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Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
Unperceived Ideol. Transship. and Dial.

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1. The Talismanic Word "Dialogue" and Communism


It is known that Marxism has kept its dialectical essence, even though it has abandoned the idealistic character of Hegelianism. According to Marx, the ascensional march of the evolution of matter is accomplished through thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, just as the spirit evolved in Hegel's theory.

With this we should ask how communism takes advantage of unperceived ideological transshipment, brought about by the talismanic word "dialogue" under the influence of the fearsympathy syndrome.

It would be an exaggeration to say that the victim of this talismanic word becomes a materialist because he unperceivingly accepts a dialectical philosophy.

Nevertheless, communism obtains several important advantages from this transshipment:


· The acceptance of a relativistic philosophy amounts to a conscious or subconscious break with the Faith, and it prepares the soul for explicit profession of atheism;

· The acceptance of a philosophy that serves as a cornerstone for communism prepares the soul for an open adherence to communist doctrine;

· Communism cannot accept coexistence with anyone who, contrary to itself, professes a philosophy based on the recognition of the truth and the good as absolute, immutable, transcendent values existing in a perfect way in the divine essence. On the contrary, he who hopes only for the synthesis from the dialogue between thesis and antithesis cannot fail to expect good results from dialogue with a relativist Catholic who accepts Catholic doctrine as a relative "truth" ‑ a thesis with a dialectical attitude toward the communist antithesis and destined for a higher synthesis. This position is all the more acceptable to communism since communist theoreticians, as is well known, do not consider the ultimate and definitive truth but only a moment within the eternal dialectic of matter;

· Passing to the religious field as such, we have irenic dialogue favoring interconfessionalism and weakening all religions, throwing them into a state of absolute confusion. Since for Marxism it is of the utmost importance to annihilate all religions, it is easy to understand what this effect means for the victory of international communism.

Actually, this preparation for communism by the talismanic word only exceptionally results in mere preparation. Affinity produces sympathy and sympathy inclines toward adhesion. This adhesion is made even easier by the fact that today's public opinion is saturated by a multifaceted and intelligent system of incitements and attractions aimed at making the public sympathetic toward communism.


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