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Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
Unperceived Ideol. Transship. and Dial.

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7. An Objection: The Incompatibility of Liberalism with Socialism


One might object to the above considerations about the so‑called reforms of structure, by saying that they are socialist inspired. Now, if liberalism appears to be exactly the opposite of socialism, how can one claim it has a role in these transformations?

True, since liberty naturally produces inequality, an egalitarian state of affairs would require rigid State control. However, communists don't see it this way. For them, the total authoritarianism inherent to the dictatorship of the proletariat should establish equality between men once and for all. Once this goal is reached, political power should disappear, giving way to an entirely anarchical state of affairs in which complete freedom will no longer engender inequalities. For communists, the incompatibility between liberty and equality is only temporary. Liberty is provisionally sacrificed under the dictatorship of the proletariat in order to establish total equality. This, however, prepares the anarchical era in which full equality will exist side by side with total freedom. Communist authoritarianism is therefore ultraliberal in spirit and purpose.

Moreover, from the standpoint of family and morality, liberalism in the capitalist regime prepares the ground for communism. The home is effectively destroyed to the degree that moral liberalism facilitates divorce, adultery, and the revolt of children and domestic servants. Mentalities thus become gradually accustomed to a state of affairs in which the family no longer exists. In other words, public opinion moves toward the "ideal" of free love inherent to communism.


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