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 1   III,      8|   of both is that the Light swallows and the Darkness is swallowed.
 2   III,      8|   world) the [P. 76.] Light swallows the Darkness as experience
 3   III,      8| akin to that Darkness which swallows there ; just as also the
 4   III,      8|     as also the Light which swallows the Darkness is not akin
 5   III,      8|    regards this Light which swallows the Darkness here with us,
 6   III,      8|    the nature of that which swallows to swallow, and of that
 7   III,      8|     itself, is such that it swallows and is not swallowed, and
 8   III,      8|   is clear . . . that as it swallows the Darkness here, so it
 9   III,      8|    the Darkness here, so it swallows there, and was not swallowed (
10   III,      9|     they see that the Light swallows the Darkness here, they
11   III,     10|   never eats Light nor ever swallows Darkness.~
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