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 1     I           | heavens and below them, it is clear that the place of his possessions
 2     I,      4   |  Domain to come hither, it is clear that he vacated his Domain.
 3     I,      4   |       of him as before, it is clear that he is something which
 4    II,      4   |     which they did, is it not clear and evident to any one who
 5    II,      6   |      from the Entities, it is clear that also that Will of God
 6   III,      4   |       this was. (?) And it is clear that that is the cause of
 7   III,      7   |     that there is a great and clear and pure river, and fine
 8   III,      7   |      therefore, incontestably clear that just as moles dislike
 9   III        (5)|          3 The meaning is not clear. ~
10   III,      8   |       the Heretics say, it is clear that this Darkness which
11   III,      8   |       all time to come, it is clear . . . that as it swallows
12   III,     10   |   within, and goes out, it is clear that it has all come to
13   III,     13   |       and besides this, it is clear that if he collects and
14   III,     18   |     One can be limited, it is clear that this Evil One who can
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