach]
retromeatus urethra  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
retroperitoneal space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
- retroperitonealspace  [lexical variant of retroperitoneal space in BodySpace]
- retroperitoneal_space  [lexical variant of retroperitoneal space in BodySpace]
- retroperitoneum  [lexical variant of retroperitoneal space in BodySpace]
retropharyngeal space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
retropleural space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
retropubic approach  [descriptor in Approach]
retropubic space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
retrorectal region  [descriptor in Anatomy]
retrosternal space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
retrosternal thyroid gland  [descriptor in Lesion]
retrostyloidprocess space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
revascularisation  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
revascularisation - action  [descriptor in Deed]
- revascularisation action  [lexical variant of revascularisation in BodyProcess]
revascularizating  [descriptor in Deed]
- revascularization  [lexical variant of revascularisation in BodyProcess]
- reversal - action  [lexical variant of reversal action in Deed]
reversal action  [descriptor in Deed]
revising  [descriptor in Deed]
revision  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
rheumatic fever  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemPathology]
rheumatic heart disease  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemPathology]
rhinitis  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemPathology]
rhinophyma  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemPathology]
rhinoscope  [descriptor in Device]
rib  [descriptor in Bone]
rib1  [descriptor in Bone]
rib7  [descriptor in Bone]
rickettsia  [descriptor in Organism]
rickettsia akari  [descriptor in Organism]
rickettsia australis  [descriptor in Organism]
rickettsia conorii  [descriptor in Organism]
rickettsia rickettsii  [descriptor in Organism]
rickettsia sibirica  [descriptor in Organism]
rickettsia typhi  [descriptor in Organism]
rickettsiales  [descriptor in Organism]
rifamycin  [descriptor in Chemical]
right  [descriptor in Laterality]
right atrial structure  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
right atrium  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
right colon  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
right coronary artery  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
right Fallopian tube  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
right heart  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
right heart ventricle  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
right ovary  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
right pulmonary artery  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
right side of heart  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
right ventricle  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
right ventricle outlet  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
right ventricular assist device  [descriptor in Device]
right ventricular outflow tract  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
- Right ventricular outflow tract  [lexical variant of right ventricular outflow tract in PartOfHeart]
- right ventricular structure  [lexical variant of right ventricle in PartOfHeart]
right ventriculotomy  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
rigid  [descriptor in Feature]
rigid proctosigmoidoscope  [descriptor in Device]
rigid prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
rigidity  [descriptor in Feature]
- rigidity feature  [lexical variant of rigidity in Feature]
- rigid_prosthesis  [lexical variant of rigid prosthesis in Prosthesis]
rima glottidis  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
ring  [descriptor in Structure]
ring anomaly  [descriptor in Lesion]
ring pessary - value  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
ring shape  [descriptor in Feature]
Ripstein  [descriptor in Method]
ritual  [descriptor in Deed]
roof  [descriptor in Anatomy]
root  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
rosacea  [descriptor in Pathology]
rotablator  [descriptor in Device]
rotating  [descriptor in Deed]
rotation - action  [descriptor in Deed]
- rotation action  [lexical variant of rotating in Deed]
round ligament of uterus  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
round window  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
- rubber band  [lexical variant of band ligature in Device]
rubber seton  [descriptor in Device]
rupture  [descriptor in Lesion]
- Rupture  [lexical variant of rupture in Lesion]
ruptured wound  [descriptor in Lesion]

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saccule structure  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
sacculus vestibuli  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
sacral  [descriptor in Anatomy]
sacral approach  [descriptor in Approach]
sacro-iliacal joint  [descriptor in Joint]
sacrum  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
sagittal  [descriptor in Characteristic]
saliva  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
salivary duct  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
salivary gland  [descriptor in Gland]
salmonella  [descriptor in Organism]
salmonella cholerae-suis (sensu stricto)  [descriptor in Organism]
salmonella paratyphi A  [descriptor in Organism]
salmonella paratyphi B  [descriptor in Organism]
salmonella paratyphi C  [descriptor in Organism]
salmonella typhi  [descriptor in Organism]
