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Code of Canon Law

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  • BOOK I : GENERAL NORMS (Cann. 1 - 6)
        • TITLE IX: ECCLESIASTICAL OFFICES (Cann. 145 - 196)
            • ARTICLE 3: REMOVAL
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Can. 192 One is removed from office either by a decree of the competent authority lawfully issued, observing of course the rights possibly acquired from a contract, or by virtue of the law in accordance with can. 194.

Can. 193 §1 No one may be removed from an office which is conferred on a person for an indeterminate time, except for grave reasons and in accordance with the procedure defined by law.

§2 This also applies to the removal from office before time of a person on whom an office is conferred for a determinate time, without prejudice to can. 624 §3.

§3 When in accordance with the provisions of law an office is conferred upon someone at the prudent discretion of the competent authority, that person may, upon the judgement of the same authority, be removed from the office for a just reason.

§4 For a decree of removal to be effective, it must be notified in writing.

Can. 194 §1 The following are removed from ecclesiastical office by virtue of the law itself:

one who has lost the clerical state;

one who has publicly defected from the catholic faith or from communion with the Church;

a cleric who has attempted marriage, even a civil one.

§2 The removal mentioned in nn. 2 and 3 can be insisted upon only if it is established by a declaration of the competent authority.

Can. 195 If by a decree of the competent authority, and not by the law itself, someone is removed from an office on which that person's livelihood depends, the same authority is to ensure that the person's livelihood is secure for an appropriate time, unless this has been provided for in some other way.

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