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 1     I,      4|         of him, and impeded the Light; and here his nature is
 2     I,      5|          If Marcionites use the Light of the Sun to illustrate
 3     I,      5|           P. 61, l.28.] but the Light of the fire has no substance.
 4     I,      5|      and go in the midst of its Light and are not injured, but
 5    II        |    mentions that there are both light and heavy Entities there?
 6    II        |       heavy Entities there? For Light is lighter than Wind and
 7    II        |         lighter than Water. But light and heavy things cannot
 8    II,      1|       ever be mingled? ~For the light (thing) must dwell above
 9    II,      1|       in the same rank in which Light exists, nor can Water, which
10    II,      1|   weight . . . things which are light and heavy in the midst of
11    II,      1|          the heavy approach the light. And if these which are
12    II,      5|     that Will which they say is light [and unable to [L.7] make
13   III        |         Teaching; he placed the Light World in contact with the
14   III        |       did the attractiveness of Light reach the Senses of Darkness? ~
15   III        |          calls God the Earth of Light, which (Earth) is not perfect,
16   III        |        the Darkness, or perfect Light that which is bounded by
17   III        |          the inferiority of the Light), and did not suffer it
18   III        |       know that this (i.e., the Light) also is weak, and if the
19   III        |       the midst of the Earth of Light, because the same Pleasantness
20   III        |       i.e., the Earth). For the Light is one in its nature, and
21   III        |         the Pleasantness of the Light is in contact with the Darkness,
22   III        |     their nostrils, and if that Light is diffused upon their eyes,
23   III        |         centre of the Earth (of Light) or from the inner sides
24   III        |    smell of the Pleasantness of Light, this, too, is against them.
25   III,      1|         more excellent than the Light. ~For if the Darkness had
26   III,      1|       pleasant (in the realm of Light) then is that Entity (of
27   III,      2|        of the Darkness with the Light]. [Cf. p. lviii. f.]~
28   III,      3|           Did the Virgin of the Light tempt him? ~If the Evil
29   III,      3|         been that Virgin of the Light about whom they say that
30   III,      3|          that if that Virgin of Light appeared to him and made
31   III,      3|      fragrance of the Virgin of Light different from that of that
32   III,      4|      did Darkness discover this Light? ~And if our questions do
33   III,      4|  Darkness had a Passion for the Light, though they were from everlasting
34   III,      6|    Darkness recently desire the Light, as if it had suddenly met
35   III,      7|       did the Darkness love the Light? ~For with regard to Light
36   III,      7|      Light? ~For with regard to Light which is the opponent and
37   III,      7|       Passion for it (i.e., the Light). And how does opposite
38   III,      7|          therefore, suppose the Light to be injured [P. 72.] like
39   III,      7|         type of the Sons of the Light and let us suppose that
40   III,      7|         rank of the Sons of the Light; and (yet) the Darkness,
41   III,      7|   boundaries of the Sons of the Light, and why are (the words) '
42   III,      7|     abode of the Good (World of Light). For, behold, they flee
43   III,      8|      How could Darkness swallow Light? ~Again, let us turn and
44   III,      8|        how were the Sons of the Light cast into the mouths of
45   III,      8|        the Darkness swallow the Light -- a thing which is not
46   III,      8|      nature of both is that the Light swallows and the Darkness
47   III,      8|         our world) the [P. 76.] Light swallows the Darkness as
48   III,      8| experience shows, but there the Light is swallowed, as the Heretics
49   III,      8|        there ; just as also the Light which swallows the Darkness
50   III,      8|            that as regards this Light which swallows the Darkness
51   III,      8|  amongst us is swallowed by the Light, it it is the nature of
52   III,      8|         77.] aid himself, whose Light was swallowed by the Darkness,
53   III,      8|      should be swallowed by the Light? For they say that he is
54   III,      8|      should be swallowed by the Light, just as our sight proves . . .
55   III,      8|        And if the nature of the Light around us, as it proves
56   III,      8|       there is no means whereby Light is swallowed by Darkness,
57   III,      9|         they say concerning the Light and the Darkness . . . we
58   III,      9|         while they see that the Light swallows the Darkness here,
59   III,      9|        that there it (i.e., the Light) is swallowed by the Darkness?~
60   III,     10|                             The Light and Darkness have no bodies. ~
61   III,     10|        is swallowed here by the Light has not even a body ; for
62   III,     10|       it to go outside, for the Light which is from outside absorbs
63   III,     10|         mouth." So Darkness and Light have become composite bodies --
64   III,     10|     teach. For a man never eats Light nor ever swallows Darkness.~
65   III,     11|        Soul the same, Nature as Light. ~And if this Body with
66   III,     11|       of the same nature as the Light, when we look at these two
67   III,     11|         at the two (natures) of Light and Darkness which are outside
68   III,     11|         Darkness? For the outer Light which is akin to it (i.e.,
69   III,     11|   consumed and swallowed by the Light?~
70   III,     12|                     The Sons of Light were not used as bait (?)
71   III,     12|        cast(?) "the Sons of the Light into the mouths of the Sons
72   III,     12|        of hunters, and that the Light was pleasant and agreeable
73   III,     12|       nature of the Sons of the Light is spiritual, as they say ;
74   III,     12|          as they say ; for this Light, too, is akin to them, how
75   III,     13|                     The Sons of Light had a composite Nature. ~
76   III,     13|   therefore; if the Sons of the Light were eaten and entered into
77   III,     13|    therefore, those Sons of the Light are natures which can be
78   III,     13|        as] the Darkness ate the Light . . . which was in it, [
79   III,     16|      say is the Daughter of the Light puts on that Darkness in
80   III,     17|                         How can Light which formerly pleased finally
81   III,     17|  collected every portion of the Light which was mixed and mingled
82   III,     17| tortured." And if it (i.e., the Light) is a nature which pleases
83   III,     18|          Cf. p. XXXV.] upon the Light, and after those blasphemies
84   III,     18|        can be limited, then the Light also can be limited. And
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