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Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
Unperceived Ideol. Transship. and Dial.

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1. The "Classical" Communist Technique of Persuasion


As a rule, a Communist Party is formed with a nucleus of intellectuals or semi-intellectuals who stir up or exploit various factors of discontent and agitation. This is done through well‑known methodsindividual recruiting in universities, unions, armed forces and so on, lectures and speeches, the press, radio, television, theater and the cinema. Once the climate has been prepared, the initial handful of adepts begins to expound communist doctrine openly. Sometimes bold, sometimes cautious, they will do so immediately or wait according to circumstances. This indoctrination forms a group of fanaticized recruits. The party is established; during this first phase it stirs up, stimulates, and recruits all the "Bolshevizable" people in the circles in which it is acting, people who are predisposed to adhere to communism on account of multiple ideological, moral, and economic factors.

But experience shows that after a time these first and sometimes rapid successes of the Marxist technique of persuasion stop. Once the "Bolshevizables" of a certain circle are recruited, the ranks of the party grow only step by step as society, in its gradual process of ideological, moral, and economic deterioration, "prepares" new contaminable prospects. Naturally, communist propaganda can accelerate this process of deterioration, increasing the number of individuals assimilable by the party. But they are normally a minority. While communism fills its ranks with this minority, its propaganda collides with an unresponsive majority.

How can communism conquer this majority?


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