salpingeal lumen route  [descriptor in Approach]
salpinx  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
- same side  [lexical variant of ipsilateral in Laterality]
sampling  [descriptor in Deed]
- sampling - action  [lexical variant of sampling in Deed]
saphenofemoral junction  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
saphenopopliteal junction  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
saphenous vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
saphenous vein graft  [descriptor in Graft]
- saphenous_vein  [lexical variant of saphenous vein in PeripheralBloodVessel]
Sauer-Bacon  [descriptor in Method]
- scalene muscle  [lexical variant of scalenus muscle in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
scalenus anticus muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
scalenus muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
scalp  [descriptor in Anatomy]
scalp vein  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
scalpel  [descriptor in Device]
scanning audiometer device  [descriptor in Device]
scapula  [descriptor in Bone]
scar  [descriptor in Lesion]
scar tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
Schuchardts Method  [descriptor in Method]
scimitar syndrome  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
sclera  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- scleral structure  [lexical variant of sclera in Anatomy]
- sclerosant  [lexical variant of sclerosing agent in Material]
sclerosing  [descriptor in Deed]
sclerosing agent  [descriptor in Material]
- sclerosing_substance  [lexical variant of sclerosing agent in Material]
sclerosis  [descriptor in Lesion]
sclerotherapy  [descriptor in Deed]
scotoma  [descriptor in Pathology]
scraping  [descriptor in Deed]
screw  [descriptor in Device]
scribner shunt  [descriptor in Device]
- scrotal  [lexical variant of scrotum in MaleGenitalSystem]
scrotal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
scrotal skin  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- scrotal structure  [lexical variant of scrotum in MaleGenitalSystem]
scrotal wall structure  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- scrotal_approach  [lexical variant of scrotal approach in Approach]
scrotum  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
sebaceous gland  [descriptor in Gland]
second  [descriptor in OrdinalPosition]
second branchial cleft  [descriptor in Anatomy]
second degree  [descriptor in Untyped]
second stage of multistaged procedure  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
second trimester of pregnancy  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
- secondarily  [lexical variant of secondary in TemporalMarker]
secondary  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
secretion  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
- sectio  [lexical variant of part in Anatomy]
- secundary  [lexical variant of secondary in TemporalMarker]
sedating  [descriptor in Deed]
segment  [descriptor in Anatomy]
segment of kidney  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
segmenta intestinum tenue mesenteriale  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
segmenta_intestinum_tenue_mesenteriale  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
seizure  [descriptor in Pathology]
self-retaining catheter  [descriptor in Device]
semen  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
semi-rigid penile prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
semicircular canal posterior  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
semicircular canal structure  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
semilunar cartilage  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- seminal vescicle  [lexical variant of seminal vesicle in MaleGenitalSystem]
seminal vesicle  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- seminal vesicle structure  [lexical variant of seminal vesicle in MaleGenitalSystem]
- seminal_vesicle  [lexical variant of seminal vesicle in MaleGenitalSystem]
semirigid  [descriptor in Feature]
semirigid prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
- semirigid_prosthesis  [lexical variant of semirigid prosthesis in Prosthesis]
Senning  [descriptor in Method]
sensation  [descriptor in Deed]
sense  [descriptor in Deed]
sense of pressure  [descriptor in Deed]
sense of temperature  [descriptor in Deed]
sensitivity  [descriptor in Feature]
  SensorySystemAnatomy  [category]
  SensorySystemPathology  [category]
separating  [descriptor in Deed]
septal defect prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
septate uterus  [descriptor in Lesion]
- septation - action  [lexical variant of septation action in Deed]
septation action  [descriptor in Deed]
- septo 2  [lexical variant of septomarginal trabeculation 2 in CardiovascularPathology]
septomarginal trabeculation  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
septomarginal trabeculation 2  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
septostomy blade  [descriptor in Device]
septum  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
septum pellucidum  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
sequential  [descriptor in Method]
sequestrum  [descriptor in Lesion]
seromuscular layer  [descriptor in Anatomy]
seromuscular layers of the stomach  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
serratia  [descriptor in Organism]
serratus anterior muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
  SERVES  [link]
sesamoid bone  [descriptor in Bone]
seton  [descriptor in Device]
several  [descriptor in Range]
- Several  [lexical variant of several in Range]
severe  [descriptor in Feature]
