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Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
Unperceived Ideol. Transship. and Dial.

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1. Twisting Words in the Service of Communist Propaganda


The many meanings given to the word dialogue in certain circles has sounded false to our ears for some time. We have observed that in the daily speech of these circles and in certain press commentaries the word dialogue is used in an artificial and forced way around a fixed point of legitimate residual meaning. Furthermore, it is used in such disconcertingly daring ways and with so many underlying meanings that we felt an urgent need, as if dictated by conscience, to protest against such a flagrant violation of the rules of good speech.

Little by little, the impressions, observations and notes we gathered here and there made us feel that the diversiform twisting of the word dialogue had an underlying consistency that appeared to be something intentional, methodical and planned. In addition, we had the feeling that, besides dialogue, this included other words frequently appearing in the lucubrations of progressivists, socialists, and communists, such as pacifism, coexistence, ecumenism, Christian Democracy, third force, and so on. Once subjected to similar twisting, these words began to form a kind of constellation, supporting and complementing each other. Each word was, as it were, a talisman designed to work its own psychological effect over people. And it seemed to us that the overall effect of this constellation of talismans was such as to work a gradual but deepening transformation in people's souls.

From our observations, it was clear that this twisting was always done with the same objective: to weaken the resistance of noncommunists by giving their souls a propensity towards condescension, sympathy, nonresistance, or even surrender. In extreme cases, this twisting even succeeded in transforming noncommunists into communists.

As observations revealed to us a distinct line of consistency and an invariable internal structure in the multiform and disconcerting use of these words as efficacious and subtle as a talisman, we began to suspect that if someone were to discover and explain what this line of consistency and logic was, he would unmask a new and widely used artifice employed by communism in its incessant psychological war against noncommunist nations.

However, this was not the immediate reason why we decided to make a special study of the matter; it was rather the experience we shall now describe.


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