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unintelligible 3
unintentionally 1
uninterrupted 1
union 56
unions 1
unique 8
uniqueness 1
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57 full
57 words
56 old
56 union
55 come
55 every
55 lord
Bishop Kallistos Ware
Orthodox Church

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   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 I, 2,2| prays that they may achieve union ~with God: .And the glory 2 I, 2,2| can open to man the way of union. Christ is .one in ~essence. ( 3 I, 2,2| method of explaining the union of God and man in a single 4 I, 2,2| way removed because of the union, but rather the peculiar ~ 5 I, 3,1| Canons of the Church, in union with the Orthodox ~(Quoted 6 I, 3,3| best be secured through a union of the ~Churches. A reunion 7 I, 3,3| with the filioque. But the union ~proved no more than an 8 I, 3,3| the ~Orthodox faith.. The union of Lyons was formally repudiated 9 I, 3,3| nega-~tion. and the .way of union.. The way of negation . 10 I, 3,3| possibility of a true ~mystical union with God; they combined 11 I, 3,3| negation. with the .way of union,. with ~the tradition of 12 I, 3,3| unknowable God, a personal union with Him who is un-~approachable. 13 I, 3,3| Eventually a ~formula of union was drawn up, covering the 14 I, 3,3| Orthodox Church. The Florentine Union was based on a two-~fold 15 I, 3,3| wording of the formula of union was vague and ambiguous); 16 I, 3,3| employ unleavened. ~ But the Union of Florence, though celebrated 17 I, 3,3| both remained loyal to the union; but they ~were powerless 18 I, 3,3| Constantine had hoped that the Union of Florence would secure 19 I, 3,3| opponents of the Florentine Union forgot their differences. 20 I, 5,1| final ~abandonment of the Union of Florence. Doubtless for 21 I, 5,2| bloc to the Pope, and the .union. could then be proclaimed ~ 22 I, 5,2| Brest-Litovsk to proclaim the union with Rome, but ~the hierarchy 23 I, 5,2| Michael Ragoza, supported the union, but the remaining two bishops, 24 I, 5,2| formed the basis of the ~union. The Uniates recognized 25 I, 5,2| breach than to ~close it. The Union of Brest has embittered 26 I, 6,1| leading supporter of the union with Rome, Isidore returned 27 I, 6,1| to accept the Florentine Union. Reluctant to take action 28 I, 6,1| 1453, when the Florentine Union was aban-~doned at Constantinople, 29 I, 6,3| doctrine of deification and union with God. It shows how the 30 II, 1,1| is not only a unity but a union.~4. Our God is an Incarnate 31 II, 1,1| us” (John 1:14). A closer union than this~between God and 32 II, 1,1| the distinction and the union alike are paradoxical’ ( 33 II, 1,2| man into Christ and his union with God require the cooperation 34 II, 1,2| Sin~blocked the path to union with God. Since man could 35 II, 1,3| reopened for man the path to union with~God. In His own person 36 II, 1,5| of a personal and~organic union between God and manGod 37 II, 1,5| essence and His energies. Union with God means union with 38 II, 1,5| energies. Union with God means union with the divine energies, 39 II, 1,5| speaking of deification and union, rejects all forms~of pantheism.~ 40 II, 1,5| importance. The mystical union between~God and man is a 41 II, 1,5| between~God and man is a true union, yet in this union Creator 42 II, 1,5| true union, yet in this union Creator and creature do 43 II, 1,5| talk of deification and union, of the transfiguration 44 II, 1,5| indeed attain full mystical union with God. But every true 45 II, 2,1| as a member of it and in union with all Kitts other members ( 46 II, 2,4| within and outside the Soviet Union, they have begun to be honoured 47 II, 3,2| and alike in the Soviet~Union and in the emigration there 48 II, 4,5| impossible within the Soviet Union itself.~The order of deacons 49 II, 4,6| gives its~blessing to the union of man and woman. Marriage 50 II, 6,1| can be only one basis for union~— the fullness of the faith; 51 II, 6,2| with them. But a~partial union between Orthodox and Nestorian 52 II, 6,2| things as the Crusades, the ‘Union’ of Brest-Litovsk, the schism 53 II, 6,2| Roman CatholicMonastery of~Union’ at Chevetogne in Belgium, 54 II, 6,2| to be very friendly, no union has been effected. In 1975 55 II, 7,6| Religion in the Soviet Union, London, 1961.~• N. Struve, 56 II, 7,6| Christian Religion in the Soviet Union. A Sociological Study, London,

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