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Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
Unperceived Ideol. Transship. and Dial.

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B. Sympathy


Furthermore, communism is not really the antithesis of what many anticommunists believe; rather, it is merely the ultimate expression ‑ more consistent and daring ‑ of certain principles they themselves accept. Liberalism, which triumphed with the French Revolution, sowed the seeds of communism throughout the West.3 As a consequence, the fear of communism is often accompanied by a certain sympathy for some of its aspects. There are ardent anticommunists who are more revolted by the violent methods and the dictatorial character of presentday Bolshevik regimes than by the final goals of communism. They naively feel that if the West attains such goals by bloodless methods, thereby achieving complete equality of wealth and social standing, then justice, affluence, and peace will finally reign in the world.4


3 We developed this thought in our essay Revolution and CounterRevolution (The Foundation for a Christian Civilization, 1980). We had the joy of finding that the essay's main theses on the French Revolution being the cause of Communism were also affirmed by 269 of the Prelates present at the Second Vatican Council from 66 countries in a substantial statement of reasons in a petition promoted by two Brazilian prelates, Most Reverend Msgr. Geraldo de Proenca Sigaud, S.V.D., then Archbishop of Diamantina, and Most Reverend Msgr. Antonio de Castro Mayer, then Bishop of Campos, asking that the Council condemn socialism and communism anew. The complete text of this petition was published in Catolicismo, January 1964.


4 This is a well‑known myth, already present in the lucubrations of certain Protestant sects that appeared in the XVI Century, as well as in the ideology of certain "avantgarde" personages of the French Revolution. We will discuss it further in Chapter IV, 2.

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