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eminent 2
emissaries 1
emotions 4
emperor 52
emperors 4
emphasis 26
emphasize 1
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53 say
53 together
52 2
52 emperor
52 eucharist
51 certain
51 fathers
Bishop Kallistos Ware
Orthodox Church

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1 I, 1 | France with his army, the Emperor Constantine looked up into 2 I, 1 | Constantine became the first Roman Emperor to embrace the ~Christian 3 I, 2,1| which he and his fellow Emperor Licinius issued in 313, 4 I, 2,1| gathering at Nicaea. The ~Emperor himself presided, .like 5 I, 2,1| bishops dined with ~the Emperor. .The circumstances of the 6 I, 2,1| apartments. ~Some were the Emperor.s own companions at table, 7 I, 2,2| years later, in 451, the Emperor summoned to Chalcedon a 8 I, 2,2| Syria, were subjects of the Emperor, and repeated though unsuccessful 9 I, 2,4| Mount Sinai, founded by the Emperor Justinian (reigned 527-565). 10 I, 2,4| polity of Byzantium was the Emperor, who was no ordinary ~ruler, 11 I, 2,4| earthly monarchy of the Emperor was an image or icon of 12 I, 2,4| God.s living icon . the Emperor. The labyrinthine palace, 13 I, 2,4| designed to make clear the Emperor.s status as vicegerent of 14 I, 2,4| such means,. wrote the ~Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus, . 15 I, 2,4| Ceremonies, Prologue). The Emperor had a special place in the 16 I, 2,4| vestments once worn by the Emperor in church. ~ The life of 17 I, 2,4| was inevitable that the Emperor played an active part in 18 I, 2,4| for example the words of ~Emperor John Tzimisces: .I recognize 19 I, 2,4| p. 52). Thus it was the Emperor.s task to summon councils 20 I, 2,4| teach the faith, whereas the Emperor was the protector of Orthodoxy, 21 I, 2,4| many occasions on which the Emperor interfered unwarrantably 22 I, 3,1| were governed by the same Emperor; there was a broad Greco-Roman 23 I, 3,1| western, each ~under its own Emperor. Constantine furthered this 24 I, 3,1| but Justinian was the last Emperor who seriously attempted 25 I, 3,1| Latin; and in 864 a .Roman. Emperor at Byzantium, Mi-~chael 26 I, 3,1| sphere by the Byzantine Emperor, he was quick to retaliate 27 I, 3,1| strong secular head, the Emperor, to uphold the civilized 28 I, 3,2| had been exiled by the Emperor and while ~in exile had 29 I, 3,2| the Patriarchate by the Emperor. Ignatius became Patriarch 30 I, 3,2| 70 Council requested the Emperor to re-~solve the status 31 I, 3,2| addition: at the coronation of Emperor Henry II at Rome in 1014, 32 I, 3,2| Angelus, the dispossessed Emperor of Byzantium, to turn aside 33 I, 3,3| reigned 1259-1282), the Emperor who recovered Constantinople. ~ 34 I, 3,3| words attributed ~to the Emperor.s sister: .Better that my 35 I, 3,3| Florence in 1438-1439. The Emperor John VIII ~(reigned 1425- 36 I, 3,3| Constantine XI, the last Emperor of Byzantium and the ~eightieth 37 I, 3,3| echoing the words of ~the Emperor.s sister after Lyons, remarked: . 38 I, 3,3| forgot their differences. The Emperor went out after ~receiving 39 I, 4,2| sister of the Byzantine Emperor. Orthodoxy became the ~State 40 I, 4,2| historically when he called Emperor Alexander I of Russia .a 41 I, 5,1| exercised by the Christian Emperor. Thus Christians were assured 42 I, 6,1| niece of the last Byzantine Emperor. Although ~Sophia had brothers 43 I, 6,1| he is on ~earth the sole Emperor (Tsar) of the Christians, 44 I, 6,1| applied to the Tsar: the ~Emperor of Byzantium once acted 45 I, 6,2| strictly observed by the Emperor, Patriarch, grandees, princesses, 46 I, 6,3| Church but ~nominated by the Emperor; and the Emperor who nominated 47 I, 6,3| by the Emperor; and the Emperor who nominated could also 48 I, 6,3| was simply retired. The Emperor was not called ~.Head of 49 I, 6,3| were not attended by the Emperor himself, but by a government 50 I, 6,3| after the abdication of Emperor Nicholas II, when the Provi-~ 51 II, 1,1| Judaea, and of Augustus, Emperor of Rome. In the same way 52 II, 4,3| that those’ who invite the Emperor to their house, first clean

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