Part,  Paragraph

1     I        |    beneath the Stranger. Let us ask who bears up those heavens,
2    II,      1|         direction, then (let me ask), which is easier -- for
3    II,      2| succession of causes and let us ask also concerning the Wind, --
4    II,      5|      Entities in Space? ~Let us ask [what force it is which
5    II,      5|       forth from his mouth (and ask) how can something be supported
6    II,      6|      say ; [for let us [L. 33.] ask about that last supporter]
7   III,      5|        permissible. For (let us ask) whence sprang the cause,
8   III,      8|          Again, let us turn and ask the advocates of Error,
9   III,     13|  destroyed. And it is proper to ask concerning this nature,
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