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 1     I        | resting on the heavens of the Maker, so that he is the all-sustaining
 2     I        |      he is the all-sustaining Maker, as indeed is the case?
 3     I,      2|       of the Stranger and the Maker. ~But if that boundary was
 4     I,      2|    not be able to prevent the Maker from going up to the Domain
 5     I,      2|     afraid lest he (i.e., the Maker) should injure him. And
 6     I,      2|     come to the Domain of the Maker to struggle with him? And
 7     I,      2|      And if they say that the Maker did not perceive the Stranger,
 8     I,      2|   that region which God their Maker and Creator was not able
 9     I,      3|                    Surely the Maker could reach the Domain of
10     I,      3|     these were able but their Maker was not, if they say anything
11     I,      3|    hinder him, -- how was the Maker hindered from travelling
12     I,      4|   moreover, the Domain of the Maker would be full of him (i.e.,
13   III,      8|       they say that he is the Maker. And, if the Darkness changed
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