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Surgical procedures - Terminology

Author/Autore:A. Rossi Mori (CNR-ITB); Čulogos
Title/Titolo:Surgical procedures - Terminology
Format/Formato:IntraText Custom

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Steps to download - Istruzioni per il download

ENG - Steps to download «Surgical procedures - Terminology» in IntraText Custom format:
  1. Read carefully the Copyright Statement.
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  2. Download the file: CNR0002IXTCM.ZIP

  3. UnZIP the file in an empty folder.
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  4. Open the first page of the IntraText Custom: 0-Home.html

ITA - Istruzioni per scaricare «Surgical procedures - Terminology» in formato IntraText Custom:
  1. Leggi attentamente l'Informativa sul Copyright.
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  2. Scarica il file: CNR0002IXTCM.ZIP.

  3. Espandi il file in una cartella vuota. Il file ZIP č protetto da password. La password è IntraTextFree

  4. Apri la prima pagina del formato IntraText Custom: 0-Home.html

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