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 1     I,      4| Domain. For anything which is limited, and in the midst of a place,
 2     I,      5|   parent, since the parent is limited and the child that springs
 3   III        |      near the Darkness, it is limited by the Darkness, and if
 4   III        |      case of a thing which is limited by the Evil, inquire no
 5   III        |       is enough that the Evil limited it. And how, O Mani, shall
 6   III        |     the perfect Good which is limited by the Darkness, or perfect
 7   III        |    the Darkness) confined and limited its inferiority (i.e., the
 8   III,     18|    For if the Darkness can be limited, then the Light also can
 9   III,     18|    then the Light also can be limited. And if the Good (Being)
10   III,     18|    the Good (Being) cannot be limited, but the Evil One can be
11   III,     18|       but the Evil One can be limited, it is clear that this Evil
12   III,     18|      this Evil One who can be limited is not an (eternal) Entity,
13   III,     18|       Good (Being) who is not limited; and it is found that that
14   III,     18|     Entity, and that which is limited by whoever is able to limit
15   III,     18|     without itself being also limited by that other one, his equal,
16   III,     18|      one, his equal, which is limited.[P. 91.]~THE END OF THE
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