Part,  Paragraph

 1     I        |         cannot accept from them just as they do not accept from
 2     I,      1|      which he cannot cross. And just as he is not able to go
 3     I,      4|         be foreign to his rays, just as also the vault of creation
 4     I,      5|   substance (of the flame). And just as there are flowers or
 5     I,      5|       who come near them ; and (just as) the censer cannot fill
 6    II        |        Wind and Wind than Fire, just as also Fire is lighter
 7    II,      1|         thing) must dwell above just as the heavy (thing) dwells
 8    II,      1|        cannot exist in one rank just as they cannot [L. 39.] . . .
 9   III,      7|        incontestably clear that just as moles dislike going down
10   III,      8| Darkness which swallows there ; just as also the Light which
11   III,      8|         swallowed by the Light, just as our sight proves . . .
12   III,     14|     thus he sinned and offended just as those Souls who are from
13   III,     18|         make, and right for the Just (Being) to keep in repair,
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