Part,  Paragraph

 1     I,      1|   being' there is a fortified boundary of 'essential being' beneath
 2     I,      1|   able [P. 46.] to cross that boundary which is beneath him. Nor
 3     I,      2|       the Maker. ~But if that boundary was capable of being crossed
 4     I,      2|      then (it follows that) a boundary which could be crossed would
 5     I,      2| unwilling to trample down the boundary of his Companion, he is
 6    II,      1|       say that it crossed its boundary and when it crossed [L.
 7    II,      1|  cause or other] to cross its boundary and make an Assault upwards.
 8    II,      2|       it up also to cross the Boundary which it had never crossed
 9    II,      2|       make the Evil cross the Boundary, a thing that had never
10    II,      2|    that had never crossed its Boundary, that misdeed of his teaches
11   III,      7|      cross the [P. 76, l. 5.] boundary] of fishes, the sons of
12   III,      7|    how do they flee from this boundary and rank of the Sons of
13   III,      7|   they may flee from the vile boundary of the Darkness.~
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