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The New Testament
Combined Greek Manuscripts

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Statistics and graphs (Occurrences: 187456. Words: 19180)


Printed sourceVarious Greek Manuscripts: Stephens 1550 Textus Receptus, Scrivener 1894 Textus Receptus, Byzantine Majority, and Alexandrian manuscripts
Source of the electronic transcriptionInternet
ETML taggingIntraText editorial staff
Publication detailsTextus Receptus: Stephens 1550 Textus Receptus - Scrivener 1894 Textus Receptus
Byzantine Majority: as identified by Von Soden and Hoskier, and utilized by Hodges & Farstad, Robinson & Pierpont. [these editions agree on 99.75 percent of the Byzantine texts, and greater than 98 percent with the TR.]
Alexandrian as identified by United Bible Society, 3rd ed., and utilized by modern translations such as the NIV and NASB

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