  Sex  [category]
- sexual helpless  [lexical variant of impotence in ReproductivePathology]
shaft  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
shape  [descriptor in Feature]
shaving  [descriptor in Deed]
sheath  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
sheath of penis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
shelf pessary  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
shigella  [descriptor in Organism]
short acting  [descriptor in Chemical]
short bone  [descriptor in Bone]
short length  [descriptor in Feature]
short saphenous vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
shortening  [descriptor in Deed]
- shortening - action  [lexical variant of shortening in Deed]
- shortening action  [lexical variant of shortening in Deed]
shoulder  [descriptor in Anatomy]
shoulder girdle  [descriptor in Anatomy]
shoulder girdle structure  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- shoulder joint  [lexical variant of joint of shoulder in Joint]
shoulder presentation  [descriptor in Person]
- shunt  [lexical variant of shunt structure in AnatomicalConnection]
shunt device  [descriptor in Device]
shunt structure  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
shunting  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
shunting structure  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
sick sinus syndrome  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
side approach  [descriptor in Approach]
- side effec  [lexical variant of side effect in Things]
side effect  [descriptor in Things]
side-to-side anastomosis structure  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
- sidetoside anastomosis  [lexical variant of side-to-side anastomosis structure in AnatomicalConnection]
- sigma  [lexical variant of sigmoid colon in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
- sigmoid  [lexical variant of sigmoid colon in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
sigmoid colon  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
sigmoidoscope  [descriptor in Device]
- sigmoid_colon  [lexical variant of sigmoid colon in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
signal  [descriptor in AbstractStructure]
silicon fluid  [descriptor in Chemical]
silicone  [descriptor in Chemical]
silicone plug  [descriptor in Device]
silicone rubber band  [descriptor in Device]
simple  [descriptor in Feature]
simple lymphangioma  [descriptor in Lesion]
simple method  [descriptor in Deed]
simple transposition lesion  [descriptor in Lesion]
simulating  [descriptor in Deed]
simvastatin  [descriptor in Chemical]
single ventricle  [descriptor in Number]
- singular  [lexical variant of 1 in Number]
sinoatrial node  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
sinus  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
sinus nasalis  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
sinus of valsalva  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
- sinus of Valsalva  [lexical variant of sinus of valsalva in PartOfHeart]
sinus paranasales  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
sinus pilonidalis  [descriptor in Lesion]
sinus venosus  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
sinus venosus defect  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
size  [descriptor in Feature]
- skelet  [lexical variant of skeleton in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
skeletal muscle structure  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
skeleton  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
skin  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin atrophy  [descriptor in SkinPathology]
skin autograft  [descriptor in Graft]
skin covering  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin expander  [descriptor in Graft]
skin flap  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
skin graft  [descriptor in Graft]
skin graft material  [descriptor in Graft]
skin infection  [descriptor in Untyped]
skin of body region  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of eyelid  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of female external genitalia  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
skin of female perineum  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
skin of hip  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of lateral surface of abdomen  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of abdomen  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of ankle  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of axilla  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of back  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of breast  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of elbow  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of face  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of finger  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of foot  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of forearm  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of genitalia  [descriptor in GenitoUrinarySystemAnatomy]
skin of part of hand  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of lower limb  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of neck  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of palmar surface of hand  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of penis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
