Part,  Paragraph

 1     I,      2|     afraid in his own Domain, come to the Domain of the Maker
 2     I,      2|  Stranger able to proceed and come down the immeasurable mountain,
 3     I,      2|      a man of war was able to come," well if he came as a man
 4     I,      2|     war -- [though he did not come], (take the case of) those
 5     I,      4|      forth from his Domain to come hither, it is clear that
 6     I,      4|    that when he went forth to come from his Domain, his Domain
 7     I,      5|      no substance. And bodies come and go in the midst of its
 8     I,      5|       freely given to all who come near them ; and (just as)
 9    II,      2|     and stirred it up. Let us come to the succession of causes
10    II,      3|     Being must have crept and come down from his natural height;
11    II,      6|     power the creatures which come from the Entities, it is
12   III        |  against them. For how did it come about that the sweet smell
13   III,      1|    fears? For he is afraid to come because he knows that if
14   III,      4|    And if they do not wish to come to that which overthrows
15   III,      4|     contain it. It could only come from an outside source --
16   III,      6| course and goes forth, not to come to the Scriptures, but to
17   III,      7|        fishes and moles which come from Nature [stay in their
18   III,      7|    dark moles do (in reality) come from the nature and abode
19   III,      8|      time and for all time to come, it is clear . . . that
20   III,     10|      is clear that it has all come to an end ; and with it
21   III,     10|      an end ; and with it has come to an end all that Teaching
22   III,     11| within be over[P. 81, l. 13.] come by the Body which is akin
23   III,     14|    native) Domain and had not come hither, these would have
24   III,     18| another place, why did it not come formerly? So that instead
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