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Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
Unperceived Ideol. Transship. and Dial.

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H. Irenicism, Dialogue, and Evolutionist Utopianism


The dissolution of the State in its present form and of the United Nations, replacing them with a universal anarchocooperativist regime on whose summit one finds a global supercooperative, the consequent impossibility of wars (and consequent uselessness of armed forces), extreme ecumenism, religious relativism, and irenicism are all corollaries of one common principle: the evolution of human nature promoted by a period of good will in which all argument dies and men only dialogue among themselves.

Having placed the irenistic tendency ‑which seeks to impose itself through talismanic dialogue ‑ in its ideological context, we briefly mention the doctrine on which this tendency is based. This is utopianism, traces of which are found in so many cultures throughout the course of history, and which erupted in the West with marked vigor after the Middle Ages. From Morus and Campanella to the utopian socialists of the last century, the course is easily shown, as it has been so often before.23


23 Could the talismanic word "dialogue" ‑sometime in the remote futurelead those who use it to a gnosticplatonic religious position in which the interlocutors, by using the word, would reciprocally seek to awaken reminiscences of the past before the fall? Doubtless, there are elements in the word "dialogue" useful for this passage from Hegel to Plato. "Habent suafata fibelli, " says the proverb. "Habent suafata verba' " we would say about words in general, especially about the talismanic word. "Qui vivra verra" ‑ He who lives will see. It is difficult here to go beyond conjectures.

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