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betrayest 1
betraying 2
betrays 5
betrothal 100
betrothals 3
betrothed 28
betroths 1
Frequency    [«  »]
100 185
100 apprehends
100 aright
100 betrothal
100 compelled
100 crime
100 episcopal
St. Thomas Aquinas
Summa Theologica

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    Part, Question
1 2, 152 | to her in virtue of their betrothal: whereas one that is not ~ 2 2, 152 | marriage, especially if the betrothal be expressed by words in ~ 3 2, 152 | married has, in virtue of the ~betrothal, a certain right in her: 4 3, 29 | marriage is not effected by the betrothal, ~but by the wedding. Therefore, 5 Suppl, 43| MATRIMONY WITH REGARD TO THE BETROTHAL (THREE ARTICLES)~In the 6 Suppl, 43| we ~must treat (1) of the betrothal; (2) of the nature of matrimony; ( 7 Suppl, 43| inquiry:~(1) What is the betrothal?~(2) Who can contract a 8 Suppl, 43| 2) Who can contract a betrothal?~(3) Whether a betrothal 9 Suppl, 43| betrothal?~(3) Whether a betrothal can be canceled?~Aquin.: 10 Suppl, 43| Thes. Para. 1/1~Whether a betrothal is a promise of future marriage?~ 11 Suppl, 43| 1: It would seem that a betrothal is not rightly defined " 12 Suppl, 43| betrothed by ~reason of his betrothal. Therefore it is wrongly 13 Suppl, 43| those who have contracted a betrothal are not compelled ~by the 14 Suppl, 43| the marriage. Therefore a betrothal is not a ~promise.~Aquin.: 15 Suppl, 43| 3: Further, sometimes a betrothal does not consist of a mere ~ 16 Suppl, 43| free and absolute. But a betrothal is ~sometimes expressed 17 Suppl, 43| this ~promise is called "a betrothal from plighting one's troth," 18 Suppl, 43| conversely; secondly, by giving betrothal pledges, such as money and 19 Suppl, 43| sterility," and then ~no betrothal is contracted; or else it 20 Suppl, 43| Para. 1/1~Reply OBJ 1: The betrothal itself and giving of sureties 21 Suppl, 43| destroy the liberty of the betrothal, but gives it an increase ~ 22 Suppl, 43| assigned as the age for betrothal?~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[43] A[ 23 Suppl, 43| assigned as the ~age for betrothal. For a contract that can 24 Suppl, 43| whom it concerns. Now a betrothal can be ~arranged by the 25 Suppl, 43| betrothed. Therefore a betrothal can be arranged before the 26 Suppl, 43| necessary for the contract ~of betrothal, so is there for the consent 27 Suppl, 43| of blasphemy. Therefore a betrothal can take place ~before the 28 Suppl, 43| Para. 1/1~OBJ 3: Further, a betrothal is directed to marriage. 29 Suppl, 43| they intend to contract not betrothal but marriage. ~Therefore 30 Suppl, 43| boat. ~Now the contract of betrothal is an action common to the 31 Suppl, 43| mature age, he can contract a betrothal ~with a girl who is not 32 Suppl, 43| betrothals, for since a betrothal is a promise of ~the future, 33 Suppl, 43| contract, and therefore for betrothal. But he begins to ~reach 34 Suppl, 43| wherefore in ~that case the betrothal does not take effect, so 35 Suppl, 43| result therefrom. Hence a betrothal made between certain persons ~ 36 Suppl, 43| as those between whom the betrothal ~is arranged do not demur 37 Suppl, 43| something present, whereas in a betrothal ~the consent is to something 38 Suppl, 43| the sole condition for ~betrothal, hence it is that the one 39 Suppl, 43| assigned for both as regards ~betrothal, but not as regards marriage.~ 40 Suppl, 43| suffice for contracting a betrothal.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[43] A[ 41 Suppl, 43| who make a contract of betrothal act as distinct persons, 42 Suppl, 43| distinct persons, since a ~betrothal can only be between two 43 Suppl, 43| is an ~obstacle to their betrothal, nor can it be supplied 44 Suppl, 43| true that in the matter of betrothal if the ~contracting parties 45 Suppl, 43| seven, the contract of ~betrothal is valid, since, according 46 Suppl, 43| Thes. Para. 1/1~Whether a betrothal can be dissolved?