Part,  Paragraph

 1     I        |    that a heaven is found also beneath the Stranger. Let us ask
 2     I        | heavens, but (only) if he were beneath them. But if he is the same
 3     I,      1|  boundary of 'essential being' beneath him, which he cannot cross.
 4     I,      1|   cross that boundary which is beneath him. Nor were the Souls
 5     I,      4|       of him ; even unto Sheol beneath would his extent reach.
 6    II,      1|       the heavy (thing) dwells beneath all. Therefore, Fire cannot
 7    II,      1|      things [P. 54.] which are beneath, without weight and without
 8    II,      1|     all its heaviness, too, is beneath all ... [how did the Darkness]
 9    II,      1|     should be continually sent beneath. And because from of old
10    II,      1|       distance to the Darkness beneath or to reach] the Depths
11    II,      5|        that earth (?) which is beneath everything and above the
12    II,      5|    does the Darkness, which is beneath [P. 58, l.10.] everything,
13   III,      5|       aware of] that which was beneath him? And if the Good . . .
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