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 1     I,      3   |     hindered from travelling to see what was above him, (to
 2     I,      3   |         what was above him, (to see) whether that Domain was
 3     I,      3   |        must have struck them to see what they were or whose
 4    II        (2)|        Heavens of the Stranger, see above, p. li. ~
 5    II,      4   |        to any one who wishes to see clearly that there is a
 6   III,      5   |     began to rage and ascend to see what was above them outside
 7   III,      6   | regardless of consistency. ~And see how like the perverse crabs
 8   III        (4)|                               2 See the second note on p. xlviii. ~
 9   III,      7   |       perception of Souls which see and hear and speak and perceive
10   III,      9   |     account of a thing which we see in practice correctly every
11   III,      9   |    their ears, that, while they see that the Light swallows
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