skin of part of plantar surface of foot  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of shoulder  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of thigh  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of thorax  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of thumb  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of trunk  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of upper arm  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part of upper limb  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of part wrist  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin of toe  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin over heel of foot  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin part of lower leg  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
skin tag  [descriptor in Lesion]
skin ulceration  [descriptor in SkinPathology]
  SkinPathology  [category]
skull  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
sleeping  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
- sling  [lexical variant of sling device in Device]
sling device  [descriptor in Device]
slit lamp  [descriptor in Device]
small intestinal structure  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
small intestine  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
small intestine duplication  [descriptor in Lesion]
- small saphenous vein  [lexical variant of short saphenous vein in PeripheralBloodVessel]
small size  [descriptor in Feature]
smear sampling  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
smear sampling device  [descriptor in Device]
- smear_sampling  [lexical variant of smear sampling in SPETBanned]
smell  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
smooth  [descriptor in Feature]
smooth muscle  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
sneezing  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
Soave  [descriptor in Method]
- soave method  [lexical variant of Soave in Method]
- soave method  [lexical variant of Soave in Method]
sodium  [descriptor in Chemical]
sodium chloride substance  [descriptor in Chemical]
soft  [descriptor in Feature]
soft contact lens  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
soft ocular lens prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
soft palate  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
soft substance  [descriptor in Substance]
soft tissue  [descriptor in Anatomy]
soft tissue implant  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
solid part  [descriptor in Anatomy]
somnolescence  [descriptor in Pathology]
sound energy flow  [descriptor in Substance]
sound energy flow monitoring device  [descriptor in Device]
spasm  [descriptor in Pathology]
specimen  [descriptor in Structure]
specimen collection1  [descriptor in Deed]
speech  [descriptor in AbstractStructure]
speech audiometer device  [descriptor in Device]
spermatic cord  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- spermatic cord structure  [lexical variant of spermatic cord in MaleGenitalSystem]
spermatic vena  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
- SpermaticCord  [lexical variant of spermatic cord in MaleGenitalSystem]
- spermatic_cord  [lexical variant of spermatic cord in MaleGenitalSystem]
- spermatic_vena  [lexical variant of spermatic vena in BloodVessel]
spermatocele  [descriptor in Lesion]
  SPETBanned  [category]
- sphenoid sinus  [lexical variant of sphenoidal sinus in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
sphenoidal bone  [descriptor in Bone]
sphenoidal sinus  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
sphenopalatine artery  [descriptor in BloodVesselOfHeadOrNeck]
- spheric  [lexical variant of spherical in Feature]
spherical  [descriptor in Feature]
sphincter  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
sphincter as instrument or prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
sphincter of oddi  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
spigelian lobe  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
spina bifida  [descriptor in Pathology]
spinal artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
spinal canal  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
spinal canal structure  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
spinal cord  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
spinal cord dorsal root junction  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
spinal cord meninges structure  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
spinal cord posterior horn  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
- spinal cord structure  [lexical variant of spinal cord in NervousSystemAnatomy]
spinal lateral recess  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
spinal nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
spine  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
spinous process  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
spirillum minus  [descriptor in Organism]
spirochaete  [descriptor in Organism]
spironolactone  [descriptor in Chemical]
- splanchnic artery  [lexical variant of abdominal visceral artery in BloodVessel]
splanchnic branches  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
splanchnic nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
splanchnic organ  [descriptor in Anatomy]
splanchnic vein  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
spleen  [descriptor in LymphoreticularSystemAnatomy]
splenic artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
splenic structure  [descriptor in LymphoreticularSystemAnatomy]
splenic vein  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
splint  [descriptor in Device]
split skin graft  [descriptor in Graft]
- splitting  [lexical variant of dividing in Deed]
- splitting_up  [lexical variant of dividing in Deed]
spondylodiscitis  [descriptor in Pathology]
