IntraText Digital Library
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Editorial Info
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The IntraText Digital Library:

  • is a full-text online library managed by experts, that publishes works with scientific accuracy
        It includes books, periodicals, complete works, archives. It cooperates with outstanding religious and research institutes and organisations.

  • offers high editorial quality through a user-friendly interface with browsing and search functions
        It adopts scientific criteria and garantees the respect of the contents, which is as reliable as in a printed edition.

  • adopts specific solutions to facilitate access and provide a barrier-free environment
        It is compliant with the strictest international standards. It gained high ratings for easy accessibility, as well as many other awards.

  • publishes religious, philosophical, literary, and scientific texts in more than 40 languages
        It is updated on a regular basis. Special attention is given to Endangered and Minority Languages.

  • provides customizable sections where it is possible to publish texts and complete works at low cost
        It processes texts converting them into XML according to international standards, such as the TEI. It publishes for free within research activities.

  • offers highly accessible editorial products, both on the Internet and on CDs
        It is based on the IntraText lexical hypertext, where text and concordances are linked together. Other formats are also available.

  • offers scientific consulting and high-profile designing in the implementation of editorial works
        E.g.: works written by the founders of religious institutes, text collections, archives, etc. It adopts XML conversion for archiving and future use.

  • presents a global solution to implement and maintain large XML-based digital libraries
        It offers organizational, editorial and technical solutions for a reliable and cost-effective service, from digitalization to online access.

The IntraText Digital Library does not publish texts, images or any kind of material
that is offensive to the human dignity.

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