Part,  Paragraph

 1     I        |        is the same, and in the midst of it are collected those
 2     I,      4|   which is limited, and in the midst of a place, when it goes
 3     I,      5|      bodies come and go in the midst of its Light and are not
 4    II,      1|     are light and heavy in the midst of Water or in Air. These
 5    II,      4|       sea and went through its midst, nor again to Simon, the
 6   III        |       an Assault and enter the midst of the Earth of Light, because
 7   III,      1|      they are stored up in the midst of him and 'swallowed,'
 8   III,      1|      bring them forth from his midst? '(This is a thought) which
 9   III,      1|     may have muttered from the midst of the Darkness when he
10   III,      6| produced many Natures from the midst of two Natures. But a tongue
11   III,     12|      in and entered into their midst and were mixed with them."
12   III,     13|         into [P. 85, l. 7] its midst . . . and how . . .?~
13   III,     17|       this was pleasant in the midst of Satan, how do they say
14   III,     17|        found like dregs in the midst of one whom they call BOLOS?6
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