spongiosa  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
spontaneous  [descriptor in Feature]
spontaneous abortion  [descriptor in Deed]
squamous cell  [descriptor in Structure]
squint  [descriptor in Pathology]
Sshape  [descriptor in Feature]
ssri  [descriptor in Chemical]
stabilising  [descriptor in Deed]
stabilography device  [descriptor in Device]
standing posture  [descriptor in Feature]
stapedius muscle  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
stapedius reflex  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
stapes footplate  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
stapes structure  [descriptor in Bone]
stapes superstructure  [descriptor in Bone]
staphylococcus  [descriptor in Organism]
staphylococcus aureus  [descriptor in Organism]
staphylococcus epidermidis  [descriptor in Organism]
staple  [descriptor in Device]
stapling device  [descriptor in Device]
stapling technique  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
starting  [descriptor in Deed]
starting sleep  [descriptor in Untyped]
static  [descriptor in Feature]
staunching  [descriptor in Deed]
stem cell  [descriptor in Structure]
stenosis  [descriptor in Lesion]
- stenosis lesion  [lexical variant of stenosis in Lesion]
stent  [descriptor in Device]
stereo-EEG device  [descriptor in Device]
stereognosis  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
stereoscope  [descriptor in Device]
stereoscopic vision  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
stereotactic device  [descriptor in Device]
stereotactic surgery  [descriptor in Deed]
sterilising  [descriptor in Deed]
sternal bone marrow structure  [descriptor in LymphoreticularSystemAnatomy]
- sternoclavicle joint  [lexical variant of sternoclavicular joint in Joint]
sternoclavicular joint  [descriptor in Joint]
sternocleidomastoid muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
sternotomy  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
sternum  [descriptor in Bone]
stimulating  [descriptor in Deed]
stimulating nerve generator device  [descriptor in Device]
- stimulation  [lexical variant of stimulating in Deed]
stimulator  [descriptor in Device]
stimulator device  [descriptor in Device]
stimulus  [descriptor in Untyped]
stitch  [descriptor in Device]
stoma  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
stomach  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
stomach duplication  [descriptor in Lesion]
stomach structure  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
stomal route  [descriptor in Approach]
stomizing  [descriptor in SPETBanned]
- stomy  [lexical variant of stoma in AnatomicalConnection]
- stone  [lexical variant of calculus in Lesion]
Stone  [descriptor in Method]
storing  [descriptor in Deed]
straightening  [descriptor in Deed]
Strassman Method  [descriptor in Method]
streptobacillus moniliformis  [descriptor in Organism]
streptococcus  [descriptor in Organism]
streptococcus Lancefield group B  [descriptor in Organism]
streptococcus pneumoniae  [descriptor in Organism]
streptococcus pyogenes  [descriptor in Organism]
streptokinase  [descriptor in Chemical]
stretching  [descriptor in Deed]
- stretching - action  [lexical variant of stretching in Deed]
stria atrophicae  [descriptor in Pathology]
striated muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- striated_muscle  [lexical variant of striated muscle in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
stricture  [descriptor in Lesion]
stripping  [descriptor in Deed]
- stripping - action  [lexical variant of stripping in Deed]
- stripping action  [lexical variant of stripping in Deed]
stroboscope device  [descriptor in Device]
stroma of cornea  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
structure  [descriptor in Structure]
  Structure  [category]
structure adjacent to heart valve  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
stump  [descriptor in Anatomy]
styloid process  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
sub aponeurosis approach  [descriptor in Approach]
sub cutaneous approach  [descriptor in Approach]
- sub cutaneous layer  [lexical variant of subcutaneous region in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
sub dural hematoma  [descriptor in NeurologicalPathology]
sub frontal approach  [descriptor in Approach]
sub lingual gland  [descriptor in Gland]
- sub mandibular gland  [lexical variant of submandibular gland in Gland]
sub occipital approach  [descriptor in Approach]
sub phrenic space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
- sub renal aorta  [lexical variant of infrarenal abdominal aorta in CentralBloodVessel]
subaortic stenosis  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
subarachnoid space  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
- subclavain artery  [lexical variant of subclavian artery in BloodVessel]
subclavian artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
subclavian vein  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
subconjunctival tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
subcutaneous  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
subcutaneous region  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
subcutaneous tissue  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
subcutis  [descriptor in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
subdural space  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
subfascial  [descriptor in Approach]
- sublabial  [lexical variant of sublabial approach in Approach]
sublabial approach  [descriptor in Approach]
sublingual thyroid gland  [descriptor in Lesion]
submandibular gland  [descriptor in Gland]
