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Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
Unperceived Ideol. Transship. and Dial.

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2. Unmasking a Process


In 1963, we published a study entitled The Freedom of the Church in the Communist State. Translated into several languages, this study made its way through the Iron Curtain. Mr. Zbigniew Czajkowski, a director of the "Communist Catholic" movement Pax of Poland, deemed it necessary to immunize the Polish public against this study by publishing an open letter to us in Kierunki and Zycie i Mysi, Warsaw magazines to which he contributes and in which he attempted to thoroughly refute our work.1 We answered through Brazil's well‑known cultural monthly Catolicismo, thus giving rise to a whole debate which is still not concluded.

In one of the points of his argument published in an article in Kierunki and reprinted in Catolicismo (no. 170, Feb. 1965), Mr. Z. Czajkowski enumerated the advantages that he saw in the simple fact that we were debating. Such advantages supposedly resulted from arguing as such, even though we did not come to an understanding. Between the lines of what the Pax journalist wrote about the advantages of our debate was an imponderable, yet very real, Hegelian influence. And ‑a small thing but rich in perspectivesapplying Mr. Czajkowski's Hegelian and dialectical premise to all those words whose distortion and misrepresentation impressed us, the meaning of this same distortion and misrepresentation became clarified in a surprising manner. The point of reference explaining and ordering the entire panorama of our previous impressions and observations thus became clear, and the guileful process of psychological warfare, which until then we were only able to glimpse, was laid bare.

Whereas Mr. Z. Czajkowski alluded properly to "debate," by means of an understandable association of ideas it occurred to us that everything he said about the matter was exactly like what we had heard or read about dialogue. Thus, the word's varied and enigmatic meaning became clear.

So the importance of certain words, and especially of the word dialogue, as artifices of psychological warfare, was unveiled to us.

The studies resulting from this discovery led us to write the present work, which we submit for the reader's evaluation.


1 Note from the 5th edition: Unperceived Ideological Transshipment and Dialogue has also crossed the Iron Curtain. Again in Kierunki (Nos. 5152,1967), Mr. Z. Czajkowski, Editor‑in‑Chief of the monthly Zycie I Mysl, wrote an article with a peculiar title: "In the Sphere of a Psychological Mystification, that Is, a Polemic with Prof. Plinio Corrêa de OliveiraContinuation." In taking a stand against The Church and the Communist State.‑ The Impossible Coexistence, the Polish "communoCatholic" writer attached great importance to having sent his arguments to the author of the book he intended to refute. However, we only learned of this new attack from a sevenpage report in the January 1968 issue of La Vie Catholique en Pologne/Revue de la Presse Polonaise, edited in Warsaw by the "Pax" association. This magazine, designed to inform (or misinform?)the Western public about religious life there, and particularly about the activities of the "Pax" group, only reached us after a considerable delay. In thus presenting his new attack as a continuation of the polemic, Mr. Czajkowski used the word in a very sui generis sense, as he did not take the necessary precautions to seeing that his argumentation reached the other party. Incidentally, this "Catholic" ‑communist had his reasons: in order to better criticize our essay, he most shamelessly adulterated the different parts he wanted to refute! (cf. Catolicismo, April 1971). This also shows on which side the mystification lies.

In any case, what is important is that a qualified source in the "Pax" association, which constitutes a docile tool in the hands of the Polish communist government, has considered it timely to warn its intellectual circles against this work, a sign that Communism fears that Unperceived

Ideological Transshipment and Dialogue could do it serious harm in its own territory behind the Iron Curtain.


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