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Rig Veda (Griffith tr.)

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  • Book The First
    • HYMN CIV. Indra.
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HYMN CIV. Indra.

1. THE altar hath been made for thee to rest on: come like a panting courser and be seated.

Loosen thy flying Steeds, set free thy Horses who bear thee swiftly nigh at eve and morning.

2 These men have come to Indra for assistance: shall he not quickly come upon these pathways?

May the Gods quell the fury of the Dasa, and may they lead our folk to happy fortune.

3 He who hath only wish as his possession casts on himself, casts foam amid the waters.

Both wives of Kuyava in milk have bathed them: may they be drowned within the depth of Sipha.

4 This hath his kinship checked who lives beside us: with ancient streams forth speeds and rules the Hero, Anjasi, Kulisi, and Virapatni, delighting him, bear milk upon their waters.

5 Soon as this Dasyu's traces were discovered, as she who knows her home, he sought the dwelling.

Now think thou of us, Maghavan, nor cast us away as doth a profligate his treasure.

6 Indra, as such, give us a share of sunlight, of waters, sinlessness, and reputation.

Do thou no harm to our yet unborn offspring: our trust is in thy mighty Indra-power.

7 Now we, I think, in thee as such have trusted: lead us on, Mighty One, to ample riches.

In no unready house give us, O Indra invoked of many, food and drink when hungry.

8 Slay us not, Indra; do not thou forsake us: steal not away the joys which we delight in.

Rend not our unborn brood, strong Lord of Bounty! our vessels with the life that is within them.

9 Come to us; they have called thee Soma-lover: here is the pressed juice. Drink thereof for rapture.

Widely-capacious, pour it down within thee, and, invocated, hear us like a Father.

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