Part,  Paragraph

 1     I        |        against Marcion in the first place who (says) that a heaven
 2     I        |          them, it is clear that the place of his possessions is the
 3     I,      1|          able to go forth from that Place which surrounds him so as
 4     I,      1|           which does not exist in a Place, and has no Creator, so
 5     I,      4|      limited, and in the midst of a place, when it goes forth from
 6     I,      4|         when it goes forth from its place, the whole of it goes forth
 7     I,      4|           part of it remains in its place. But if half of it goes
 8     I,      4|             middle full of him -- a place infinite and unlimited?
 9     I,      4|           fill all (space), and our place is not found to be foreign
10     I,      5| sweet-smelling fruits and one small place is able to accommodate them
11    II,      5|       needed something] on which to place its creatures.~
12   III,      7|             of Darkness, and let us place the fine fish as a fine (?)
13   III,      7|           goes into its own (proper place), and when it ceases (?) (
14   III,      7|             go into its own (proper place). And so, also, a fish,
15   III,      7|          comes into its own (proper place), and when it ceases (?)
16   III,      8|      falling at all. For this takes place (only) where there has been
17   III,     18|          energy conies from another place, why did it not come formerly?
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