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Vaisnava Songs

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  • Songs of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura
    • 1) Arunodaya-kirtana
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Songs of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura


1) Arunodaya-kirtana

Kirtana songs to be sung at dawn (from Gitavali)

udilo aruna puraba-bhage,
dwija-mani gora amani jage,
bhakata-samuha loiya sathe,
gela nagara-braje


'tathai tathai' bajalo khol,
ghana ghana tahe jhajera rol,
preme dhala dhala sonara anga,
carane nupura baje


mukunda madhava yadava hari,
bolena bolo re vadana bhori',
miche nida-base gelo re rati,
divasa sarira-saje


emana durlabha manava-deho,
paiya Ki koro bhava na keho,
ebe na bhajile yasoda-suta,
carame poribe laje


udita tapana hoile asta,
dina gelo boli' hoibe byasta,
tabe keno ebe alasa hoy,
na bhaja hrdoya-raje


jivana anitya janaha sar,
tahe nana-vidha vipada-bhar,
namasraya kori'jatane tumi,
thakaha apana kaje


jivera kalyana-sadhana-kam,
jagate asi' e madhura nam,
hrd-gagane biraje


krsna-nama-sudha koriya pan,
jurao bhakativinoda-pran,
nama bina kichu nahiko aro,


1) When the rising sun appeared in the East, the jewel of the twice-born, Lord Gaurasundara, awakened, and, taking His devotees with Him, He went all over the countryside towns and villages

2) and played the mrdanga, and the cymbals chimed in time. Lord Gauranga's shimmering golden features danced, and His foot bells jingled.

3) All the devotees chanted the names Mukunda, Madhava, Yadava and Hari, their mouths being filled with the vibrations. They would announce to the still sleeping people, "You spend your nights uselessly sleeping and your days decorating your bodies!

4) You have achieved such a rare human body, but you do not care for this gift. You remain not serving the darling of Yasoda and slowly Fe]l through your last moments to death.

5) With every rising and setting of the sun, a day passes and is lost. Then, why do you remain idle and not serve the Lord of the heart?

6) This temporary life is full of various miseries. Take shelter of the holy name as your only business.

7) To penetrate the darkness of ignorance and bless everyone's heart, the holy name has risen like the shining sun.

8) Drink the pure nectar of the holy name. There is nothing but the name to be had in the fourteen worlds. It has filled the soul of Sri Bhaktivinoda Thakura.


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