submucosal tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
submucous approach  [descriptor in Approach]
submuscular tissue  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
substance  [descriptor in Substance]
  Substance  [category]
subtalar joint  [descriptor in Joint]
subtotal  [descriptor in Extent]
subvalvular part  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
- subvalvular ring  [lexical variant of fibrous ring in PartOfHeart]
- sub_cutaneous  [lexical variant of subcutaneous in DermoidSystemAnatomy]
suction  [descriptor in Deed]
suction catheter  [descriptor in Device]
sulcus  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
sulcus amygdalo lingual  [descriptor in Anatomy]
sulcus gingivalis  [descriptor in OrodentalSystemAnatomy]
superficial  [descriptor in Position]
superficial femoral artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
superficial femoral vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
superficial forearm vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
superficial palmar arch  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
superficial temporal artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
superficial vein  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
superior  [descriptor in Position]
superior bridging leaflet  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
superior conjunctival fornix  [descriptor in SensorySystemAnatomy]
superior jugular lymphnode  [descriptor in LymphNode]
superior mesenteric artery  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
superior mesenteric vein  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
superior strait of the pelvis  [descriptor in FemaleGenitalSystem]
superior vena cava  [descriptor in IntrathoracicBloodVessel]
supernumerary  [descriptor in Feature]
supernumerary anatomy  [descriptor in Anatomy]
- supernumerary Anatomy  [lexical variant of supernumerary anatomy in Anatomy]
supernumerary nipple  [descriptor in Anatomy]
supernumerary tooth  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
supernumerary urethra  [descriptor in LowerUrinaryTract]
- supernumerary_bodypart  [lexical variant of supernumerary anatomy in Anatomy]
supplying  [descriptor in Deed]
support  [descriptor in Device]
support ring prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
supporting pessary  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
supporting structure of uterus  [descriptor in Anatomy]
suppression  [descriptor in Deed]
supra aortic trunks  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
supra clavicle approach  [descriptor in Approach]
- supra clavicular lymph node  [lexical variant of supraclavicular lymph node in LymphNode]
Supra hepatic inferior vena cava  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
supra hepatic vein  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
supra orbit approach  [descriptor in Approach]
supra petrous bone approach  [descriptor in Approach]
supra pubic approach  [descriptor in Approach]
supra pubic catheter  [descriptor in Device]
supra spina spix part  [descriptor in Bone]
supra tentorium cerebelli space  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
supra-mitral left atrial ring  [descriptor in PartOfHeart]
supraclavicular lymph node  [descriptor in LymphNode]
supraclavicular lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
supracoeliac abdominal aorta  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
supracricoidcartilage larynx  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
supragenicular popliteal artery  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
supraglottis larynx  [descriptor in RespiratorySystemAnatomy]
supraomohyoid lymph node group  [descriptor in LymphNode]
suprarenal abdominal aorta  [descriptor in CentralBloodVessel]
supraspinatus muscle  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
supravaginal  [descriptor in Approach]
supravalvar aortic stenosis  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
supravalvular part  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
supraventricular arrhythmia  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
supraventricular tachycardia  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
- supra_pubic_approach  [lexical variant of supra pubic approach in Approach]
surface  [descriptor in Anatomy]
surgery  [descriptor in Deed]
surgical  [descriptor in Characteristic]
- surgical anastomotic structure  [lexical variant of anastomosis structure in AnatomicalConnection]
surgical approach  [descriptor in Approach]
surgical arteriovenous fistula  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
surgical band  [descriptor in Device]
- surgical biopsy action  [lexical variant of biopsying in Deed]
surgical deed  [descriptor in Deed]
surgical diagnostic procedure  [descriptor in Deed]
- surgical division  [lexical variant of dividing in Deed]
surgical fistula  [descriptor in AnatomicalConnection]
- surgical operation  [lexical variant of surgical deed in Deed]
- surgical procedure  [lexical variant of surgical deed in Deed]
surgical skin pocket  [descriptor in AnatomicalPart]
- surgical stoma  [lexical variant of stoma in AnatomicalConnection]
- surgical stoma1  [lexical variant of stoma in AnatomicalConnection]
surgical toilet  [descriptor in Deed]
surgical toilet of wound  [descriptor in Deed]
- surgically creating  [lexical variant of creating in Deed]
- surgical_deed  [lexical variant of surgical deed in Deed]
- surgical_procedure  [lexical variant of surgical deed in Deed]
suspension  [descriptor in Deed]
- suspension action  [lexical variant of suspension in Deed]
suspensory ligament of penis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
