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Vaisnava Songs

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  • Songs of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura
    • 11) Suddha-bhakata
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11) Suddha-bhakata

(from Saranagati)

bhakata-seva, parama-siddhi,
prema-latikara mula

madhava-tithi, bhakti-janani,
jatane palana kori
krsna-basati, basati boli',
parama adare bori

gaur amara, je-saba sthane,
koralo bhramana range
se-saba sthana, heribo ami,

mrdanga-badya, sunite mana
abasara sada jace
gaura-bihita, kirtana suni',
anande hrdoya nace

jugala-murti, dekhiya mora,
parama-ananda hoya
prasada-seba korite hoya,
sakala prapanca jaya

je-dina grhe, bhajana dekhi,
grhete goloka bha-ya
carana-sidhu, dekhiya ganga,
sukha sa sima paya

tulasi dekhi', juraya prana,
madhava-tosani jani'
gaura-priya, saka-sevane,
jivana sarthaka mani

bhakativinoda, krsna-bhajane,
anukula paya jaha
prati-dibase, parama-sukhe,
swikara koroye taha


1) The dust of the lotus feet of pure devotees, enthusiastic devotional service, and service to the pure devotees of the highest order are the roots of the creeper of devotion.

2) The holy days like Ekadasi and Janmastami are the mother of devotion for those devotees who respect them. Let the holy places of Krsna's pastimes be my places of worship, and bless me.

3) May I always visit all the holy places associated with the Lila of Lord Caitanya and His devotees.

4) When I hear the sound of the Mrdanga in my heart I always desire to join in kirtana; and when I hear the bonafide songs describing Lord Caitanya's pastimes, my heart dances in ecstasy.

5) Whenever I see thy transcendental sri-vigrahas of Radha-Krsna I am in bliss, for by taking Their Lordships' prasada we can conquer over the material elements.

6) One day while performing devotional practices, I saw my house transformed into Goloka Vrndavana. When I take the caranamrta of the Deity, I see the holy Ganges waters that come from the feet of Lord Vishnu, and my bliss knows no bounds.

7) By seeing the tulasi tree my heart feels joy and Lord Madhava (Krsna) is also satisfied. When I eat the prasada favored by Lord Caitanya it is a new life's experience. (Lord Caitanya was very fond of a green vegetable preparation called Sak, and there is another song in this book that tells of the amazing effects of this type of prasada.

8) Bhaktivinoda concludes by saying: "Whosoever attains the stage of enthusiasm for these devotional practices will be supremely blissful wherever he may be."


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