~Aquin.: 47 Suppl, 43| 1: It would seem that a betrothal cannot be dissolved if one 48 Suppl, 43| sickness contracted ~after betrothal, for no man should be punished 49 Suppl, 43| betrothed to him. Therefore a betrothal ~should not be dissolved 50 Suppl, 43| neither seemingly should a betrothal be dissolved on ~account 51 Suppl, 43| neither seemingly ought a betrothal to be dissolved on ~account 52 Suppl, 43| one of the parties. For a betrothal does ~not yet give the one 53 Suppl, 43| fornication. Consequently a betrothal should not be dissolved 54 Suppl, 43| cannot be dissolved. Now a betrothal is ~null before the requisite 55 Suppl, 43| cases mentioned above the betrothal that has ~been contracted 56 Suppl, 43| expressive of the ~present - the betrothal is dissolved by law, whereas 57 Suppl, 43| transmitted to ~the children), the betrothal can be dissolved, lest the 58 Suppl, 43| spouse, or "vice versa," the betrothal must be ~dissolved; and 59 Suppl, 43| existed ~at the time of the betrothal, would have prevented that 60 Suppl, 43| which is an effect of the betrothal, the ~previous contract 61 Suppl, 43| Although it was not a true betrothal, there was a betrothal ~ 62 Suppl, 43| true betrothal, there was a betrothal ~of a kind; and consequently, 63 Suppl, 43| seek a dissolution of the ~betrothal by the judgment of the Church, 64 Suppl, 45| this promise is known as a betrothal ~[sponsalia].~Aquin.: SMT 65 Suppl, 46| relating to the future ~makes a betrothal. But the addition of an 66 Suppl, 46| makes something more than a betrothal. Now beyond a ~betrothal 67 Suppl, 46| betrothal. Now beyond a ~betrothal there is nothing but marriage. 68 Suppl, 46| intercourse following on betrothal is declared to make a marriage, 69 Suppl, 47| he were bound to obey, a betrothal contracted by the parents ~ 70 Suppl, 50| persons arising out of the betrothal of one of them to a third 71 Suppl, 53| binds in the same way as a betrothal; wherefore ~a betrothal 72 Suppl, 53| betrothal; wherefore ~a betrothal must be annulled on account 73 Suppl, 55| Whether it arises from a betrothal?~(5) Whether affinity is 74 Suppl, 55| Whether affinity is caused by betrothal?~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[55] A[ 75 Suppl, 55| affinity cannot be caused by betrothal. For ~affinity is a lasting 76 Suppl, 55| a lasting tie: whereas a betrothal is sometimes broken off. ~ 77 Suppl, 55| carnal intercourse than a betrothal. Therefore betrothal does 78 Suppl, 55| than a betrothal. Therefore betrothal does not cause ~affinity.~ 79 Suppl, 55| Para. 1/1 ~OBJ 3: Further, betrothal is nothing but a promise 80 Suppl, 55| way ~whatever. Therefore betrothal cannot cause affinity.~Aquin.: 81 Suppl, 55| affinity were contracted by betrothal. Therefore, etc.~Aquin.: 82 Suppl, 55| I answer that, Just as a betrothal has not the conditions of 83 Suppl, 55| preparation for marriage, so betrothal causes not ~affinity as 84 Suppl, 55| relationship arising ~out of betrothal, and derives its force from 85 Suppl, 55| 1 Para. 1/1~Reply OBJ 1: Betrothal, by reason not of itself 86 Suppl, 55| manner ~there results from betrothal, which is a promise of conjugal 87 Suppl, 55| impediments which void a betrothal prevent ~affinity being 88 Suppl, 55| to it results because the betrothal is void. If however, a minor, ~ 89 Suppl, 55| relationship arising out of betrothal. Now however ~they have 90 Suppl, 55| Now this is when ~only the betrothal has been contracted, and 91 Suppl, 55| contracted and there is only a ~betrothal, there can be no accusation, 92 Suppl, 56| future Baptism, just ~as in betrothal one enters an engagement 93 Suppl, 56| marriage. Wherefore ~just as in betrothal a certain kind of propinquity 94 Suppl, 58| marriage, even after his betrothal, the ~marriage should be 95 Suppl, 59| Para. 1/1~OBJ 3: Further, betrothal is directed to marriage. 96 Suppl, 59| marriage. Now there can be a ~betrothal between a believer and an 97 Suppl, 59| parties, so in the case ~of a betrothal, which is a promise of future 98 Suppl, 59| words of the Master refer to betrothal, because a ~betrothal can 99 Suppl, 59| to betrothal, because a ~betrothal can be rescinded on account 100 Suppl, 64| Reply OBJ 4: Leprosy voids a betrothal but not a marriage. Wherefore

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