suture  [descriptor in Device]
suturing  [descriptor in Deed]
- suturing action  [lexical variant of suturing in Deed]
sweat  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
sweat gland bearing skin of male perineum  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
swelling  [descriptor in Deed]
Swenson  [descriptor in Method]
- swenson method  [lexical variant of Swenson in Method]
swinging  [descriptor in Deed]
- sygmoid colon  [lexical variant of sigmoid colon in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
sympathetic ganglia  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
sympathetic nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
sympathetic nerve fiber  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
sympathetic nervous system  [descriptor in Anatomy]
symphisis mandibulae  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
symphysis  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
symptom  [descriptor in Things]
synchronous  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
syndactyly  [descriptor in Lesion]
synechia  [descriptor in Lesion]
- syngeneic  [lexical variant of syngeneic graft in Graft]
syngeneic graft  [descriptor in Graft]
- synovia  [lexical variant of synovial membrane in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
synovial membrane  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- synovial structure  [lexical variant of synovial membrane in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
synthesis  [descriptor in Deed]
synthetic material  [descriptor in Substance]
syringe  [descriptor in Device]
syringe for ear  [descriptor in Device]
syringing  [descriptor in Deed]
syringomyelia cavity  [descriptor in NeurologicalPathology]
system  [descriptor in AbstractStructure]
systemic abdominal vein  [descriptor in AbdominalBloodVessel]
systemic circulation  [descriptor in CardiovascularSystemAnatomy]
systemic to pulmonary arterial shunt  [descriptor in Lesion]
systemic vein  [descriptor in PeripheralBloodVessel]
systemic venous pathway  [descriptor in BloodVessel]

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T-cell depleted  [descriptor in Feature]
T-Cell depleted bone marrow  [descriptor in BodySubstance]
tablet  [descriptor in Untyped]
tachycardia  [descriptor in BodyProcess]
tag  [descriptor in Lesion]
tail of the pancreas  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
taking a photograph  [descriptor in Deed]
talocalcaneonavicular joint  [descriptor in Joint]
talus  [descriptor in Bone]
tampon  [descriptor in Device]
tamponade  [descriptor in Pathology]
- tank  [lexical variant of reservoir in Anatomy]
- tarsal bone  [lexical variant of os tarsale in Bone]
tarsometatarsal joint  [descriptor in Joint]
- tarsometatarsal joint (Lisfranc)  [lexical variant of tarsometatarsal joint in Joint]
- tarsus  [lexical variant of os tarsale in Bone]
taste  [descriptor in Deed]
- tatooing  [lexical variant of tattooing in Deed]
tattoo mark  [descriptor in Lesion]
tattooing  [descriptor in Deed]
taylor method  [descriptor in Method]
tearing  [descriptor in Deed]
tears  [descriptor in Substance]
tears pump  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
teleradiography device  [descriptor in Device]
- temopral artery  [lexical variant of temporal artery in BloodVessel]
temporal artery  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
temporal bone  [descriptor in Bone]
temporal branch of facial nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
temporal division of facial nerve  [descriptor in Nerve]
temporal fascia  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
temporal muscle  [descriptor in Anatomy]
temporal space  [descriptor in BodySpace]
  TemporalMarker  [category]
temporary  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
temporo mandibular disk  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
temporomandibular joint  [descriptor in Joint]
tendon  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
tendon graft  [descriptor in Graft]
tendon sheath  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
- tendon structure  [lexical variant of tendon in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
tendon, extensor  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
tendon, flexor  [descriptor in MusculoSkeletalSystemAnatomy]
tentorium cerebelli  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
teratoma  [descriptor in Lesion]
terminal  [descriptor in Position]
terminal cone of spinal cord  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
- terminal ileum  [lexical variant of terminal part of the ileum in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
terminal part of the ileum  [descriptor in DigestiveSystemAnatomy]
terminating  [descriptor in Deed]
termination - action  [descriptor in Deed]
tertiary  [descriptor in TemporalMarker]
testes  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
testicular prosthesis  [descriptor in Prosthesis]
- testicular structure  [lexical variant of testis in MaleGenitalSystem]
testicular vein  [descriptor in BloodVessel]
testing  [descriptor in Deed]
testis  [descriptor in MaleGenitalSystem]
- testis structure  [lexical variant of testis in MaleGenitalSystem]
- testis_parenchyma  [lexical variant of parenchyma of testis in MaleGenitalSystem]
tetracycliccyclopentalphenanthrene skeleton  [descriptor in Chemical]
tetracycline  [descriptor in Chemical]
tetralogy of Fallot  [descriptor in CardiovascularPathology]
tetranitrate chemical  [descriptor in Chemical]
thalamus  [descriptor in NervousSystemAnatomy]
therapeutic  [descriptor in HealthCareAct]
- therapeutic agent  [lexical variant of drug in Chemical]