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 1   I,   3|   allegation, that a plague was brought upon the earth after the
 2   I,   3|         and how often they were brought to the wretchedness of poverty.
 3   I,   4|        before us? When was ruin brought on whole communities by
 4   I,   9|      All these events which are brought to pass, and which happen
 5   I,  12|        which take place are not brought about in favour of a part,
 6   I,  13|         calamities, and ruin is brought on our crops by the heavenly
 7   I,  14|     previously heard, have been brought under our power,-that very
 8   I,  24|  fearing that their own arts be brought to nought, and that they
 9   I,  28|         if they are created and brought forth, they are also doubtless
10   I,  34|      born, as having never been brought forth to new light, and
11   I,  38|    whether it was generated and brought into existence with our
12   I,  47|     sight happen to us, and are brought on us by the decrees of
13   I,  48|       allege that help has been brought to the sick and the imperilled?
14   I,  57|    years? For these of ours are brought forward on the faith of
15   I,  61|      not the Supreme Ruler have brought about those things which
16   I,  62|        inscrutable plan of fate brought to light in hidden mysteries.
17   I,  65|        what salvation was being brought to them from God Supreme,
18  II,   2|        promoter of impiety, who brought true religion into the world,
19  II,   7|         whom some envious power brought forth, and formed so ignorant
20  II,   7|     poured into it, but is ever brought together clearly into its
21  II,  11|         to hear and see what is brought forward by Christ! And yet,
22  II,  14|      unknown before Christ, and brought to light only by His wisdom.
23  II,  16|        sexual embraces, and are brought forth and sent into life
24  II,  18|        painfully sought out and brought to light, and gradually
25  II,  18| acquaintance with the arts, and brought to one issue the advances
26  II,  19|     earth? Now, if the soul had brought these arts with it from
27  II,  19|       and manifest that we have brought nothing from heaven, but
28  II,  21|      must then be nourished and brought up on suitable food. Let
29  II,  22|      these things tend? We have brought them forward in order that-as
30  II,  22|     whom we have supposed to be brought up in this way, whether
31  II,  22|         thirty,-nay, let him be brought into the assemblies of men
32  II,  22|        born, how or in what way brought up; with what work or business
33  II,  22|        stone? Will he not, when brought into contact with strange
34  II,  28|         union with the body had brought any stain upon them; for
35  II,  31|     power of death. But this is brought about by the law of the
36  II,  44|       innocence; and thus it is brought about that it does not matter
37  II,  49|         parts, not the whole be brought to its parts. For what if
38  II,  54|      Because, if all things are brought about by His will, and nothing
39  II,  57|        it may be is not, and is brought forward as if by men raving.
40  II,  59|         been I either formed or brought forth? what purpose do owls
41 III,  34|      and thus the discussion is brought to this issue, that you
42 III,  35|        parts of it, can they be brought together and changed into
43 III,  35|         deities; and thus it is brought about that, by your disturbing
44 III,  38|     declares them to be deities brought from abroad, named from
45 III,  42|    concerning whom you have not brought forward doubtful and inconsistent
46  IV,   4|         the national honour was brought under the yoke at the Caudine
47  IV,   7|        has been set over things brought to light, the other over
48  IV,  15|         be so, that religion is brought into difficulty and confusion,
49  IV,  16|         his flowing waters, and brought to a maiden's estate from
50  IV,  19|        of sexual pollution, and brought to the full perfection of
51  IV,  29|    industriously, and carefully brought secret things to light with
52  IV,  33|        spirit. Some of them are brought forward in the character
53  IV,  35|       of the heavens Himself is brought forward, without any reverence
54   V,   1|        which Jupiter himself is brought on the stage as stupid and
55   V,   6|  honoured by him with the gifts brought from the forest; whence
56   V,   7|    being torn from himself, and brought to seek a wife, fills all
57   V,   8|       said with regard to a man brought up with bad habits and a
58   V,   8|          And thus the matter is brought to this issue, that she
59   V,  10|      were pregnant, and at last brought forth, travailing in distress
60   V,  13|       his child. The infant was brought up on he-goats' milk. O
61   V,  14|  beliefs? When these things are brought forward, are you not ashamed
62   V,  15|     them to writing at all, nor brought them publicly to light by
63   V,  22|      vile, and what disgrace is brought upon the gods by the very
64   V,  39|         the confines of Attica, brought wheat with her, graced with
65   V,  42|      which you may think can be brought forward by you, that the
66  VI,   5|     distinction. And thus it is brought about, that either the god
67  VI,   6|       who are said to have been brought thither from the country
68  VI,  13|        for Venus. And so it was brought to this, that sacred honours
69  VI,  13|      that it was he himself who brought all these together and bound
70  VI,  25|    their morals and wicked ways brought under restraint? The reaping-hook,
71 VII,   3|       of these things which are brought to their altars, nothing
72 VII,   8|        from its blood relief is brought to the angry god? Do the
73 VII,   9|      sword? was it not man? Who brought disaster upon races; who
74 VII,  11|        gods, but all things are brought about by inevitable necessity,
75 VII,  14|          and thus the matter is brought to this issue, that the
76 VII,  20|      the darkest hue, should be brought to their altars? Because
77 VII,  21|        I request a reason to be brought forward to me, wish to hear
78 VII,  23| thereafter good: and thus it is brought to this issue, that neither
79 VII,  25|       membrane alone, should be brought to do them honour? Are the
80 VII,  28|       by what methods can it be brought about that that which is
81 VII,  31|         will be sacred which is brought to the place, and the rest
82 VII,  31|         be content with what is brought! Must he not be said to
83 VII,  39|       annalists which have been brought forward by you in opposition;
84 VII,  39|        state; and when each day brought fresh ill worse than what
85 VII,  41|     ears just as they have been brought forward; and we do not deny
86 VII,  44|         After certain gods were brought from among nations dwelling
87 VII,  44|    Epidaurus, however, what was brought except an enormous serpent?
88 VII,  48|      and objectionable; that it brought help to our ancestors, on
89 VII,  48|       at all, through his being brought to the city when the violence
90 VII,  49|      truly is said to have been brought from Phrygia, sent by King
91 VII,  50|     exhausted? She had not been brought yet, says my opponent, nor
92 App     |    these things which have been brought forward by you in opposition
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