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Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
Unperceived Ideol. Transship. and Dial.

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B. The Era of Good Will, the Anarchist Utopianism Inherent to Communism, And the Universal Republic


The effects of this supposed "evolution" of humanity from its present stage to the era of "good will" would not be confined to the sphere of private convivium, but would logically overflow into both the juridical and political spheres. Men who err neither intellectually nor morally, or whose error is so slight that a cordial explanation puts them immediately on the right path, necessarily have a political life without dissension or friction. Revolutions and crimes are impossible among them. Further, these utopian dreams necessarily open new perspectives in juridical relations. And from one consequence to another there logically can be predicted a debilitation of the functions of law and justice so extensive that the government will be reduced to having nothing more than an administrative role and be transformed into a kind of cooperative. This is the anarchical and cooperativist state of affairs envisioned by Communism as the ideal following the dictatorship of the proletariat.

By a similar linking of consequences resulting unavoidably from one another, human evolution would have to carry its effects into an even higher sphere of relationship, that between nations. Rivalry of interests and ideological tension would disappear from international life.

Now unnecessary, the United Nations would die. On a world level a super-cooperative would join the efforts of nations just as smaller cooperatives would on the national level. It would be an anarchical type of universal republic.

Thus, in all forms of relations between individuals and nations an utterly inalterable concord would reign over a renewed earth inhabited only by men of good will.

Let us not oversimplify things. Especially at the beginning of the era of good will, dialogue would not be easy or brief if something from a former era remained. It would frequently require great patience on all sides. But the certainty of the positive final result would encourage men enough to peaceably and gradually undo all the mistakes and confusion and to endure the weary delays of such a task.


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